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“Milord, whats wrong”

Linghu Yueyue looked to Chu Feng with a look of confusion.

“Its hard to explain properly.

To put it simply, I was able to bring you away from here earlier.

However, I am now unable to do so.”

Chu Feng revealed an embarrassed and somewhat helpless smile.

Then, he asked Linghu Yueyue, “Didnt I tell you to wait for me outside Why did you come in here”

“I was afraid that Lord Asura would encounter danger.

Yet, I was uncertain whether this bottle gourd was effective or not.

Thus, I decided to come here myself to test out the effect of this bottle gourd.”

“If this bottle gourd truly had the effective of withstanding the Ancient Eras organisms, I would then be able to help Lord Asura.”

“However, this place is simply too vast.

I neglected how profound Lord Asuras cultivation was, and forgot that I am simply unable to catch up to you.

Because of that, I ended up getting lost in here.”

“Originally, I was able to barely search for Lord Asura with the power of this bottle gourd.

Never would I have imagined that Id end up encountering Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Eras organisms later on.

They are simply too powerful.

I am unable to escape from them at all.

Because of that, I ended up being trapped here.”

“I am truly sorry.

Ive caused trouble for Lord Asura again.”

The more Linghu Yueyue explained, the more deflated she became.

Her eyes had actually turned red.

She was not a cowardly individual.

Chu Feng knew very well that her reaction did not come from fear.

Instead, she was reacting this way out of self-blame.

She was blaming herself for her preposterous actions that caused Chu Feng to fall into danger.

Seeing that Linghu Yueyue seemed to be on the verge of crying, Chu Feng immediately said, “Its enough.

Its not your fault.

If it wasnt for the bottle gourds power, I wouldve died earlier.”

“Speaking of it, that bottle gourd is truly not to be looked down on.”

Hearing Chu Feng saying those words, the look of guilt on Linghu Yueyues face didnt decrease.

“It would appear that Milord has already learned of the origin of this bottle gourd.

I truly never imagined for this bottle gourd to be this powerful.

Unfortunately, even though it is able to withstand the attacks of Utmost Exalted-level existences, its functions are limited.”

“Milord, please look carefully at this protective formation.

There are minute cracks appearing on it.

If there are even more powerful Utmost Exalted Ancient Eras organisms, then perhaps the power unleashed by the bottle gourd will not be able to block their attacks,” Linghu Yueyue said as she pointed to the protective formation released from within the bottle gourd.

That said, Chu Feng had actually already noticed the cracks without her mentioning it.

Chu Feng noticed that the strongest among the Ancient Eras organisms attacking them were rank three Utmost Exalteds.

From this, it would appear that if a rank five Utmost Exalted or perhaps even a rank four Utmost Exalted were to attack, the bottle gourds power might not be able to last.

Although theyd managed to avoid a calamity, their current situation was still far from optimistic.


Suddenly, the surrounding waters started trembling.

Then, Chu Feng could hear ear-piercing roars.

Those were the roars emitted by countless Ancient Eras organisms.

In fact, the Ancient Eras organisms besieging them stopped attacking them and began roaring too.

Their roars sounded like cheers.

Chu Feng could tell that those Ancient Eras organisms seemed to be extremely pleased.

Suddenly, an aura swept forth from deep beneath the waters.

“Milord, this feeling!”

Linghu Yueyues face was immediately covered with fear the moment she sensed that aura.

Terrified, her complexion became pale, and she began shivering.

Even Chu Feng was frowning and calling outoh no in his heart.

The aura they felt was simply too oppressive.

That aura felt as if it came from hell, and possessed overwhelming destructive nature.

“It would appear that the spirit formation has been completely destroyed.

The strongest Ancient Eras organism previously sealed deep underground have emerged.”

That was Chu Fengs guess.

However, he felt that that was most likely the case.

Their foe was simply too powerful.

Even though it did not unleash any attacks at Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue, the overwhelming aura it emitted had already exceeded Chu Fengs judgement.

He was simply unable to determine if what had emerged was still an Utmost Exalted.

If it wasnt an Utmost Exalted anymore, wouldnt that mean that it was a Martial Exalted

Even rank one Utmost Exalted would be able to obliterate Chu Feng.

If a Martial Exalted-level existence were to appear, how exactly was he supposed to withstand it

Even the power of the bottle gourd was most definitely going to be destroyed by a single attack.

“Milady, senior, please help me again.

Please help me escape from this place.

I will definitely remember your grace.”

Chu Feng began to attempt to converse with the divine deer in his heart.

However, he received no response.

If the divine deer didnt want to talk to him, it was simply impossible for him to connect with it.

It was a special existence, and not as simple as a mere secret skill.

“Ignorant humans! It is because of you all that this Exalted was trapped here!”

“This Exalted did not go find you, yet you actually dared to intrude upon this Exalteds territory!”

“Today, I shall take your life first!”

Suddenly, a very powerful and ancient voice sounded from the depths of the water.

Then, Chu Feng could sense boundless killing intent rushing towards him with a speed beyond comprehension.

Together with the boundless killing intent was the aura of death.

That aura of death was simply too terrifying.

Even though it was still far away, Linghu Yueyue was already bleeding from her seven facial apertures, and had fallen unconscious.

At that moment, Chu Feng was unable to concern himself with helping her anymore, for he knew very well that even he would die.

Furthermore, he did not have to wait long for death.

It was going to arrive very quickly.

With such an enormous disparity in strength, the only thing Chu Feng could do was wait for death.

“Whats going on”

Suddenly, Chu Fengs expression changed.

He was shocked to discover that the aura of death that had clearly reached him had suddenly disappeared.

There was no prior indication at all.

Just like that, it had disappeared.


Then, the Ancient Eras organisms that had surrounded him began to scream miserably.

Chu Feng was able to see that their bodies were disintegrating.

Even though they were Ancient Eras organisms, their blood was still red.

As their bodies disintegrated, their blood dyed the surrounding water red.

In an instant, all the Ancient Eras organisms had died.

It was not only the Ancient Eras organisms that surrounded Chu Feng that had died.

All of the Ancient Eras organisms present in the body of water had disappeared.

It was as if a power had entered from above the waters, and wherever it passed, all the Ancient Eras organisms were obliterated.

At that moment, that power was pressing towards the depths of the water.

Evidently, it was planning to completely remove all the Ancient Eras organisms present.

Chu Feng felt completely stunned.

That power was simply too terrifying.

It was simply unstoppable.

All the Ancient Eras organisms were unable to contend against it.

In a flash, they were all killed.

Not even corpses remained.

However, Chu Feng was unable to sense any oppressive might, nor was he able to sense any destructive aura.

That power was simply formless.

“Could it be, its that so-called catastrophe again”

This thought came to Chu Fengs mind.

However, he was unable to confirm anything.

Earlier, those Ancient Eras organisms outside had also been completely erased by some sort of intangible power.

That greatly resembled what was going on right now.

Yet, the way they were killed was completely different.

The Ancient Eras organisms outside had had their bodies reduced to ash.

They had not left behind the slightest drop of blood.

It seemed as if they had been directly erased.

As for the Ancient Eras organisms in the lake, they died by through the disintegration of their bodies.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have dyed the lake red.

As the death signs were completely different, Chu Feng was unable to be certain if it was thatcatastrophe.


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