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Utmost Exalted.

That was a cultivation that the current Chu Feng could not contend against.

Any random Utmost Exalted would be able to obliterate him.

And now, there were multiple Utmost Exalted-level experts approaching him from all directions.

Each and every one of them were emitting killing intent.

They were rushing towards him with the intention to kill him.

Chu Feng could tell that the weakest amongst them were rank one Utmost Exalted, whereas the strongest surpassed rank three Utmost Exalted.

What did this mean

It meant that there were existences among those Ancient Eras organisms that were even more powerful than the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster.

Most importantly, their cultivations were simply too strong.

Before their bodies could even be seen, their oppressive might was already present.

Chu Feng could sense that their oppressive might would soon reach him.

Their oppressive might was filled with killing intent.

If it were to reach him, Chu Feng would immediately be killed.

He simply had no way to survive through it.

“Boy, dont panic.

This god is protecting you.”

At the moment when Chu feng fell into despair, a voice sounded in his ear.

That was a womans voice.

It was a very pleasant-sounding voice.

Chu Feng felt the voice to be somewhat familiar.

However, he was unable to think of where he had heard that voice before.

“Who is it” Chu Feng asked hurriedly.

He was also looking all around.

However, even after looking around, he saw no sign of the person who had spoken to him.

Instead, he saw oppressive might sweeping closer towards him.


Suddenly, light started blooming from Chu Fengs body.

That light was incomparably divine.

It was being emitted from within Chu Fengs body.

At the instant Chu Feng saw the light, he was completely stunned.

That light was simply not his doing at all.

Then, the light began to gather at the area below Chu Feng.

The gathered light formed a deer.

That deer was extremely beautiful.

Its body seemed to be composed of jade.

It gave off an absolutely divine sensation.

At that moment, Chu Feng was riding on the back of the deer.

“Senior, it\'s you”

Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

He finally remembered who the voice belonged to.

It was theAncient Eras Secret Skill he had obtained in the Galewind Hunting Clans territory.

After obtaining that Ancient Eras Secret Skill, Chu Feng had not managed to learn it.

Instead, he had been sent to a bizarre world.

In that bizarre world, he encountered a deer capable of transforming into a beautiful woman.

The deer that appeared before Chu Feng now was none other than the deer he\'d met in that strangely bizarre world.

“Youve forgotten about this god this quickly Boy, you are truly heartless and disloyal.”

The womans voice sounded in Chu Fengs ears again.

Chu Feng noticed that the deer he was riding did not make any speaking motion with its mouth.

That voice entered his ears directly.

It was as if he were conversing with his world spirit.

That said, Chu Feng simply had no heart to bother thinking about that.

Astonishment filled his eyes.

The reason for that was because after the womans voice sounded again, the deer Chu Feng was riding on started moving.

It was extremely fast.

It had surpassed the oppressive might sweeping toward him.

Even though the oppressive might was coming at Chu Feng from all directions and seemed to have created an inescapable net, there was actually still room for one to escape.

With Chu Feng atop it, the deer galloped at light-speed.

Soon, it managed to escape from the pursuit of that oppressive might.

“How can I see so clearly” Chu Feng felt confused.

The speed at which he had travelled earlier was simply too fast.

He had been led by experts in his travels before.

During those times, due to his limited cultivation, he had been unable to clearly see what was going on in the surroundings when the travel speed was extremely fast.

When the speed was too fast, Chu Fengs surroundings would turn into flashing lights that rapidly swept past him.

He would not be able to see anything clearly, and could only use his spirit power to sense his surroundings.

However, it was different this time around.

The speed at which Chu Feng was traveling at this time was simply unprecedentedly fast.

It would not be excessive to say that it had reached a pinnacle of speed.

However, even though he was traveling so rapidly, the surroundings did not turn fuzzy for Chu Feng.

He was able to clearly see every nook and corner of his surroundings.

Chu Feng could clearly see those Ancient Eras organisms unleashing their martial skills at the sight of his escape.

The gorgeous martial skills were extremely powerful and fierce.

Like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses, they were rushing towards Chu Feng to attack him.

Unfortunately, no matter how powerful those martial skills might be, they were simply unable to catch up to him.

Before his eyes, they even appeared extremely slow.

One must know that those attacks were the martial skills of Utmost Exalted-level beings!

Most astonishingly, the deer had not only helped Chu Feng avoid the oppressive might and outrun the attacks of the martial skills, but it even swept past those Ancient Eras organisms with Chu Feng atop it.

Even at such a close distance, those Ancient Eras organisms were still unable to capture Chu Feng.

He was even able to see astonishment and shock on their terrifying faces.

Likely, even they had been startled by his sudden speed.

It had taken Chu Feng quite some time to reach the depths of the water.

However, guided by the deer, Chu Feng rushed out of the lake in merely an instant.

After rushing out of the lake, he saw that everyone had left.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

At least, he didnt have to worry about the safety of a lot of people.

Suddenly, Chu Fengs expression changed.

He discovered that not everyone had left.

A figure had entered Chu Fengs vision.

Someone was still there.

It was the old lady who had wanted to use the lake water to wash her face.

That old lady was still sitting where she\'d sat previously.

She still held the same posture as she did before.

She still seemed like she was was training.

Even though Chu Feng knew that the old lady had an extremely powerful cultivation and was an unfathomable expert, the Ancient Eras organisms in the depths of the lake also possessed unfathomable cultivations.

Most importantly, there were even more terrifying existences deep in the lake that had yet to break free.

Because of that, Chu Feng felt that it was very dangerous for the old lady to remain there.

“Senior, please wait.

Bring this old granny with us,” Chu Feng hurriedly said to the deer.


The deer had already brought Chu Feng out of the lake.

However, after Chu Feng spoke, the deer immediately turned around and arrived before that old lady.

“Senior, please wake up.

Theres change occuring in the lake.

Its time to leave,” Chu Feng said to the old lady.

However, the old lady still had her eyes closed.

She did not respond to him at all.

“Boy, your cultivation is too weak, did you know that”

The deers voice sounded by Chu Fengs ears again.

“Senior, I know,” said Chu Feng.

“Your cultivation is too weak.

Using you as a conductor, this gods power is not only restricted and unable to be fully unleashed, but it is also under a time limit.”

“Do you understand” asked that deer.

“Ah” Chu Feng was momentarily lost.

“Ah! This god is trying to tell you that this god doesnt care if you want to save someone, but youd best **ing hurry up! Otherwise, this gods power will disappear, and you will also end up dying here!”

An ear-piercing roar sounded in Chu Fengs ears.


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