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If it were someone else who had encountered this sort of situation, they would most likely panic.

A cultivation treasure disappeared in the blink of an eye It was simply akin to a treasure that one had obtained flying away from ones hands.

However, Chu Feng merely smiled complacently.

“Little guy, youre trying to play this trick with me”


After he said those words, Chu Fengs body shifted and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had traveled ten thousand meters.

Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed.

Even though there was nothing viable at the location he grabbed, a body of light appeared in Chu Fengs hand as he tightened his grasp.

That body of light wiggled up and down.

It was still struggling.

Unfortunately, no matter how it struggled, it was unable to escape Chu Fengs grasp.

“Sure enough, this is a miraculous treasure produced by nature.

The collision of spirit power and powerful martial power actually produced such an item.”

“Fortunately you have yet to gain true intelligence.

Otherwise, youd be difficult to handle even for me.”

Seeing the body of light struggling in his hand, Chu Feng smiled emotionally and joyfully.

He knew that the treasure had just been born.

It could be considered to be a natural oddity.

The reason why it was born was due to the lake\'s unique environment.

Logically, the confrontation of martial power and spirit power was a common occurrence in the martial cultivation world.

No one would associate it with being able to produce a lifeform.

Yet, it just so happened that such a natural oddity was birthed from that place.

This was the wondrous aspect of the natural world.


Suddenly, the surrounding body of water started to tremble violently.

Following that, a powerful aura rushed forth from the body of water below.

Then, Chu Feng was able to sense countless powerful auras flying out from deep below.

Even though he was unable to see anything with his eyes, he was able to sense with his spirit power that those were Ancient Eras organisms.

This time around, the auras emitted by those Ancient Eras organisms were extremely powerful.

Every single one of those Ancient Eras organisms possessed the cultivation of at least Utmost Exalted.

Furthermore, their numbers were simply innumerable.

Chu Feng suspected that there were at least several tens of thousands of such Ancient Eras organisms.

Several tens of thousand of Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Eras organisms were rapidly flying out.

They were no longer obstructed.

Their speed was extremely fast, too fast.

By the time Chu Feng reacted to them, theyd covered every corner of the surrounding bodies of water.

One Ancient Eras organism even flew right past Chu Feng.

It was a monster with an extremely malevolent appearance.

Its body was fully black.

It had a humanoid build, yet it was much larger than humans, as its height measured over ten meters.

Although it had a humanoid build, it was most definitely not human.

Its body was covered in black scales, and on its back was a fin-like object.

Most importantly, it had extremely sharp teeth.

Those teeth were so large that they were fully exposed outside its mouth, and made it appear both terrifying and disgusting.

As for the most terrifying aspect regarding that monster, it would be its blood-red eyes.

Its two blood-red eyeballs were each the size of a fist.

From a glance, they appeared very discordant with its body.

That said, those blood-red eyes appeared very vicious, and were filled with killing intent.

Although they were both Ancient Eras organisms, the Ancient Eras organisms before him were completely different from the Galewind Hunting Clan located below the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb.

The Galewind Hunting Clan had their own culture, their own civilization.

Apart from the fact that they were a race from the Ancient Era, they were actually very similar to modern day cultivators.

As for the Ancient Eras organisms before him one could tell that they were vicious beings from a single glance.

One could also determine how savage their nature was just by how they immediately unleashed their murderous desire when they flew out from the surface of the lake earlier.

If those Ancient Eras organisms were to rush out, they would most likely unleash a massacre outside.

That would truly be the descent of a calamity.

This was especially true as those Ancient Eras organisms that rushed out from below were simply too powerful.

Take the Ancient Eras organism that flew by Chu Feng for example.

Although he was unable to determine its cultivation, he was able to roughly guess that it was very possibly a rank three Utmost Exalted or even stronger by how fast it traveled.

That fellow was capable of obliterating Chu Feng with a single thought.

And, existences like that fellow numbered in the tens of thousands.

Earlier, Chu Feng was able to obliterate those Ancient Eras organisms in an instant.

However, he no longer even dared to act blindly without thinking.

After all, that place was now covered with tens of thousands of terrifying existences that could easily obliterate him.

Fortunately, Chu Feng had the foresight to set up a concealment formation around himself ahead of time.

Because of that, the Ancient Eras organism that passed by him did not detect him.

However, that Ancient Eras organism actually stopped after passing by Chu Feng.

It saw down cross-legged and closed its eyes.

Then, it overlapped its hands and began to form a special sort of hand seal.

Chu Feng was able to sense that the Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Eras organisms that rushed out from deep beneath actually all stopped moving.

They seemed to have been given some sort of order.

After arriving at designated places, they all stopped moving.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the scales of the Ancient Eras organism not far from Chu Feng started to tremble.

Then, a special sort of wave was released from its body.

When that wave passed by Chu Feng, he felt immense pain.

Suddenly, the wave disappeared.

No, it didnt disappear.

Instead, the released waves were suddenly pulled back toward that Ancient Eras organisms body.


Following that, the strange wave took a form visible to the naked eye.

Like a sharp blade, it shot straight towards the depths of the water.

That Ancient Eras organism was not the only one doing this.

Chu Feng could sense that this sort of bizarre power was being sent towards the depths of the waters from all directions.




In the next instant, Chu Feng could see ripples appearing in the water below.

The spirit formation barrier that Chu Feng had been unable to see the entire time finally grew faintly visible to Chu Feng from the attacks of the strange waves.

“Crap! These guys are trying to completely destroy the remainder of the spirit formation from outside!”

“In other words, theres even more powerful Ancient Eras organisms besides them!”

Chu Feng realized that the situation was even worse than he had imagined.

He had determined that after the spirit formation weakened, the weaker Ancient Eras organisms were able to escape.

The Ancient Eras organisms near him had clearly all escaped from the spirit formation.

Yet, not only did they not leave directly, they instead got in an orderly formation and unleashed their unique power to attack the spirit formation.

This meant that there were even more terrifying Ancient Eras organisms still beneath the spirit formation barrier.

“Damn it! I must leave this place quickly.”

Realizing that the situation was very bad, Chu Feng did not hesitate, turned around and began flying upward.

The speed at which those Ancient Eras organisms were breaching the spirit formation was much faster than he had imagined.

He had to leave that place and tell everyone to escape from the region.

If he ended up being late, many people would end up dying.


However, not long after Chu Feng turned around, an ear-piercing roar sounded from the waters beneath.

Following that, he could sense that many of the Ancient Eras organisms that were releasing their unique power to attack the spirit formation suddenly began to move.

They moved extremely fast.

Furthermore, they were all moving towards the same location.

As for that location, it was where Chu Feng was.

“Damn it! Theyve discovered me!”

Chu Feng frowned deeply and cried out in his heart.

There were not only Utmost Exalted-level Ancient Eras organisms flying towards him from behind, but they were also flying towards him from above and all directions.

Chu Feng was completely surrounded.

He was trapped with no way out.


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