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Suddenly, Mu Ziwei smiled.

Although her appearance was much more average when compared to Linghu Yueyue, her smile was still very sweet.

Not only was her smile sweet, but it was also filled with confidence.

“It would appear that young master does not need my help.

Since thats the case, I will move ahead of you all,” as Mu Ziwei spoke, she began to walk onward.

Seeing Mu Ziwei giving up on helping Chu Feng, the people behind her all heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when they walked by Chu Feng, they were unable to help themselves from taking a glance at him.

They were wondering what exactly was so charismatic about him.

They were able to more or less understand why Mu Ziwei had decided to help him.

After all, she was very good-natured, and took pleasure in helping others.

They were, however, unable to understand why Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan were interested in helping Chu Feng.

After all, no matter how they looked at her, she did not resemble someone who was willing to meddle in anothers business.

“Milord, whats wrong”

Right at that moment, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan had arrived beside Chu Feng.

They were filled with concern for him.

Especially Linghu Anan, who kept addressing him asMilord the entire time.

This brought great confusion to the baldy and others.

‘Whats going on This guy couldnt possibly really have an extraordinary origin, right


No matter how one looks at him, he doesnt seem like someone extraordinary.

Those two young ladies must already know him.

Theyve very likely been deceived by him.

Right, that must be it.

Thinking of that, someone shouted to Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan, “Two young ladies, were the two of you deceived by him! You must not believe him!”

“Shut your mouth! The hell do you all know!” Linghu Anan shouted angrily.

She was not merely putting on a show.

Instead, she was really angered.

“Dont bother with them,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Once Chu Feng said those words, Linghu Anan immediately withdrew her look of anger.

She was extremely obedient to his words.

“Milord, were you deliberately testing them out by requesting help here” Linghu Anan asked.

She was truly unable to understand why someone as powerful as Chu Feng would ask for help from others.

The only thing she could think of was that Chu Feng doing this deliberately, and testing the passers-by for fun.

Towards the guess Linghu Anan had, Chu Feng felt rather helpless.

He couldnt possibly tell her that there were two different powers battling in his dantian, and every time they did so, his cultivation would be massively decreased.

Thus, Chu Feng shook his head and said, “Im fine.

Lets talk about it on the road.”

As Chu Feng stood up, he looked to Linghu Yueyue, “Miss Linghu, can you bring this friend of mine too”

The person Chu Feng indicated was naturally Pang Bo.

Pang Bo had helped Chu Feng when he was completely helpless.

As such, he would naturally not abandon him.

“Anything Milord says,” said Linghu Yueyue.

After Linghu Yueyue said those words, shock filled Pang Bos eyes.

It was only Linghu Anan who\'d been acting respectful towards Chu Feng earlier.

He did not expect Linghu Yueyue to also act like that.

Because of that, Pang Bo looked to Chu Feng with curiosity-filled eyes.

He wanted to know exactly just who Chu Feng was.

Suddenly, Pang Bos expression changed greatly.

Then, he turned his gaze to Linghu Yueyue.

“Wow! Young lady is truly powerful.”

“Under your oppressive might, the oppression actually disappeared completely.”

Pang Bo looked to Linghu Yueyue with a look of admiration.

However, Pang Bos words surprised Linghu Yueyue.

She said, “Young master, what do you mean by that I have yet to release my oppressive might.”

“What You didnt release your oppressive might”

Pang Bo was confused after hearing that.

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that the baldy and his group had also stood up.

Furthermore, the people that had been strenuously traveling on the path also became completely relaxed.

“It seems that the oppression has disappeared on its own,” said Chu Feng.

“Ah” Hearing those words, everyone was surprised.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In the following moment, apart from Chu Feng, Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Anan and Pang Bo, everyone else present disappeared.

They were all rushing to the Spirit Spring Water with their fastest speed.

“Milord, lets get going too,” said Linghu Yueyue.


Chu Feng suddenly waved his hand to indicate for her to wait.

“Milord, whats wrong” asked Linghu Yueyue.

“Theres no need to rush.

Lets proceed slowly,” said Chu Feng.

“Very well.” Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan nodded.

They both held deep respect for Chu Feng, and would naturally not go against his wishes.

“Brother Asura, my father is still waiting for me.

I will not be accompanying you three, Ill proceed ahead of you,” said Pang Bo.

“Brother Pang, wait a moment.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he moved his palm to his Cosmos Sack.

Then, an Immortal Armament appeared in his hand.

Chu Feng handed the Immortal Armament to Pang Bo.

“Brother Asura, you…”

Pang Bo was surprised.

The Immortal Armament Chu Feng had handed to him was of most excellent quality.

It was a top quality Immortal Armament even among top quality Immortal Armaments.

Even Pang Bo was tempted when he saw it.

“Take it.

Consider it my regards.”

Chu Feng pushed the Immortal Armament into Pang Bos hand.

“This weapon is truly useful to me.

Brother Asura, in that case, Ill accept it without hesitation.” Pang Bo accepted the Immortal Armament.

Then, he smiled and patted Chu Fengs shoulder.

“Its no wonder that even these two outstanding young ladies address you as lord.

It would appear that Brother Asura is truly extraordinary.

Later on, the two of us must spend some time to properly chat with each other.”

“Sure, lets chat later.

Go ahead and find your father first.”

“Oh, thats right.

If you cannot confirm that things are safe, do not enter the lake rashly,” said Chu Feng.

“Rest assured, I know.”

After saying those words, Pang Bo turned around and left.

Then, successive waves of people began to sweep past Chu Feng, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan.

When the people discovered that the oppression had disappeared, and that they were able to utilize their full strength, they all rushed towards the Spirit Spring Water with their fastest speed in the hopes of obtaining a decisive opportunity.

The reason Chu Feng had decided to proceed slowly was because the restriction on his spirit power had disappeared after the oppression had disappeared.

Chu Fengs perception had returned.

He was also able to use his Heavens Eyes once more.

Under Chu Fengs Heavens Eyes, special gaseous substances appeared in the seemingly ordinary surrounding air.

The gaseous substances had a special trajectory.

Chu Feng felt that it was very possibly a clue.

That was why he had decided to walk slowly -- so that he could examine the special gaseous substances.

Although Chu Feng didnt know what the clues from the gaseous substances represented, he had a feeling that they might be useful.

As Chu Feng proceeded onward, he also chatted with Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan.

He learned that the two of them were there not for the Spirit Spring Water.

Instead, they had been given a task by their master.

Their master had stored an item in the Spirit Spring Waters palace.

Upon learning that cracks had appeared at the Spirit Spring Waters location, their master became worried about the item she\'d stored there.

However, as she herself had yet to recover, she could only entrust the retrieval of the item to Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Anan.

As Chu Feng observed, he gained some results.

After that, he decided to speed up.

However, by the time the two of them arrived, they were rather late.

Thus, the place was already packed with people.

Furthermore, great changes had occurred.


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