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Hearing what Chu Feng said, Linghu Yueyue was momentarily lost for words.

After all, what Chu Feng had said was very true.

He had acted to help her.

“Young miss.”

Right at that moment, a little nun ran over.

Chu Feng had actually caused quite a commotion by unleashing his oppressive might.

All the nuns of the Whiteclothes Nunnery had noticed the situation at their location.

Merely, as Chu Feng was too powerful, the majority of them did not dare to show themselves.

Instead, they all hid themselves, and were secretly observing from afar.

Those who were cowardly had even fled from the nunnery out of fear of being implicated.

However, at that moment, a somewhat decent-looking yet very thin and pallid little nun, someone who appeared to be suffering from a serious illness, ran over staggeringly.

Furthermore, her face was covered in tear stains.

To have the courage to run out at such a time, Chu Feng knew that she had a purpose in mind.

That said, what surprised Chu Feng was not the courage the little nun had in running out here.

Instead, he was surprised by her identity.

Not only was she also a person of the younger generation, but she also addressed Linghu Yueyue as young miss.

The disciples of the Whiteclothes Nunnery should be addressing one another as junior and senior sisters.

Yet, she addressed Linghu Yueyue as young miss.

That was strange in and of itself.

Besides that, her cultivation was even weaker than Linghu Yueyue.

She was only a True Immortal.

The reason for that was because her cultivation had also been crippled by someone.

Her original cultivation was most definitely not that of a True Immortal.

The only reason she was so weak was because her cultivation had been crippled.

Because of that, Chu Feng felt that the little nun was most likely not originally a disciple of the Whiteclothes Nunnery.

Instead, it seemed like she had come to the nunnery together with Linghu Yueyue.

He felt that she was also a Linghu Heavenly Clansman.


“Milord, please uphold justice for my young miss.”

“Those three demonesses are simply unworthy of being nuns.”

“Milord, please uphold justice for my young miss.”

That little nun knelt directly before Chu Feng after coming out.

Then, she began to roughly explain certain things to Chu Feng.

The Whiteclothes Nunnery was a small sect.

That place did not even have elders.

Apart from a Martial Immortal-level headmaster, the rest of them were all disciples.

The three nuns whose cultivations had been crippled by Chu Feng were the three favorite disciples of the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster.

Originally, they were the disciples most likely to become the next headmaster of the Whiteclothes Nunnery.

However, after Linghu Yueyue came, the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster began to place great importance on her.

Because of that, the three former favorite disciples became jealous of Linghu Yueyue.

Originally, due to their headmaster, they did not dare to make things difficult for her.

However, in recent days, the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster had suddenly fallen ill.

From that day on, the three senior sisters began to bully Linghu Yueyue.

Furthermore, the bullying grew more and more intense as time went on.

Furthermore, the little nun had just learned that the Whiteclolthes Nunnerys headmaster was not ill at all.

Instead, she had been poisoned, poisoned by those three senior sisters.

“An\'an, is what you said the truth”

Upon learning this, both the disciples that were in hiding and Linghu Yueyue were shocked.

In fact, Linghu Yueyue was so shocked that she stood up abruptly.

“Young miss, they were the ones taking care of Lady Headmaster this whole time.

They refused to let others meet Lady Headmaster.

Even the news of Lady Headmaster being ill was announced by them.

They even announced that Lady Headmaster refuses to see anyone.”

“Ive long felt that things were fishy.

Thus, taking advantage of the fact that the three of them were not present, I decided to sneak into Lady Headmasters residence today.”

“When I did that, I discovered that theyd actually set up spirit formation traps to prevent others from entering Lady Headmasters residence.

This made me realize that something was definitely going on.”

“Thus, I used the treasure young miss bestowed me to breach the spirit formation, and managed to see Lady Headmaster.”

“Turns out, the three of them have been poisoning Lady Headmaster the entire time.

They wanted to use poison to make Lady Headmaster lose her reasoning so that they could control her, and then have her pass on the headmaster title to them.”

“Furthermore, they planned to frame you, young miss.

They wanted to frame young miss as the one who\'d poisoned and killed Lady Headmaster after she died.”

“When I saw Lady Headmaster, she was already extremely weak.

She did not even have the strength to sit up.

However, Lady Headmaster is still clear-headed.

It is Lady Headmaster who personally informed me of all this.

You can go and ask her yourself if you dont believe me,” said the little nun.

Hearing those words, Linghu Yueyue immediately rushed inside.

The other Whiteclothes Nunnery disciples followed her.

At that moment, the three nuns lying on the ground screaming in pain stopped screaming.

They gathered their final bits of strength and tried to stand up and flee.

“Behave yourselves and stay down.”

With a single thought from Chu Feng, his oppressive might came crashing down from the sky like an invisible mountain.

His oppressive might crushed the three nuns who had gotten up and were attempting to fly away back to the ground.

Suppressed by Chu Fengs oppressive might, the three of them could only scream in pain.

They were unable to budge at all.

“The three of you are simply worse than pigs and dogs.”

Soon, Linghu Yueyue returned.

Her attitude had changed completely.

Killing intent covered her face.

Furthermore, she was holding a blade in her hand.

Seeing Linghu Yueyue like that, the other disciples and even the three nuns that had been bullying her before were completely terrified.

Likely, it was their first time seeing her behave in such a manner.

Their reactions were understandable.

After all, Linghu Yueyue used to be a peak Martial Immortal-level expert.

She was someone who had experienced many things and major events..

Even though her cultivation had been crippled and she had been reduced to a Heavenly Immortal, her formidableness was definitely not something other Heavenly Immortals possessed.

Linghu Yueyue mustve experienced some sort of setback, and had decided to change herself by giving in to despair.

However, the actions of the three nuns had enraged her.

This forced the old Linghu Yueyue to return.

“Junior sister, please listen to our explanation.

Its not what you think it is.

Its not…”




The three nuns were still trying to explain.

However, before they could finish their words, three splashes of blood could be seen.

Unable to even let out a scream, the three of them all fell to the ground, dead.

They were all killed by Linghu Yueyue.

After killing her three senior sisters, Linghu Yueyue suddenly knelt before Chu Feng.

“Milord, I beg of you, please save…”

Linghu Yueyue was naturally trying to have Chu Feng save the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster.

However, she was stunned before she could even finish what she wanted to say.

She was not the only one stunned.

The other nuns were all stunned too.

They were shocked to discover that Chu Feng, who was still standing before them earlier, had disappeared.

Everything happened so quickly that they didnt even notice where Chu Feng had gone.

By the time they noticed his disappearance, he was completely gone.

“Its all my fault, all my fault.”

Linghu Yueyue began to blame herself repeatedly.

Actually, that person by the name of An\'an had called to Linghu Yueyues attention that the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster falling ill all of a sudden was somewhat fishy.

Yet, Linghu Yueyue, due to low spirits, didnt bother to think too much about it.

Even when she was being bullied by those three nuns, she still endured it.

Because of that, it led to the Whiteclothes Nunnerys headmaster being subjected to more poisons.

At that moment, they were powerless to help her.

Since the expert passer-by was unwilling to help them, they could only watch helplessly as their Lady Headmaster died before them.

Right at that moment, Chu Fengs voice sounded, “Stop crying.

Come and have a look at your headmaster.”

Although the nuns saw no trace of Chu Feng, they were able to tell that his voice had sounded from their Lady Headmasters residence.

Linghu Yueyue and An\'an immediately rushed forth.

Although their faces were still covered in tears, they currently had looks of joy.


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