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“Trash dares to threaten me”

The nun who had received Chu Feng earlier revealed a look of displeasure.

“Dont bother talking with him.

Kill him and have him realize that he shouldnt meddle in other peoples business in his next life.”

Right at that moment, the other two nuns also began to speak.

Not only that, but concentrated killing intent also appeared in their eyes.

Sure enough, all three of them were vicious and merciless.

Soon, the three nuns attacked Chu Feng at the same time.


Their unleashed martial power turned into three ferocious beasts.

With mouths wide open, the three ferocious beasts rushed forth to devour Chu Feng.

The three nuns planned to devour him directly using their martial skills.

They werent even planning to leave an intact corpse for him.

The three of them could be said to be truly cruel!


However, right after the three ferocious martial power beasts approached Chu Feng, heaven and earth started rumbling.

Following that, the three ferocious martial power beasts were reduced to martial power that dispersed into thin air before Chu Feng.

At the same time, an extremely powerful oppressive might was unleashed from his body straight towards the three nuns.

Rank eight Exalted, this was Chu Fengs current cultivation.

Those three nuns were merely Heavenly Immortals.

At the instant when Chu Fengs oppressive might was unleashed, he turned into a god in their eyes, and they themselves felt that they were extremely small.

It was as if they were merely three little mice standing before a fierce tiger.

They were unable to stand firm, and were all shivering before Chu Feng.

“Milord, we were wrong.”

“Milord, this lowly one was completely blind.

Milord, please dont take offense at our actions.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually extremely powerful, the three nuns that had planned to kill Chu Feng earlier immediately knelt on the ground.

The three of them were actually unable to determine what Chu Fengs cultivation was.

However, they were able to tell that he was at least an Exalted-level expert.

In other words, his cultivation far surpassed their own.

Recalling the words Chu Feng had said earlier, they all realized what he meant.

It turned out that the ordinary looking fellow standing before them was actually a person they could not afford to offend.

At that moment, the three nuns felt endless regret.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

“I warned you three.

Unfortunately, you failed to learn.”

As Chu Feng spoke, the surroundings suddenly turned ice-cold.

“Milord, please spare us, please spare us.”

The three nuns were not only wailing, but they also began to kowtow to Chu Feng.

They were truly terrified.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng was not moved in the slightest.

Instead, he sneered in his heart.

What disgusted Chu Feng the most were people like them, people who bullied the weak and feared the strong, people who had no moral integrity at all.

Those people were completely devoid of honor and dignity towards those stronger than themselves.

However, when faced with those weaker than them, they would be completely devoid of conscience, and be willing to do anything.

In Chu Fengs eyes, people like them were simply scum amongst cultivators.


All of a sudden, Linghu Yueyue actually knelt on the ground.

“Milord, please spare my three senior sisters.”

Linghu Yueyue was actually begging Chu Feng for forgiveness for the three nuns that had been bullying and humiliating her.

When Linghu Yueyue begged him, Chu Feng retrieved his oppressive might.

“Thank you Milord, thank you Milord.”

The three nuns began to kowtow to Chu Feng frantically.

They thought that he had decided to spare them.

Even Linghu Yueyue kowtowed to Chu Feng, thanking him for sparing her three senior sisters.

As for Chu Feng, he completely ignored the three nuns.

Instead, he looked to Linghu Yueyue.

Seeing the current Linghu Yueyue, Chu Feng felt complicated emotions.

The Linghu Yueyue before him was no longer the same Linghu Yueyue he knew.

He didnt know what she\'d experienced to change her into such a person.

However, Chu Feng was certain that whatever she\'d experienced was very painful.

Thus, a look of determination flashed through Chu Fengs eyes.

“Wooshh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and three strands of martial power flew out from his hand.

They turned into three daggers that shot straight toward the three nuns.

Blood splashed three times, and the three nuns all fell to the ground.

Then, they began to howl and wail in enormous pain.

The reason for that was because the three martial power daggers Chu Feng had sent forth were aimed at their dantians.

With their dantians pierced, their cultivations were rapidly decreasing.

If this were to continue, their cultivations were destined to be ruined.

Thus, how could they not howl in grief

Chu Fengs action had caught them off-guard.

Even Linghu Yueyue was stunned.

She was only able to react to what had happened after some time had passed.

Kneeling, Linghu Yueyue crawled over to Chu Feng and began to kowtow directly before his feet.

“Milord, I beg of you, please spare my three senior sisters.”

“I beg of you, please dont cripple their cultivations.”

Linghu Yueyue was still begging Chu Feng to spare her senior sisters.

Seeing Linghu Yueyue like that, Chu Feng felt saddened and helpless.

He said, “The reason why I stopped them is because they were bullying you.”

“However, the moment they intended to kill me, the matter was no longer related to you.

Instead, it became something between them and I.”

“Id already told them to not attack me.”

“That was not a warning.

Instead, it was their final chance.

If they\'d listened to me, then regardless of what they might do in the future, I would still spare them this once.”

“However, the moment they attacked me, they chose their outcome.”

“After all, if my cultivation was weaker than theirs, I wouldve died.”

“If I\'d died, it would have been all because of you.

It would have been because Id decided to uphold justice and help you.

Because of that, Id have provoked them, and been silenced.”

“Yet, youre actually begging me to forgive them Do you not think youre letting me down” asked Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Linghu Yueyue suddenly stood, stunned.


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