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“Milady, who might be the person that you know”

“Could Milady have remembered something” The Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster became emotional as she asked those questions.

“No, my memory is still disordered.

I am also unable to recall that person.

I merely had an impression of them.”

“However, one thing is certain.

The person in my impression is most definitely not named Asura,” said that person.

“So thats the case,” the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster appeared slightly saddened after hearing those words.

“Oh, thats right.

Xiuer, did you manage to find the monk I asked you to find” asked that person.

“This subordinate is incompetent.

I have yet to find that person,” the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster revealed an ashamed expression.

“Its alright.

Once I recover, Ill go and find him myself.”

“That being said, Xiuer, youve worked hard these days,” said that person.

“Milady, what are you saying It was you who saved this subordinates life.

Although I am the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster now, deep down in this subordinates heart, I will forever remain a person of the Reincarnation Sect,” said the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster.

“Back when our Reincarnation Sect ended up in ruins, everyone fled their respective ways at the sight of the calamity.

Those people all left us.

Only you remembered the great scheme my father had established with meticulous care.

Disregarding everything else, merely your conscience is enough to make your contributions known.

Besides, for the sake of helping me, youve hesitated to do nothing.”

“If I am able to thoroughly grasp the Reincarnation Power this time around and obtain the legendary Reincarnation Divine Body, you will be the person with the greatest merit,” said that person.

“Milady, please dont say it like that.

This subordinate is incompetent.

I failed to find you, and ended up allowing Milady to suffer all kinds of hardships.”

“In the end, it is Milady who recovered her memory and personally came to find this subordinate.”

“This subordinate is truly incompetent.

My crimes are worthy of ten thousand deaths.”

As she said those words, the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster knelt on the ground.

“Xiuer, quickly, stand up.”

Right at that moment, a hand appeared from the darkness to help the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster up.

Even though that voice was extremely aged and weak, that hand was extremely youthful, like the hand of a young woman.

When the hand was extended towards her, the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster immediately got up.

She knew that person was currently very weak, and did not wish to make her waste her strength in helping her up.

“Xiuer, dont blame yourself.

The martial cultivation world is so very vast.

Back then, the spirit formation ended up having a deviation, which caused me to fall into another world.”

“It is normal for you to not be able to find me in such an enormous martial cultivation world.”

“Besides, the fact that I did not enter the world we agreed upon means that our plan had very possibly failed.

Thus, you cannot be blamed for it.”

“Lets not mention the past anymore.

Are all the preparations complete” asked that person.

“Milady, all preparations are complete.

When would Milady like to begin” asked the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster.

“Since the preparations are complete, let us begin now,” said that person.

“Very well.

However, Milady, the process is very painful.

Please be prepared for it,” said the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster.


“Heh… that sort of pain is merely physical.

Compared to the pain I felt in my heart back then, this is nothing.”

That person let out a laugh of contempt after hearing the wordpainful.

Hearing that laughter, the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster had a look of sympathy and distress on her face.

She knew very well what sort of hardship that person had experienced back then.

“Xiuer, although Ive recovered my memories from back then, I lost some of my later memories.

I dont know when Ill be able to regain them.”

“However, I am aware that some of the later memories are very important for me.”

“Thus, you havent forgotten about the item to recover ones memories that I told you to prepare for the fusion, right” asked that person all of a sudden.

“Milady, please rest assured.

This subordinate has prepared everything,” said the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster.

“Very well.

In that case, lets begin,” said that person.


After Chu Feng bid his farewell to Yin Zhuanghong, he began to proceed directly for Mount Ivory Valley.

As the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster had said, although Mount Ivory Villa was a remote location, it only took Chu Feng a short few days to arrive using the Ancient Eras Teleportation Formations.

That being said, there was still a short distance between the exit of the Ancient Eras Teleportation Formation and Mount Ivory Valley itself.

Furthermore, Chu Feng did not know about the conditions of Mount Ivory Valley.

Thus, he did not dare to rashly enter it.

After all, Mount Ivory Valley was guarded by the powerful Cloudspirit Clan.

Because of that, he decided to scout out information regarding Mount Ivory Valley.

Fortunately, there was a place nearby by the name of Whiteclothes Nunnery.

Whiteclothes Nunnery was a monastery filled with nuns.

Out of respect, Chu Feng did not directly fly into the nunnery.

Instead, he descended onto the mountain path and began to climb it step by step.

Ultimately, Chu Feng arrived before the monasterys gate.

“Dong, dong, dong~~~”

Once Chu Feng arrived at the monastery gate, a nun immediately came out to receive him.

That nun originally had a look of alertness.

However, after chatting with Chu Feng, she relaxed her guard.

She also began to answer his inquiries.

“Almsgiver, youre planning to go to Mount Ivory Valley” asked the nun.

“Thats right.

Mount Ivory Valley is guarded by the Cloudspirit Clan.

I wonder, am I able to go there” asked Chu Feng.

“Mount Ivory Valley is open to the public.

If almsgiver wishes to go there, it wont be an issue.”

“Merely, almsgiver, what is your purpose in going there Is it for the Spirit Spring Water” asked the nun.

“Precisely,” said Chu Feng.

“If its for the Spirit Spring Water, Id urge almsgiver to return,” said the nun.

“Whys that” Chu Feng asked in confusion.

“Almsgiver mustve heard that cracks have appeared at the source of the Spirit Spring Water.”

“Furthermore, the Cloudspirit Clans Clan Chief gave the order that if anyone is able to find the source, then, regardless of who they are, the water source shall belong to them.”

“Because of that, many nearby experts that learned of the news all came to Mount Ivory Valley.

A scramble will be unavoidable.”

“I can tell that almsgivers cultivation is not very strong.

Thus, it is better for almsgiver to not involve himself in this mess so as to prevent losing his life in the process,” the nun took a glance at Chu Feng as she said those words.

Her gaze actually contained some contempt.

‘Oh-ho, Ive been looked down upon.

Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from sighing after seeing her gaze.

He was not angry.

Instead, he was extremely happy.

This was truly a coincidence, a perfect opportunity.

Chu Feng had travelled there precisely for the Spirit Spring Water, and it just so happened that there were cracks at the waters source during his arrival.

Furthermore, the eccentric yet powerful Cloudspirit Clan had given the order that anyone who was able to find the water source would obtain it.

This was truly the heavens helping him.


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