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Facing the blood-red gaseous flames that had appeared all of a sudden, Linghu Zhishi and the other Linghu Heavenly Clansmen were not ones to resign themselves to fate.

They all unleashed their own blood-red gaseous flames to contend against the incoming blood-red gaseous flames.

Unfortunately for them, the disparity between their blood-red gaseous flames and the incoming blood-red gaseous flames was simply too enormous.

The incoming blood-red gaseous flames surged violently, like an overwhelming giant ferocious beast!

In merely an instant, the Linghu Heavenly Clans hundred thousand strong army was completely crushed.

Disregarding those that were weak, even Linghu Zhishi himself was crushed by the blood-red gaseous flames.

The overwhelmingly murderous Linghu Heavenly Clan were all suppressed to the ground and left in miserable states.

“This, what is happening”

It was not only the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen that were confused; even the people from the Red-dress Holy Land had puzzled expressions on their faces.

“Lady Elder, are you all alright”

At the moment when the people were confused, a figure rushed out from the blood-red gaseous flames and arrived before the people from the Red-dress Holy Land.

That person was naturally Yin Zhuanghong.

“Zhuanghong, so its you.

Youve managed to bring Grandmaster Yuan Shu”

Seeing Yin Zhuanghong, the people from the Red-dress Holy Land finally stopped worrying.

They realized that the powerful blood-red gaseous flames did not come from an enemy.

Rather, it was likely from Grandmaster Yuan Shu.

“Its not Grandmaster Yuan Shu.

Grandmaster Yuan Shu was unwilling to help us,” said Yin Zhuanghong.

“Its not Grandmaster Yuan Shu Then whats going on here”

The people from the Red-dress Holy Land felt extremely shocked.

Unable to contain themselves, they looked to the blood-red gaseous flames that were overflowing from the walls behind them.

At that moment, they became even more confused.

Such overwhelming power.

If it wasnt Grandmaster Yuan Shu, who could it be

“Seniors, its me.”

Under the crowds focused gaze, a voice sounded from within the blood-colored gaseous flames.

Following that, a figure appeared before the crowds vision.

That person was naturally Chu Feng.

The current Chu Feng appeared extremely powerful, and simply undefeatable.

The reason for that was because the overwhelmingly powerful blood-red gaseous flames capable of defeating the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen at once actually came from him.

Like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses, the blood-red gaseous flames revolved around Chu Feng like he was their master.

“Asura, its you again!”

After Chu Feng appeared, before the people from the Red-dress Holy Land could say anything, Linghu Zhishi actually cried out in alarm.

He recognized Asura.

Of course he did.

After all, he was also present at the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb.

His Linghu Heavenly Clan were the death warriors of the All-heaven Sect.

They were the ones who had used their own bodies to test whether the entrances to the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb were safe or not.

Thus, Linghu Zhishi, like the people from the All-heaven Sect, had personally witnessed how terrifying Chu Feng was.

He had witnessed how Chu Feng managed to defeat the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted all on his own, and scared Tuoba Chengan into fleeing in defeat.

Merely, he had no idea that the youngster by the name of Asura was actually Chu Feng.

“Never would I expect for it to be you all.”

“However, upon thinking about it, its actually not surprising either.”

“After all, you were lackeys of the All-heaven Sect to begin with.”

Chu Feng looked to the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen on the ground and let out a cold laugh.

“You… you actually knew that we were from the Linghu Heavenly Clan”

“Why do you sound like you know us” Linghu Zhishi asked.

“Girl, take your seniors away from here first.

Ill take care of these people.” Chu Feng took a glance at Yin Zhuanghong.

“Okay.” Yin Zhuanghong nodded.

“Young friend Asura, well have to trouble you then.”

The Red-dress Holy Lands elders did not hesitate to leave.

They were able to tell that the current Chu Feng possessed the strength to obliterate the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

It was instead they who would not be safe there.

Thus, they followed Yin Zhuanghongs guidance and left.


After the people from the Red-dress Holy Land left, Chu Feng formed an enormous barrier with his blood-red gaseous flames, and locked all of the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen in there.

“So, those innocent people were massacred by you all”

“Linghu Heavenly Clan, you have truly stooped lower and lower.”

Chu Feng swept his mocking gaze over the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

Those Linghu Heavenly Clansmen that were able to easily kill him in the past had all been reduced to ants, and were lying powerlessly before him with fear all across their faces.

“Lord Asura, we were merely ordered to do so.

We never intended to become your enemy.”

“Lord Asura, please give us a chance.

Please give us a chance.”

Suddenly, Linghu Zhishi got up and knelt before Chu Feng.

He began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness.

The other Linghu Heavenly Clansmen all followed his lead.

They too knelt before Chu Feng and began to kowtow whilst begging for forgiveness.

Seeing that, Chu Feng sighed emotionally.

After all, they were the strongest of the Ancestral Martial Starfields Ten Great Heavenly Clans, the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Their leader was also the person deemed to be the strongest expert in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, the Linghu Heavenly Clans Clan Chief, Linghu Zhishi.

Back then, they were insufferably arrogant, and considered themselves unexcelled.

They were capable of calling upon the wind and summoning the rain in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

They were people that stood at the apex of the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

At that time, no one had imagined that the mighty Linghu Heavenly Clan would, before absolute power, disregard their dignity too.

“You all have massacred innocent lives mercilessly.

I cannot think of a reason to keep you alive.”

“Besides, you can tell the condition of your own bodies yourselves.

Your dantians are rotting.

Are you all not feeling any pain from that”

“That must be the side-effect of the Bloodsoul Aura, right That is the punishment that the heavens bestowed upon you for willfully slaughtering innocent lives,” said Chu Feng.


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