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“Cough, cough…”

“I believe our Red-dress Holy Land does not have any grievance with everyone here.

Thus, why do you insist on eliminating our Red-dress Holy Land”

That Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder was in extremely weak health.

Not only had she been defeated in their previous encounter, but she was also seriously injured.

That was the reason why she\'d retreated to hide in the protective formation.

Now that the protective formation had been breached, and they were no match for their opponents.

She knew that she and the others of the Red-dress Holy Land would soon be killed.

However, she still felt unresigned.

She did not wish to die without knowing the reason why.

She wanted to know exactly who it was that wanted to eliminate their Red-dress Holy Land.

“Weve merely been paid to take care of business.

You all do not have to bother asking too much.”


After someone who seemed to be the leader of the black-gowned individuals said those words, blood-red gaseous flames were unleashed from his body.

It was not only him.

The hundred thousand black-clothed individuals standing behind him all began releasing blood-red gaseous flames too.

The blood-red gaseous flames were the power of the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond.

Those black-clothed individuals had refined Bloodsoul Aura by slaughtering the innocent, and then absorbed the Bloodsoul Aura into their bodies.

With their fusion with the Bloodsoul Aura, they were able to draw support from the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond to strengthen their battle power.

Right at that moment, the Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder spoke, “Wait.”

“Did you know that you all will soon die”

“Soon die”


Youre trying to threaten us at a time like this”

“Whilst its true that there are people that will soon die here, those people are not us, but instead you.”

As that person spoke, he planned to attack directly, and take the lives of the people from the Red-dress Holy Land.

“Its the Bloodsoul Aura that will take your lives!” said the Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder loudly.

“What did you say” Hearing those words, those black-clothed people suddenly ceased their attacks.

“It would appear that you all were truly exploited by someone.”

“Its the All-heaven Sect that dispatched you here, right”

“Truly laughable.

You all dont even know about the side effects of the Bloodsoul Aura, yet you decided to absorb and fuse with it.”

“Look carefully at your dantians,” said that Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder.


Hearing those words, those black-clothed people actually tore apart their black gowns to examine their dantians.

Upon doing so, fear and panic filled their faces.

They were able to see that their dantians were actually ulcerating.

Although they did not perceive anything abnormal to be happening, they were able to see that it was not only their dantians, that were ulcerating, but their souls too.

If this were to continue, their cultivations would definitely be damaged, and they might even end up losing their lives.

That said, after they tore apart their black gowns, their appearances were revealed.

“Linghu Zhishi, its actually you”

There was an elder amongst the Red-dress Holy Land that recognized the people before them.

She couldnt have mistaken him, for she had, by pure chance, met the Linghu Heavenly Clans Clan Chief Linghu Zhishi before.

It was not only Linghu Zhishi.

The others present were also all from the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

“Our Red-dress Holy Land does not have any conflicts with your Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Why are you all attacking us murderously” asked that Supreme Elder of the Red-dress Holy Land.



However, right after her words left her mouth, she let out a scream.

A streak of blood-red gaseous flame had pierced through her body.

Linghu Zhishi had attacked her.

“Speak! How do we remove the poison of the Bloodsoul Aura! Tell me, and I can spare your lives! Otherwise, all of you shall die!” Linghu Zhishi spoke fiercely.


Do you take me for a fool With how far you all have gone, how could you possibly spare us If you spared us, the All-heaven Sect wouldnt spare you either.”

“None of us are fools, thus you dont have to bother with your hypocritical act.

Besides, the Bloodsoul Aura is unable to be treated.

Thats also the reason why our Red-dress Holy Land never bothered to refine Bloodsoul Aura, even though we are fully aware that it will increase our strength in the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond.”

“Whilst being unable to willfully slaughter the innocent is a part of the reason, the fact that the Bloodsoul Aura is simply too poisonous is the main reason why we never thought about using it,” said the Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder.

“Speak! Exactly what are the ways to treat this! If you dont speak, I will have your lives!” Linghu Zhishi increased the power of his attack as he said those words, and began to fiercely interrogate that Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder.

“Instead of asking me that, why dont you go and ask the All-heaven Sect What did the people from the All-heaven Sect tell you You should trust them.

Why are you here asking me about that” That Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder laughed mockingly.

She knew that those Linghu Heavenly Clansmen mustve been deceived by the All-heaven Sect.

“Lord Clan Chief, what are we to do now Weve been deceived! Weve been deceived by those bastards from the All-heaven Sect!”

“They simply never planned to help us with our revenge, theyre simply exploiting us!”

“Lord Clan Chief, what do we do What do we do”

The Linghu Heavenly Clansmen were all panicking.

As matters stood, theyd realized that they\'d been deceived by the All-heaven Sect.

“Speak! Are you speaking or not!”

Linghu Zhishi was left helpless himself.

He used the blood-red gaseous flames and strengthened the torment of the Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder.


To have you all accompany our Red-dress Holy Land in death, it will not be lonely on the Yellow Springs road.”


The Yellow Springs road is the path to hell in Chinese mythology.

The Yellow Springs is another name for hell.

Its said you get on that path after passing through the Gates of Hell.]

Not only did the Red-dress Holy Lands Supreme Elder stop responding to Linghu Zhishi, but she instead started laughing louder and more mockingly.

“Courting death!”

“You all will be the only ones on the Yellow Springs road!”

Linghu Zhishi was thoroughly enraged.

He unleashed boundless killing intent from his body.

He was planning to kill them all.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard.

The indestructible wall behind the people from the Red-dress Holy Land was actually destroyed.

Following that, boundless blood-red gaseous flames rushed out from the destroyed wall and straight for the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.


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