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“Dont be too worried.

Memory energy is not life itself.

It would not be excessive to say that the memory energy has created a new lifeform.”

“The memory energy will linger in the vicinity of the actual body, for it believes it to be its home.

However, as long as the actual body is unable to recover the lost memory, the memory energy will find it very difficult to have a sense of security, and will be extremely afraid.”

“If the memory energy has the opportunity to enter the dream or illusion of someone they know, they will cry for help.”

“Thus, if you really encountered the memory energy of your friend, and not her remnant soul, it would mean that her pleading for your help is merely her instinct, and does not represent that her actual body is suffering right now,” Yuan Shu said to Chu Feng.

“If that really is the case, it would truly be the best.”

Even though he was still uncertain, Chu Feng was able to see a trace of hope.

Thus, after hearing Yuan Shus words, Chu Feng felt a lot better, and no longer continued to blame himself.

As for the matter regarding Song Ge, Yuan Shu agreed to help without any hesitation.

To Yuan Shu, this was very minor.

In fact, he even told Chu Feng that as long as he was alive, he would guarantee Song Ges safety in the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

Chu Feng then informed Song Ge of the good news.

Learning about it, Song Ge was completely overjoyed, like she was in a dream.

That foolish girl even pinched her face repeatedly to try to wake herself up.

Chu Feng then helped Song Ge move her parents tomb to the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

Upon seeing that her parents tombs were really moved to the Seven Suns Mountain Range and were given tombstones, Song Ge finally believed that she was really able to enter the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

After the tombs were properly arranged, Chu Feng began to make arrangements for Song Ge.

To Chu Fengs surprise, Yuan Shu decided to go above and beyond in helping him with Song Ge.

Not only did he allow Song Ge to take refuge in the Seven Suns Mountain Range, but he even found a master for her.

As for the master Yuan Shu found, he was the leader of the Seven Suns Mountain Ranges guards, Lord White Gown.

Upon learning that Lord White Gown would become Song Ges master, even Chu Feng was overjoyed.

After all, Lord White Gown possessed extraordinary strength and status.

As Song Ges talent was limited, she would normally never be able to receive interest from someone of his caliber.

Perhaps it was Yuan Shus order, or perhaps it was because of his own nature, but Lord White Gown not only did not turn his back on Song Ge, but he even personally arranged her residence.

His words and actions were simply akin to that of a compassionate father.

He showed great concern and care for Song Ge.

With the situation like that, Song Ge began to wonder if it was all a dream again.

She felt that this could not possibly be real, and must be a dream.

Seeing the joyous Song Ge, Chu Feng finally felt at ease.

After settling her in, Chu Feng planned to bid his farewell to Yuan Shu.

However, to his surprise, whilst he was proceeding to see Yuan Shu, he saw an acquaintance -- Yin Zhuanghong.

Yin Zhuanghong had entered the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

However, she was kneeling on the ground.

“Yin Zhuanghong, what are you doing here” Chu Feng stepped forward and asked her.

“Asura” Yin Zhuanghong was surprised to see Chu Feng.

However, she did not bother saying too much to him.

She only took a single glance at him before lowering her head again.

She actually began to kowtow.

“Grandmaster Yuan Shu, please help.

If Grandmaster is willing to save our Red-dress Holy Land from our crisis, our Red-dress Holy Land will definitely repay Grandmaster for his grace.”

Yin Zhuanghong some with a sobbing tone as she said those words.

Yin Zhuanghong was such a strong person.

To be able to make her act like that, and thinking of what she had said, Chu Feng knew that some sort of mishap must have occurred in the Red-dress Holy Land.

“Yin Zhuanghong, exactly what is going on here What has happened” Chu Feng stepped forward to ask her.

However, Yin Zhuanghong completely ignored Chu Feng.

She continued to kowtow and beg for Grandmaster Yuan Shu to help her.

“Exactly what is going on”

Helpless, Chu Feng decided to go and ask the guards of the Seven Suns Mountain Range.

After asking them, Chu Feng learned that the Red-dress Holy Land had indeed met with a calamity.

However, it was not the All-heaven Sect that had attacked the Red-dress Holy Land.

What happened was that the Red-dress Holy Lands headmaster had important matters to deal with, and had left the Red-dress Holy Land for the time being.

Then, many massacres occurred in the vicinity of the Red-dress Holy Land.

Many villages and powers were completely massacred.

Furthermore, those people all died miserably.

Their deaths were identical to that of the villagers of Autumnfall Village.

It turned out that Chu Feng had been overthinking things.

The massacre of Autumnfall Village was not because the All-heaven Sect wanted to take care of Song Ge.

Instead, another power was causing all the massacres.

There was a purpose behind their massacres.

They were massacring people through special means so that they could use human lives to refine a sort of power - Bloodsoul Aura.

What use did the Bloodsoul Aura possess

That was related to the Red-dress Holy Land.

The Red-dress Holy Land controlled an Ancient Eras mystic ground.

That place was called the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond.

If one had Bloodsoul Aura in the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond, one would be able to strengthen ones battle power.

Seeing the large scale massacres occuring in their vicinity, the Red-dress Holy Land knew that someone was trying to seize control of their Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond.

Because of that, they became worried because their Lady Headmaster was not present.

Sure enough, when they received the attack from that group of people, they were unable to hold them back.

At that moment they could only utilize the spirit formation of the Ancient Eras Blood Refinement Pond to hide themselves.

However, as those people came with nefarious intentions and were still massacring innocent people to refine more Bloodsoul Aura, their strength would continue to increase.

Sooner or later, they would be able to cut through the spirit formation.

At that time, all of the elite elders of the Red-dress Holy Land would be killed.

With no alternative, the Red-dress Holy Land used special methods to allow Yin Zhuanghong to escape outside so that she could request help from Grandmaster Yuan Shu.

However, Grandmaster Yuan Shu was unwilling to meet her.

That was the reason why the scene before Chu Feng was happening.


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