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“Ill have to trouble Heavenly Exalted then.”

When Tuoba Chengan said those words, he was actually very lacking in confidence.

As he was an Utmost Exalted-level expert.

Even though his world spirit techniques were much inferior to the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted, he still had very sharp senses.

Thus, he was able to tell that the Mystic Cave Saints were on the verge of collapse.

If this were to continue, they would soon die.

He did not care about whether the Mystic Cave Saints lived or died, as he had never planned to spare them even if they revealed Asuras location, since he could not allow anyone who dared provoke the All-heaven Sect to live.

He was however, worried about the treasures of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb.

This was especially true after he heard how the elders who had obtained those treasures described them.

From their descriptions, he became even more certain that they were precious, and even priceless treasures.

Thus, Tuoba Chengan was afraid that if the Mystic Cave Saints were to truly die, those treasures would also be lost.

“Damn it…”

Suddenly, the Mystic Cave Saints, who had lost their ability to move suddenly started to struggle violently.

The crowd were both confused and curious as to what was happening.

The reason for that was because they were not simply struggling because they were in pain.

Instead, it seemed more like they were trying to flee.

It seemed like something else was happening.


Mystic Cave Saints, this Exalted said that I would definitely be able to find the treasures you all kept in your bodies.”

At the time when the crowd were all confused, the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted burst into sudden laughter.

Then, he waved his arm.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Many rays of light flew out from the Mystic Cave Saints bodies.

Those were all treasures.

Furthermore, every one of them were of considerable value.

There were not only treasures from the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb, but there were also other equally priceless precious treasures.

Those treasures all emitted bright golden light.

They were dazzling like the sun.

Most importantly, there were a great amount of treasures.

The eleven Mystic Cave Saints were simply a giant mobile treasure trove.

Countless treasures were hidden in their bodies.

In fact, the crowd could not even fathom what some of the treasures were for.

However, the Ancient Eras aura and the mysterious powers emitted by those treasures made them realize that they were all extremely powerful treasures.

“Ive long heard that the Mystic Cave Saints had a great amount of treasures on them.”

“Never would I have imagined that was actually the case.

This has truly broadened my horizons.”

At that moment, the gloomy looks on the faces of the people from the All-heaven Sect had all disappeared, and were replaced with beaming happiness.

After all, theyd discovered that the Mystic Cave Saints seemed to possess treasures more precious than those of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb.

It turned out, the Mystic Cave Saints were the true treasure trove.

At that moment, they even felt that having their treasures robbed by the Mystic Cave Saints earlier was actually a good thing.

If they had not been robbed of their treasures, the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted would not have acted.

If the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted hadnt acted, they wouldnt have discovered that the Mystic Cave Saints had actually hidden so many treasures in their bodies.

“Allow me to clarify things first.

The treasures from the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb belong to your All-heaven Sect.”

“As for the treasures that the Mystic Cave Saints possess, they belong to this Exalted,” said the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted.

Hearing those words, the crowd from the All-heaven Sect became extremely displeased.

Who were they They were the All-heaven Sect, the overlords of the All-heaven Starfield!

As the overlord of the All-heaven Starfield, it had always been them making the rules.

Never had anyone dared to fight over things with them.

Yet, the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted had made his intentions extremely clear.

That is… although there were a lot of treasures on the Mystic Cave Saints, none of them had any relation to their All-heaven Sect.

Instead, they all belonged to him.

The people from the All-heaven Sect naturally found this very unacceptable.

However, theyd all witnessed the abilities of the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted.

That fellow was simply too terrifying.

They knew very well that even though their Supreme Elder Tuoba Chengan was present, they would likely still not be a match for him.

Thus, no matter how displeased they felt, they could only choose to endure it.

After all, facing the arrogant words spoken by the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted, even their violent-tempered Supreme Elder Tuoba Chengan did not say anything.

Thus, how could they possibly dare to voice their dissatisfaction

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the many treasures floating in midair started moving at the same time.

Like meteors, they flew into the distance.

The location they were flying towards was actually a spirit formation gate.

All of the treasures flew into that spirit formation gate.

Originally, the crowd thought that it was the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted that had collected all those treasures.

However, to their surprise, they discovered that the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted had an extremely ugly look on his face.

The Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted looked to the spirit formation gate and shouted furiously, “Who dares plunder this Exalteds treasures!”


The people from the All-heaven Sect came to a sudden realization upon hearing that voice.

It turned out that it was not the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted who had collected the treasures.

Instead, someone else had snatched away them away.

But… who could do that

Who could possibly be able to snatch away all the treasures before the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted


Suddenly, a body of light flew out of the spirit formation gate.

That body of light illuminated heaven and earth, and appeared incomparably divine.

When that body of light appeared, the crowd all grew tense.

After all, the power emitted by that body of light was simply too strong -- so strong that even the elders of the All-heaven Sect felt fear before it.

That said, that body of light did not fly towards the All-heaven Sect.

Instead, it flew straight towards the Mystic Cave Saints.

When that body of light arrived before the Mystic Cave Saints, it suddenly stopped and descended.

Then, the light enveloped them.

Following that, the crowd could clearly see the Mystic Cave Saints mutilated bodies starting to restore themselves.

Not only were their wounds healing, but even their blood started flowing back into their bodies.

It was not only the blood on their bodies.

Even the blood that had evaporated and the blood that had flowed into the earth gathered anew, and flowed back into their bodies.

With that, the Mystic Cave Saints that were on their last breath, the Mystic Cave Saints that had been about to die, recovered fully, and sat up.

They appeared to be completely fine.

They simply did not resemble people that had been on the verge of death just a moment ago.

At that moment, the people from the All-heaven Sect were completely astonished.

Even the eleven Mystic Cave Saints were completely bewildered.

“It would appear that Ive met my match.”

“Since your distinguished self has obtained the power of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tombs spirit formation, why bother concealing yourself Why dont you directly reveal yourself to face this Exalted”

Once the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted said those words, the people from the All-heaven Sect realized why that individual would possess such enormous power.

It turned out that that individual had obtained the power of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tombs spirit formation.

Merely, who could possibly obtain the power of such a powerful spirit formation

“Rest assured.

Today, you will all die here.”

A voice was heard.

Hearing that voice, the Mystic Cave Saints and the people from the All-heaven Sect were all startled.

Astonishment filled their hearts.

That voice was very familiar.

That voice sounded just like Asuras voice.

At the moment when the crowd were feeling astonished, a person walked out from the spirit formation gate.

Upon seeing that person, the already ugly looks on the faces of the All-heaven Sect turned even uglier.

This was especially true for Tuoba Chengan and Nangong Yifan.

They looked like they had been fed feces.

That said, compared to the ugly expressions on the faces of the All-heaven Sect, the Mystic Cave Saints were completely overjoyed.

They were all leaping, cheering and screaming in joy.

After all, the person that had appeared before them was Chu Feng.

Furthermore, boundless energies were revolving around him.

Like armor, that energy enveloped his body.

It made Chu Feng appear not only sacred, but also overwhelming, like the ruler of the entire world.

Even examining him with only ones naked eyes, one could tell how powerful he was at that moment.

“It actually really is him.”

“But, isnt he a person of the younger generation”

“How could a person of the younger generation obtain such great power”

At the same time as the people from the All-heaven Sect were astonished, they were also terrified.

They were able to feel how powerful Chu Feng was.

However, the more powerful Chu Feng was, the more detrimental the situation was for them.


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