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‘Old Child Tuoba, since youve failed to assassinate this young master, you will have to pay the price.

‘Hasnt your All-heaven Sect wanted to open this Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb the entire time

‘Thats fine, this young master has helped you open it.

‘Unfortunately, certain treasures in this Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb required special treasures to unlock.

Not even this young master was able to do anything about them.

‘I must truly thank you for sending all those useless fellows to bring those treasures over to assist this young master in unlocking the treasures of the tomb.

‘Old Child Tuoba, you are truly the good grandson of this young master.

Youve helped me enormously.



Tuoba Chengan was completely furious after reading the letter.

He had learned who it was that was messing with them.

“Thus, the person who stole your treasures is that little brat Asura” Tuoba Chengan asked the people that had their treasures stolen.

“No, its not a person at all.

Instead, its a group of people.”

“Furthermore, theyre not that Asura.

They proclaimed themselves to be Asuras subordinates, said Grandmaster Huang.

“What Subordinates”

Hearing those words, the furious Tuoba Chengan had a sudden change in expression.

He was not the only one.

The other elders of the All-heaven Sect also reacted in the same manner he had.

They naturally knew about Asura.

The reason why they had decided to dispatch people disguised as people from the Red-dress Holy Land to assassinate Asura was because he had an unknown origin, and they were afraid that he was supported by some sort of colossal power.

Later on, that Asura sent a letter and declared that he was not backed by any colossus.

Yet, there were suddenly so many powerful existences declaring themselves to be his subordinates

Because of this, they were unable to help but ponder if that Asura was truly backed by powerful experts or colossal powers.

They could not help but wonder if they could really touch that brat Asura or not.

“Lord Supreme Elder, what are we to do now”

Feeling helpless, the All-heaven Sects elders all turned their eyes to Tuoba Chengan.

To them, the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb was simply too important.

It was simply impossible for them to watch idly as the treasures of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb had been snatched away by someone else.

However, that Asura had an unknown origin.

Merely a bunch of his subordinates were already capable of making them suffer such enormous losses.

Even Grandmaster Huang, who held the many treasures of the Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb, was completely powerless before them.

Because of this, the people from the All-heaven Sect started having a whole new impression of Asura.

Momentarily, they were at a loss as to what to do.

“Dont fret.

This Exalted is capable of settling this matter for you all.”

Right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

That voice was extremely strange.

It was actually two different sorts of voices.

One was sharp, while the other was coarse.

It sounded like a woman and a burly man were speaking at the same time.

However, that two-toned voice came from a single direction, and the mouth of a single person.

That person was standing before that strange war chariot.

He had a deathly, paper-pale complexion.

His figure was extremely thin, and resembled that of a skeleton.

Although he was extremely thin, his body was also extremely tall -- over ten meters tall.

That man also had a very strange facial appearance.

Strangest of all would be his eyes.

Those eyes did not resemble human eyes.

Instead, they seemed more like beast eyes.

As for that man, he was the renowned Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted.

“Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted, are you really able to help me solve this problem” asked Tuoba Chengan.

“This Exalted is capable of retrieving all of the treasures youve lost.”

“Everything inside this Great Monster Slayer Emperors Tomb shall belong to your All-Heaven Sect.

No one will be able to take anything away.”

“In fact, this Exalted is even able to capture those people that have robbed your treasures.”

After the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted finished saying those words, a faint smile appeared on his face, and his strange gaze landed on Tuoba Chengan.

At that moment, Tuoba Chengans expression turned ugly.

From his flickering gaze, one could tell that he was making a difficult decision.

“Very well, I accept,” Tuoba Chengan said abruptly.


That is precisely what I wanted to hear.”

“However, Elder Tuoba, since youve agreed to it, youd best not regret it afterwards.”

“Otherwise, this Exalted will make your All-heaven Sect pay disastrously, said the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted.

“Rest assured, since Ive agreed to it, I will definitely accomplish it.”

“Merely, what if youre unable to retrieve those treasures” asked Tuoba Chengan.

“If this Exalted is to fail, I will not take anything.” The smile on that Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted turned even stranger.


After that, his body shifted, and he turned into a ray of light that shot straight into the spirit formation entrance.

“Lord Supreme Elder, do you think that Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted will be able to handle that Asura” asked the All-heaven Sects elders.

After what had happened to them, they all had a deep fear of Asura and his subordinates.

Even though the renowned Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted was undertaking the task, they were still uncertain of whether or not he could succeed.

“If hes the one, then hell definitely be able to handle it.”

To their surprise, before Tuoba Chengan gave them an answer, Grandmaster Huang answered their question instead.

Grandmaster Huangs gaze was focused on the entrance.

Even when he said those words, his gaze did not move from that entrance.

It was as if he was deeply afraid of missing something.

“Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted is no ordinary Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

“He is a master in all kinds of spirit formation compositions, and possesses treasures capable of breaching all sorts of profound spirit formations.”

“As long as hes willing to act, there is no remnant that he cannot breach.”

“As long as hes willing to act, then, regardless of who that Asura might be, he will definitely end up suffering.”

“Merely, it is extremely difficult to request his help.

Practically no one is able to do so.”

“I had originally thought that the person you all had invited over was a fake, or perhaps you had deliberately found someone to disguise as him so that you could put pressure on Grandmaster Ouyang and myself.”

“Never would I have expected that you all actually really managed to invite the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted himself.”

After saying those words, Grandmaster Huang turned his gaze to Tuoba Chengan.

“Merely, to be able to request the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalteds help, you all mustve paid considerably.”

Hearing those words, Tuoba Chengans expression changed slightly.

Indeed, it was a considerable amount.

However, as matters stood, there was no other choice.

“Grandmaster Huang, youve failed.

You should be returning your reward, said Tuoba Chengan.


Rest assured, I, Huang, am someone with principles.

Since Im unable to complete my mission, I will naturally not collect your reward.”

As Grandmaster Huang spoke, he raised his hand and tossed the reward he had received back to Tuoba Chengan.

However, there was no trace of displeasure on his face.

Instead, he looked back to the entrance with a look of expectation.

“To be able to witness the Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted himself, this old mans journey here today has not been in vain,” said Grandmaster Huang.

Hearing his words, the people from the All-heaven Sect also turned their gazes to the spirit formation entrance.

Grandmaster Huang was a top-rated Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist himself.

Furthermore, he was extremely conceited.

Very rarely did he ever praise anyone.

Yet, he actually thought so highly of that Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted.

This made the people from the All-heaven Sect extremely curious as to exactly what sort of ability that Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted possess.


Right at that moment, a scream was heard.

Following that, a figure flew out from the spirit formation entrance and fell face-first onto the ground.


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