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Seeing Wang Guangchen like that, Chu Feng smiled and shook his head.

He no longer bothered to bicker with him.

He turned back around and began to wholeheartedly set up his spirit formation to breach the stone pillar.

After becoming serious, Chu Fengs spirit power began to gush from his body even more ferociously.

It was simply endless.

As Chu Feng unleashed his spirit power, he also made all sorts of hand seals nonstop.

If Chu Fengs spirit power was an army of hundreds of millions, then he would be the commander of that army.

His commands were issued at an extremely fast speed.

Furthermore, they were very orderly.

There was not the slightest mistake.

Thus, even though Chu Feng was unleashing a boundless amount of spirit power nonstop, his spirit power was immediately turned into a portion of the spirit formation under his command.

“Amazing! Is that the ability of a Saint-cloak World Spiritist”

“Truly amazing.

Exactly who is that guy How can he have reached Saint-cloak at such a young age”

It was not only the people that were observing Chu Feng earlier.

Even those that were previously focused on breaching the spirit formations of their pillars had stopped, and began to earnestly observe Chu Fengs performance.

Astonishment filled their eyes.

Their astonishment was not only because Chu Fengs process of setting up his spirit formation was extremely marvelous.

To them, being able to witness a Saint-cloak World Spiritist setting up his spirit formation was already very rare to come by.

Yet, they were not only able to witness such a scene, but they were even able to appreciate it at such a close range.

It was simply a dream to them.

Not only were they able to broaden their horizons, but they were also able to gain some benefits that would be very beneficial to their future paths as world spiritists.

Thus, enjoying Chu Fengs performance was actually also educational.

Breaching the stone pillar was not an easy task.

Even Chu Feng did not dare to show the slightest amount of carelessness.

That said, breaching the stone pillar was not extremely difficult either.

As long as he remained calm, he would inevitably be able to breach the stone pillar.

Under Chu Fengs continued efforts, layers upon layers of the stone pillar started to slough off.

In the end, after six hours, the stone pillar finally collapsed.

At that moment, the crowd were able to see that a watermelon-sized completely green rhombus-shaped jade had appeared in the stone pillar.

“Woah! That thing contains extremely powerful spirit power!”

Sure enough, the treasure inside the first-rate stone pillar is not something other stone-pillars can compare to.”

Many people revealed gazes of envy as they saw the green jade.

They were able to tell after feeling its aura that it was a treasure that would provide enormous benefits to world spirits.

That said, although the jade contained enormous spirit power, its spirit power was very berserk.

The world spirits that those people possessed would simply be unable to subdue it.

However, it was different for Chu Feng.

He knew that Yu Sha would be able to subdue the jade.

“Girl, what do you think This item is of help to you, no We didnt come here in vain, no” Chu Feng asked Yu Sha.


Yu Shas voice entered Chu Fengs ears.

Her response was still extremely terse.

However, her tone this time around was no longer as cold.

Chu Feng was able to tell by her tone that Yu Sha was feeling rather happy.





Right at that moment, a series of claps suddenly sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Chu Feng immediately stood up after hearing the claps.

He looked behind him.

Actually, all sorts of praises and applause had been sounding nonstop when those claps were heard.

However, Chu Feng did not pay any attention to them.

It was only when he heard the claps that he felt alarmed.

The reason for that was because he felt an extremely powerful aura.

That aura was not any weaker than his.

The crowd followed his gaze and also looked over.

At that moment, including the crowd, Chu Fengs gaze also changed somewhat.

That person wore a world spiritist cloak with his face blocked by a hood.

Blocked by the hood, no one could see the appearance of that individual.

However, the light flowing through that persons world spiritist cloak revealed to the crowd that his world spiritist level was identical to Chu Feng\'s.

He… was also an Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

That person suddenly stopped and spoke to Chu Feng, “Brother, I thank you.”

“I thank you for helping me open that stone pillar and retrieving my World Spirit Jade.”

“Your World Spirit Jade”

Chu Fengs lips rose into a faint smile.

Then, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion.

The World Spirit Jade behind him was sucked into his palm.

“It would appear that you want to snatch this from me” Chu Feng raised the World Spirit Jade.

“It would be vulgar to call itsnatch. To be exact, I am not snatching anything.

I am merely taking it.”

“Thus, you have two options.

You can either obediently return it to its rightful owner, and I… will not make things difficult for you.”

“Or you can seek to appropriate it for yourself.

However, I will not ignore that if you decide to do so.

If you are to make that decision, you might end up quite miserable.”

“Thus, brother, Id urge you to think carefully.

Do not attempt to challenge someone you cannot defeat.”

That person emitted overwhelming confidence as he said those words.

He was acting like he would definitely be able to defeat Chu Feng.

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders.

“Since youve said it like that, I will also offer you a proposal.”

“Id urge you to disappear from before me immediately.

Otherwise… I might end up having to teach you what true misery is.”


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