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Following that shout, Chu Feng opened his closed eyes and turned his gaze.

He wanted to see which ignorant blind fellow dared to talk to him in such a manner.

Because of that, a man appeared in Chu Fengs field of view.

That man was a person of the younger generation.

However, his appearance was that of a middle-aged man.

Not only were there wrinkles in the corners of his eyes, but he was even bearded.

If it wasnt for the fact that Chu Feng knew that only people from the younger generation were able to enter the World Spirit Mansion Gate, he wouldve thought that a fellow that had cultivated for thousands of years had managed to sneak in.

That said, that man was robust, and had an ice-cold gaze.

He appeared rather fierce.

Furthermore, that fellow was wearing a world spiritist gown.

From the marks on his world spiritist gown, Chu Feng was able to tell that he was a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

Although his level of world spirit techniques was completely worthless in Chu Fengs eyes, Chu Feng knew very well that that man was actually one of the strongest world spiritists among the younger generations present.

After all, the great majority of the world spiritists there were still only Royal-cloaked.


That guy has invited trouble.”

“Never would I expect that malignant star Wang Guangchen to also be here.

That guys going to suffer enormously.”

Although Chu Feng did not place the man in his eyes at all, the other people of the younger generation present all revealed looks of worry.

They were worried for Chu Feng.

The great majority of them were all younger generations from the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

Only a small portion were from other Upper Realms.

As for that Wang Guangchen, he was a person of the younger generation from another Upper Realm in the All-heaven Starfield.

However, this Wang Guangchen was extremely renowned in the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

The reason for that was because he was a genius world spiritist.

Many years ago, a major battle had occurred in the Seven Suns Mountain Ranges World Spirit Mansion Gate.

Over a hundred world spiritists from the Reincarnation Upper Realm had joined hands to take on a world spiritist from another Upper Realm.

However, all the world spiritists from the Reincarnation Upper Realm had suffered a crushing defeat in the battle.

As for that world spiritist from another Upper Realm that had defeated them, he was none other than Wang Guangchen.

After that battle, Wang Guangchen became very famous.

His name was soon known everywhere.

People all addressed him as a malignant star due to his fierce and completely unreasonable nature.

Because of that, people were extremely afraid of him.

That said, Wang Guangchen had not entered the World Spirit Mansion Gate for two successive years.

The crowd had never expected that he would show up again this time around.

Not only that, but his world spirit techniques had grown more powerful.

Last time around, he was still an Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, but in a short two years, he had actually managed to make a breakthrough to become a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

To the great majority of the younger generations present, Immortal-cloak World Spiritist was practically impossible for them to reach.

Yet, Wang Guangchen had become one long ago.

Furthermore, he was only in his seventies.

Based on his age and his terrifying talent, the crowd all felt that it was very likely for him to become a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist before he turned one hundred.

Thus, the crowd not only believed Wang Guangchen to be a malignant star, but they also believed him to be extremely capable.

Because of that, when the crowd discovered that it was Wang Guangchen who had cursed at Chu Feng, they felt that he was definitely toast.

“Watch your mouth.

Otherwise… I will tear it apart.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

It was Chu Feng.

Furthermore, he\'d had said those words to Wang Guangchen.

After Chu Feng said those words, he turned away.

He showed complete disregard towards Wang Guangchen.

At that moment, it was not only the bystanders that were astonished.

Even Wang Guangchen himself was completely shocked.

There was no one in the World Spirit Mansion Gate who didnt know him; Wang Guangchen.

Furthermore, he was renowned for his fierceness.

Thus, people always avoided him whenever they saw him.

Yet, someone actually dared to speak to him in such a manner

“Ignorant fool! You dare speak to me in such a manner Today, I shall let you witness who will tear whose mouth apart!”

Wang Guangchen suddenly exploded.

Everyone could sense his rage.

It was not only rage.

As he exploded, he also unleashed his boundless spirit power.

Martial power was completely sealed in the World Spirit Mansion Gate.

Only world spirit techniques could be used.

Because of that, the only power inside the World Spirit Mansion Gate was spirit power.

After Wang Guangchen released his spirit power, he immediately caused all the other peoples spirit power to lose their splendor.

After all, the great majority of the crowd only possessed Royal-level spirit power.

As for Wang Guangchen, his spirit power was Immortal-Cloakl-level, and Snake Mark on top of that.

Such a level of spirit power appearing inside the World Spirit Mansion Gate was simply akin to a fierce beast appearing within a flock of sheep.

It was particularly dazzling and terrifying.

“That guy is toast.

Hes most definitely toast.”

At that moment, the crowd all felt that Chu Feng was done for.


However, in the next instant, a loud sound was heard in the plaza.

In the next moment, all the world spiritists present felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

They were like a bunch of rabbits that suddenly felt the aura of a fierce tiger.

They felt like they were completely suppressed to the bones.


When the crowd looked over to the direction of the loud sound, they were immediately stunned.

They were able to witness overwhelming spirit power enveloping and revolving around the tier one stone pillar.

The spirit power formed a powerful spirit formation.

As for that spirit power, it was something that they all had knowledge of.

It was not Royal-level, Immortal-level or Exalted-level.

The reason for that was because that spirit power was Saint-level, the legendary Saint-level spirit power!!!

What astonished the crowd the most was that that Saint-level spirit power was being emitted by Chu Feng, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

“How could this be That guy… hes actually a Saint-cloak World Spiritist”

The crowd were all struck dumb.

This included Wang Guangchen.

They felt so astonished because they\'d never heard of a person of the younger generation becoming a Saint-cloak World Spiritist in their entire lives.

However, something that they\'d never heard of was actually present before them

“What did you say earlier”

After releasing his spirit power, Chu Feng turned around and looked over to Wang Guangchen.

However, when Chu Fengs gaze landed on Wang Guangchen, his expression changed to one of surprise.

He discovered that the previously arrogant and aggressive Wang Guangchen was actually kneeling on the ground.

While sobbing and kneeling, Wang Guangchen loudly begged, “Milord, you dont have to say anything.

Today… it will definitely be you who tears apart my mouth.”

“I was in the wrong.

Milord, please give me a chance.”

Seeing Wang Guangchen like that, the already dumbstruck crowd became even more dumbstruck.

If they hadnt witnessed it with their own eyes, none of them would believe that someone was capable of becoming a Saint-cloak World Spiritist within a hundred years of age.

By the same account, if they hadnt witnessed it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that Wang Guangchen was actually capable of kneeling and begging for forgiveness.


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