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“Senior, how should I address you” asked Song Ge.

“Dont address me as senior.

You can call me Asura, Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Asura” Song Ge was startled upon hearing that name.

She then said, “That name is truly distinctive.”

“Do you also want to say that I should add the wordsWorld Spiritist behind my name” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Someone said that” asked Song Ge.

“Of course,” said Chu Feng.

“Senior, please dont take offense.

I had no intention of mocking seniors name.

Merely, the name Asura will inevitably make one think about Asura World Spiritists,” said Song Ge.

“Thats fine.

However… can you stop addressing me as senior Ive already told you… Im younger than you, said Chu Feng.

“My apologies senior.

I was… no, no, I mean Asura.” Song Ge started to panic.

Seeing the difficult appearance that Song Ge had, Chu Feng smiled and waved his hand, “Do as you wish.

You can address me however you prefer.”

“In that case, itll be Senior Asura.”

“Although Senior Asura is younger than me, you are the person who saved my life.

If I am to address Senior Asura by name just because youre younger than me, I feel that would be very disrespectful.”

“That said, Senior Asura, that Ma Liang had a remarkable identity.

That Cloud Paradise is the strongest sect in our region.

The headmaster of Cloud Paradise has even reached a cultivation of rank four Exalted.”

“Furthermore, Cloud Paradise has always ruled by tyranny.

Even Watermirror Paradise does not dare to provoke them.”

“If the matter of you killing Ma Liang is known to others, it will definitely cause trouble for you,” said Song Ge.

“Its nothing.

After all, I don\'t fear them in the slightest,” Chu Feng said with a look of indifference.

Hearing that, Song Ges expression changed.

From Chu Fengs one sentence, she realized that he seemed to be even more powerful than she had imagined him to be.

After all, Cloud Paradise was a colossal power that could not be provoked in Song Ges eyes.

“Senior Asura seems to be unconcerned about Cloud Paradise.

But, I still think that it is better that Senior Asura not be bothered by needless trouble.

Thus, it is better that we get rid of this corpse.

Senior, what do you think about that” said Song Ge.

At that moment, Chu Feng realized that even though Song Ge appeared to be a very sweet lady, she was actually a ruthless person too.

“I actually had that thought before too.

However, seeing how terrified you were earlier, I decided not to proceed further.

Seeing that youre also in favor of getting rid of the body, let\'s do that.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve and dust immediately rose into the air.

Song Ge immediately revealed a look of fear.

She discovered that the flying dust was no ordinary dust.

Instead, the dust was what Ma Liangs body had turned into.

With merely a wave of his hand, Chu Feng had managed to destroy Ma Liangs body completely.

Song Ge was not terrified because of how powerful Chu Feng was.

Instead, she was terrified by how his expression remained completely unchanged.

She realized that Chu Feng was someone who had experienced a lot of things, and was very decisive in killing others.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Song Ge chatted for a long time.

With Chu Feng leading the conversation, Song Ge was no longer as restrained as before.

She no longer addressed Chu Feng as senior this senior that with a look of reverence all over her face.

She began to converse with Chu Feng like a friend of similar age.

She also began to address him by his name, Asura.

Chu Feng only revealed to Song Ge that he was not someone from the All-heaven Starfield, and was only there because of some matters.

Chu Feng knew that Song Ge had been raised by her mother, and didnt know who her father was.

Song Ge revealed that she deeply hoped to be able to meet her father one day.

She did not have any hatred for her father for abandoning her and her mother.

In fact, Song Ge even said that she had some weird feelings lately, and kept feeling that someone was watching her.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled and said, “Perhaps that isn\'t a misperception of yours.

Instead, your father is secretly watching over you.”

“My father How could that be possible If my father is truly still alive and willing to recognize me as his daughter, why is he unwilling to meet me” Song Ge revealed a wry smile and shook her head.

She felt that her feeling was nothing more than a misperception, that it was impossible for her father to be watching over her.

“Perhaps your father has his own hidden difficulties” Chu Feng proposed.

“If I am truly being watched by my father, it would truly be great, said Song Ge.

“Song Ge, if your father is willing to meet you, will you blame him” asked Chu Feng.

“Of course not.

I was birthed by my parents.

They are the ones who brought me into this world.

What theyve shown me is the greatest grace ever.

How could I blame my father Could it be that I need to blame him for not accompanying me; not bringing me up” said Song Ge.

“It would truly be great if everyone thought that way.

Song Ge, have you said those words to your mother before” asked Chu Feng.

“I havent.

My mother is unwilling to mention my father.”

“My mother deeply detests my father.


“...Ive never mentioned my father to her.

I also wouldnt dare tell her that I really want to meet my father,” said Song Ge.

“So thats the case. Hearing those words, Chu Feng came to an understanding of the situation.

Chu Feng felt that there must be some sort of hidden difficulty as to why Old Freak Tang had abandoned Song Ge.

However, Old Freak Tang must deeply want to recognize her as his daughter.

Merely, he was afraid that Song Ge wouldnt accept him, afraid that she would blame him.

However, since Song Ge had revealed that she would not blame Old Freak Tang, it meant that Old Freak Tang could appear before her and reveal his identity to her.

Of course, this was merely Chu Fengs personal guess.

It could be possible that Old Freak Tang had some other sort of hidden difficulty that made him unable to recognize her as his daughter.

That said, Chu Feng felt that there was a need for him to reveal those matters to Old Freak Tang.

At the very least, he should let her know that his daughter was waiting for his appearance.

After all, Old Freak Tang would not be able to live for much longer.

If he still didnt meet his daughter, he might never again have the opportunity to do so.

As for whether Old Freak Tang was willing to recognize Song Ge as his daughter, it would all depend on him.

Chu Feng and Song Ge chatted a bit more.

Then, he brought her back to a safe location and left.

Before leaving, Chu Feng told Song Ge to not mention to anyone that she had met him.

Song Ge naturally agreed to it.

After departing from Song Ge, Chu Feng went to seek out Old Freak Tang.

Chu Feng felt that this would be a good thing to reveal to him.

He felt that Old Freak Tang would likely not make things difficult for him again.

“Come on in.”

Right after Chu Feng arrived before the entrance of Old Freak Tangs smithy, before he could even say anything, Old Freak Tangs voice was heard from within the smithy.

This surprised Chu Feng.

With Old Freak Tangs cultivation, it was normal for him to know that Chu Feng had arrived.

However, his tone had changed enormously.

Not only was his tone not furious, but it was also extremely gentle.

It seemed like he had been waiting for him.

After Chu Feng stepped into the smithy, he was met with even more surprises.

He discovered that Old Freak Tang had prepared a table of food and wine.

He had also prepared two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks.

The two bowls were full to the brim with wine.

“Sit down and drink.” Old Freak Tang gestured at Chu Feng with his hand.

Chu Feng sat down in response.

As matters stood, Chu Feng was certain that Old Freak Tang had been waiting for him.

Although he didnt know why Old Freak Tang had changed like that all of a sudden, he knew that he must want to mention something to him.


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