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When the scene of Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong holding each others invitation title plates was seen by the crowd, they were only shocked, curious and fascinated.

However, when Nangong Yifan saw it, his eyes were filled with jealousy and anger.

He had known Yin Zhuanghong for a very long time.

Yet, she had never once given him an invitation title plate to her Red-dress Holy Sect.

Yet, Chu Feng had actually managed to obtain one such invitation title plate.

Furthermore, she had actually accepted Chu Fengs invitation title plate too.

This fully revealed that the two of them had an extraordinary relationship.

At least… Chu Feng had a closer relationship with her than he did.

This caused Nangong Yifan, who had been wholeheartedly chasing after Yin Zhuanghong, to feel extremely furious.

“This… couldn\'t possibly be an exchange of love tokens, right”

Right at that moment, Kong Tianhuis vile voice was heard.

Following him, the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations began to heckle.

Most importantly, Yin Zhuanghong was actually not angered by the joking crowd.

This caused the already furious and displeased Nangong Yifan even greater anger.


A muffled sound was heard.

Nangong Yifan was so furious that he actually crushed the Soulcast Pellet in his hand.

“Yifan, what are you…”

Seeing that, Beiyang Luo felt so pained that he almost cried.

However, Nangong Yifan simply ignored him.

He took a glance filled with killing intent at Chu Feng, and then waved his sleeve and began to walk toward the exit.

Nangong Yifan actually chose to leave without waiting for Yin Zhuanghong.

Seeing that, the All-heaven Starfields younger generations all knew that he was truly angered this time around.

Thus, the other All-heaven Starfields younger generations did not dare to linger.

They all followed Nangong Yifan and left the Divine Armament Villa.

Chu Fengs health was extremely weak after enduring the power of the protective formation.

Thus, after being kindly and insistently invited by Lord Shoujian, Kong Tianhui and the others, Chu Feng decided to stay a couple days in the Divine Armament Villa.

Yin Zhuanghong, on the other hand, left the same day...

During the days he was staying in the Divine Armament Villa, Chu Feng, apart from spending time to treat his injuries, was with Kong Tianhui and the others the entire time, teaching them the secret to controlling chess power, and discussing methods to cultivate martial skills.

He had been spending the past several days carefree and without worries.

It was truly a joyous period of time.

However, on the fifth day of Chu Fengs stay, when he arrived before the gathering place of the younger generations again, he discovered that the atmosphere seemed amiss.

Normally, Wuming Yuanzhi and Wuming Xiongmo would be the first ones to arrive at the palace hall that they gathered in.

However, At that moment, Wuming Yuanzhi nor Wuming Xiongmo were present.

Kong Tianhui, Kong Ci and the others also had serious looks on their faces.

It seemed like they were pondering something.

The palace hall that they were gathered in was strangely quiet.

Because of that, Chu Feng knew that something mustve happened.

“Brother Chu Feng, the situation is bad.”

Right at that moment, Kong Tianhui saw Chu Feng, who had entered the palace hall.

Before he could ask him what had happened, Kong Tianhui ran over to Chu Feng.

“Exactly what has happened” asked Chu Feng.

“Linghu Heavenly Clan, its the Linghu Heavenly Clan.”

“The Linghu Heavenly Clan has raided eight territories of the Starfield Master Realm at the same time.”

“Not only did they seize the eight territories, but they even killed all of the experts from the Starfield Master Realm in charge of overseeing those eight territories.

Not a single person was spared.”

“This is a declaration of war.

They are declaring war upon the Starfield Master Realm.”

“The Starfield Master Realm and the Linghu Heavenly Clan have officially waged war.

Because of that, Wuming Yuanzhi and Wuming Xiongmo rushed back to the Starfield Master Realm,” said Kong Tianhui.

“The war has begun”

Chu Feng frowned upon hearing those words.

Even though he already knew that the Linghu Heavenly Clan would one day wage war against the Starfield Master Realm, when the war really arrived, he was still shaken by it.

This was a struggle for the position of the Ancestral Martial Starfields future overlord.

This was a war that would affect the future of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Once the war began, no power in the Ancestral Martial Starfield would be able to escape from it.

It was destined that they would be drawn into a massive vortex of destruction.

Currently, it was simply impóssible to tell which powers would perish in the war.

Only after the vortex of destruction dissipated would one be aware of the outcome.

“Everyone, I will be bidding you all farewell here today,” Suddenly, Chu Feng clasped his fist towards the people present.

“Chu Feng, youre leaving right now”

“Arent your injuries still not completely healed”

Kong Ci and the others asked with deep concern.

“The war between the Linghu Heavenly Clan and the Starfield Master Realm will likely implicate the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

At such a time, I must return to my clan,” said Chu Feng.

“Even if you need to return, you should do so after you recover completely, no” said Kong Ci.

“I am already fine,” said Chu Feng.

“As if! Your complexion is still so pale,” Long Ning added.

At that moment, practically all of the younger generations present began trying to persuade Chu Feng to stay a bit longer.

However, to everyones surprise, all of a sudden, a different voice was heard.

“What young master Chu Feng said is correct; the other powers of the Ancestral Martial Starfield are different from our Three Cities.”

“From beginning to end, us Three Cities never involved ourselves in anything.

Neither the Linghu Heavenly Clan nor the Starfield Master Realm would rashly provoke us.

However, it is different for the other powers.”

“The Ancestral Martial Starfield could be said to have reached a juncture.

It could even be said to be at a very dangerous point.

If I were young master Chu Feng, I would also immediately return to my clan.

Thus, all of you should stop trying to urge him to stay,” The person who said those words was Xian Yun.

After hearing Xian Yuns words, Kong Ci and the others all came to a realization, and stopped trying to persuade Chu Feng to stay.

Then, Chu Feng bid farewell to Lord Shoujian.

Lord Shoujian already knew about the war between the Starfield Master Realm and the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Thus, he did not urge him to stay.

Instead, together with the people of the younger generation from the Three Cities, he decided to see Chu Feng off.

Right after they walked out the Divine Armament Villa, several figures appeared.

Those were actually the All-heaven Starfields younger generations that had left five days before.

Besides Yin Zhuanghong, practically all of them were there.

Even Nangong Yifan was present.

“Chu Feng, youve finally come out,” Seeing Chu Feng, Beiyang Luo let out a sneer.

Kong Ci walked forward and asked, “Beiyang Luo, what is the meaning of this”

“What is the meaning of this Cant you tell Were here to make trouble for that Chu Feng.” said Beiyang Luo.

“Make trouble What sort of place did you think this to be!!” Kong Tianhui shouted angrily.

“Young friends, you cannot joke around with this sort of thing,” Lord Shoujian also had a cold look on his face.

“Senior Shoujian, weve already given you sufficient face by not going directly into the Divine Armament Villa to find Chu Feng.”

“This place is outside the territory of the Divine Armament Villa.

You should behave yourself and return to your Divine Armament Villa, as this matter is unrelated to you,” Beiyang Luo said as he waved his hand.

His attitude was extremely vile.

“Humph! There is nothing within a hundred million miles from the Divine Armament Villa that this old man cannot control.”

As Lord Shoujian said those words, he released his peak Exalted-level oppressive might.

His oppressive might was so powerful that it engulfed heaven and earth.

The surrounding region, both above the clouds and beneath the soil, was completely covered by the oppressive might.

However, even though they were faced with such overwhelming oppressive might, the All-heaven Starfields younger generations showed no sign of fear.

Instead, the corners of their mouths were raised into mocking curves.

Suddenly, a powerful voice was heard.

“For a mere watchman from the Divine Armament Villa, you are truly arrogant.”

“This old man shall see exactly how you are going to interfere when our All-heaven Sect wishes to touch this Chu Feng.”

Following that, the space before the All-heaven Starfields younger generations started to squirm.

Soon, a figure walked out from that space.

It was an aged old man.

Although he was an old man, he was extremely robust.

He had a head of shocking white hair.

His white hair was extremely curly and relaxed.

It resembled the mane of a lion, and made him appear rather imposing.

When that old man appeared, an even more powerful oppressive might swept forth.

That oppressive might was so powerful that it actually managed to forcibly suppress Lord Shoujians oppressive might.

That… was the oppressive might of an Utmost Exalted-level expert!!!


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