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“Why put on high airs when the outcome of the battle is still not determined”

To everyones surprise, Nangong Yifan let out a sneer.

That guys ability to withstand shock was surprisingly quite extraordinary.

No, to be exact, that guy was simply too thick-skinned.

Nangong Yifan took out a medicinal pellet from his Cosmos Sack and tossed it into his mouth.

The injuries on his body began to heal rapidly, and the coldfrost aura that covered his body also began to dissipate.

In fact, his aura was simply much better than before.

The current Nangong Yifan was simply in a much better condition than when he had begun fighting Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, both you and I know that neither of us have used our full strength.”

“Thus, what happened earlier was merely a test,” Nangong Yifan said to Chu Feng.

“Nangong Yifan, how shameless can you be! Youve lost twice already, you should quickly admit to your defeat!” shouted Wuming Yuanzhi.

“Loser, youre unqualified to speak here,” Nangong Yifang let out a cold snort.

Then, he turned his gaze back to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I will be serious from now on.”

Hearing those words, even Chu Feng was unable to contain his laughter.

It was obvious that Nangong Yifan was extremely serious from the very start.

It was just that he was no match for Chu Feng.

Yet, he was acting as though he was merely playing around with Chu Feng, and was never serious to begin with.

Even Chu Feng felt admiration at how thick-skinned Nangong Yifan was.

“I also do not wish to waste time.

Go ahead and use whatever ability you possess.” said Chu Feng.

“You will understand this time around.”


As Nangong Yifan spoke, he brandished the halberd in his hand to once again attack Chu Feng.

Once Nangong Yifan moved to attack him, Chu Fengs eyes brightened.

He had sensed that something was amiss.

Even though Nangong Yifans current attack resembled his previous attacks, his speed and power had both increased enormously.

In the blink of an eye, Nangong Yifans halberd thrust toward Chu Fengs chest.

There was no time to dodge.

Chu Feng had no choice but to raise his Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword to block the incoming thrust as he moved backwards.


The collision sent Chu Feng flying over ten thousand meters before he finally landed.

After that, Chu Feng rapidly took several hundred steps back before finally stabilizing his body.

When Chu Feng stabilized himself, the crowd discovered that blood was flowing from his body.

It was the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

Chu Feng had used the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword to block Nangong Yifans halberd.

However, as the thrust was simply too powerful, the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword was forcibly pushed into Chu Fengs chest, leaving behind a bloody wound.

However, Chu Feng was fortunate to have the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword successfully block the halberds thrust.

If he was struck by it, there would definitely be a hole through his body.

“How can this be Why would Nangong Yifans battle power suddenly become so strong”

“Heavens, could it be that Nangong Yifan has concealed his battle power from the very start, that this is his actual strength”

The Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations were all panicking.

Nangong Yifans current battle power was simply a heaven and earth difference from before.

“No, Nangong Yifan shouldnt have concealed his battle power,” said Wuming Xiongmo.

“Then whats happening” asked Kong Ci.

Even she was unable to make out what was happening.

“Im not certain either.

Regardless, its strange,” After saying those words, Wuming Xiongmo looked to Lord Shoujian.

The other people of the younger generation also looked to Lord Shoujian.

They also wanted to know the answer.

Unfortunately, they were too weak, and could not guess what was happening.

They felt that the only person present that could possibly know the answer would be Lord Shoujian.

Right at that moment, Chu Fengs voice sounded.

“Even if youve swallowed a forbidden medicine, you will still not be able to defeat me.”

“What Forbidden medicine” The crowd were all greatly alarmed upon hearing those words.

“Chu Feng, if you cant win, then admit defeat! Why are you making such venomous slander!” The All-heaven Starfields younger generations lashed out at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng ignored them.

He looked to Nangong Yifan, “Nangong Yifan, do you not dare to admit what youve done”

“Young friend Nangong Yifan, theres nothing to conceal.

Although the medicinal pellet you swallowed earlier seemed like a healing medicine, it was actually a forbidden medicine capable of increasing ones battle power.

While you might be able to conceal it from others, you will not be able to conceal it from this old man,” Even Lord Shoujian spoke out.


Never once did I say what I took was not a forbidden medicine.”

“Whats this Are martial cultivators not allowed to take forbidden medicines in battles”

“Im not even using my Scarletflame Soularmour.

I am already giving Chu Feng a sufficient amount of face.

Am I not allowed to take forbidden medicine” said Nangong Yifan.

“Fuck! Exactly how shameless is this guy! He has clearly used the Scarletflame Soularmour already, and cannot use it again for a while.

How can he make it sound like hes going easy on Chu Feng” Kong Tianhui and the others were simply itching to spit on Nangong Yifans face.

That Nangong Yifan was simply too shameless.

Had it not been for him deciding to fight, the crowd wouldve truly never imagined that the cold and silent Nangong Yifan would be so thick-skinned and shameless.

That guy was most definitely not only rude, but he was instead scum with an extremely bad moral character.

“Theres naturally no issue in taking a forbidden medicine.

Lets continue.”


After Chu Fengs words left his mouth, two bright gold and dazzling lights appeared out of thin air.

One was a giant golden sword, and the other was a giant golden axe.

They were the Ancient Eras War Sword and Ancient Eras War Axe.

The Ancient Eras War Sword and Ancient Eras War Axe possessed enormous power.

Although they were no longer capable of giving Chu Feng heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation after he became an Exalted, they were still capable of giving him an enormous amount of battle power.

Controlled by Chu Feng, the Ancient Eras War Sword and Ancient Eras War Axe began to attack Nangong Yifan.

“You think that you can defeat me using mere secret skills”

Nangong Yifan was able to tell that they were secret skills.

Thus, disapprovingly, he did not use any special ability, and met Chu Fengs secret skills with his halberd.

However, after several bouts, Nangong Yifan had forced himself into an embarrassing situation.

Never would he have imagined that the two secret skills would possess such an enormous amount of battle power.

Even though he had already swallowed the forbidden medicine, he was actually unable to withstand the attacks from the two secret skills.

“Those weapons are simply too powerful.

How can those secret skills possess such enormous battle power Where did Chu Feng obtain such powerful secret skills”

Even the bystanders exclaimed in astonishment.

Chu Fengs own battle power was already extremely powerful.

As for the secret skills, they possessed battle power many times greater than Chu Feng himself.

“If those secret skills were used in the Martial Immortal realm, they should be able to bestow young friend Chu Feng with a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.”

“They are indeed rarely seen and powerful secret skills,” analyzed Lord Shoujian.

“I got it now.

I indeed heard that my brother Chu Feng possessed two powerful secret skills.

Once those two powerful secret skills fuse with him, they are capable of giving my brother Chu Feng heaven-defying battle power.”

“Judging from the looks of things, they should be the enormous sword and enormous axe before us,” said Kong Tianhui.

“So thats the case.

No wonder.

No wonder that enormous sword and enormous axe are so powerful.

Especially that enormous sword, its might is simply incomparably strong.

Even Nangong Yifan is unable to withstand it.”

At that moment, the others also came to a sudden realization.

They finally realized how Chu Fengs two giant weapons managed to possess such terrifying might.

They were actually abilities capable of allowing Chu Feng to gain heaven-defying battle power at the Martial Immortal realm.

Even though the might of Chu Fengs secret skills had weakened once he reached the Exalted realm, and they were no longer capable of granting him heaven-defying battle power, they still possessed enormous battle power.

When fighting people of the same cultivation, they would be able to provide Chu Feng with enormous assistance.


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