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“Terrifying, simply too terrifying.

How did that guy manage to absorb such a boundless amount of chess power Is he even human”

“Hes a monster.

That guy is most definitely a monster.”

Seeing such a thing, not only were the people of the Ancestral Martial Starfield completely astonished, but even the people from the All-heaven Starfield were in utter disbelief.

They all knew very well how terrifying it was to absorb such an enormous amount of chess power.

Not to mention them, likely not even Nangong Yifan would be able to gather such an enormous amount of chess power.

After a moment of shock, Chen Hui from the All-heaven Starfield said, “Has this guy gone mad Although I don\'t know how he collected so much chess power, no one could possibly control such an enormous amount of chess power.

Likely, not even Nangong Yifan would be able to control it.

As for someone like him, its simply out of the question.”

“Its best that he disperse the chess power.

If he forcibly attempts to fuse with that chess power, he will only explode from the overburdening of his body, and be eliminated from the match.”

Hearing Chen Huis comments, the crowd were brought out of their shocked states.

One by one, they revealed looks expressing their agreement with him.

Absorbing chess power was something that anyone could do.

Everyone knew that the more chess power one possessed, the stronger one would become.

Take Chen Hui for example.

He was able to unleash his chess power as an attack to easily destroy the protective formations meticulously set up by the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations.

The reason why Chen Hui was able to accomplish that was because his chess power was extremely strong.

That said, anyone could gather the amount of chess power Chen Hui had.

What was crucial was whether or not they could control said chess power.

However, as the majority of people only had weak control over their chess power, it led to a lot more people staying in the first world, unable to reach the second or third worlds.

Chu Feng being able to gather such a boundless amount of chess power was indeed impossible for ordinary people.

His performance was truly sufficient to shock the crowd.

However, it was precisely because his gathered chess power was simply too boundless, and had reached an uncontrollable state, that the All-heaven Starfields crowd felt that Chu Feng did not pose a threat at all.

They all felt that Chu Feng would soon eliminate himself, even without them doing anything.

No matter how enormous of a chess power one possessed, if one could not control it, one would ultimately explode, and be eliminated.


Suddenly, the surging chess power that seemed like a volcanic eruption began to descend like a waterfall.

It was all pouring into Chu Fengs body.

“Gone mad! That guy has simply gone mad! He is actually forcibly assimilating the chess power into his body!”

“That guy couldnt possibly be really capable of controlling such chess power, right”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually beginning to forcibly fuse with the chess power, the crowd began to become afraid.

The ones that were feeling the most frightened were naturally the All-heaven Starfields younger generations.

Even though they had been deeply looking down on Chu Feng earlier, and felt that he was merely courting a disaster for himself.

They realized upon thinking that Chu Feng being able to absorb such a boundless amount of chess power was impossible to accomplish to begin with.

This made them unable to help but worry whether or not that guy might truly be such a monster, that he would be able to fuse with such a boundless amount of chess power.

As for the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations, they were staring at Chu Feng with astonished expressions.

Compared to the All-heaven Starfields younger generations, the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations knew Chu Feng better.

They all knew very well how extraordinary the titleChu Xuanyuans son was.

It was precisely because they knew how extraordinary it was that they were unable to help but wonder...

‘Could it be that that Chu Feng is truly able to, like Chu Xuanyuan, produce miracle upon miracle

That said, they were also feeling vexed.

It was because they both hoped for Chu Fengs success in the fusion with the chess power and for his failure.

The reason why they wanted Chu Feng to succeed was naturally because they were being suppressed and humiliated by the All-heaven Starfield.

If Chu Feng was able to fuse with the boundless chess power and control it, he would likely have the power to turn the situation around.

That said, at the same time, they were afraid of his success.

The great majority of them were people from Monstrous Holy City, Divine Body Royal City, and Ancestral Martial Dragon City.

Their Three Cities possessed three goddesses.

They were respectively Xian Yun, Kong Ci and Long Ning.

Actually, with the status and talent that Kong Tianhui possessed, he shouldve been revered by them.

The reason why he was not revered by them and was instead detested by them was not because of anything he did.

It was purely because Kong Tianhui was too close to Xian Yun and Long Ning.

Because of that, they all felt jealous of him.

That said, although they felt jealous of him, they actually knew very well that Xian Yun and Long Ning were only close to Kong Tianhui because of Kong Ci, and that they actually did not like someone like Kong Tianhui at all.

However, it was different for someone like Chu Feng.

Chu Xuanyuans son.

The youngest Saint-cloak World Spiritist in the history of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Fighting Linghu Hongfei to a tie and obtaining the first ranked place in the Ancestral Martial Decastars together with him.

There were simply too many halos on Chu Feng.

Likely, apart from Linghu Hongfei, there was no one in the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations that could possibly compare to him.

If Chu Feng was able to fuse with such a boundless amount of chess power and turn the situation around all by himself, they feared that Xian Yun and Long Ning, their two goddesses, would have their hearts snatched away by him.

If that were to happen, their gains would not make up for their losses.

“Heavens! That guy actually really managed to assimilate such boundless chess power into his body!”

Suddenly, the crowd all became dumbstruck.

Regardless of whether they were fond of Chu Feng or not, regardless of what they were thinking in their hearts, they were witnessing with their very eyes the boundless soaring chess power assimilating into Chu Fengs body before them.

At that moment, they were not merely astonished.

They were simply dumbstruck.

The boundless chess power had completely assimilated into Chu Fengs body.

Furthermore, his body showed no signs of disintegration.


Suddenly, a whirlwind swept forth from Chu Fengs body.

That whirlwind began to grow in size as it swept forth.

In the blink of an eye, it covered the first world entirely.

The crowd were able to clearly sense the concentrated chess power contained within the wind.


It was only at that moment that the crowd heaved a sigh of relief.

“This truly shocked me.

And here I thought he had successfully assimilated with the chess power.”

That head flag-bearer from the All-heaven Starfield took a deep sigh of relief as lingering fear filled his face.

He truly thought that Chu Feng had managed to assimilate with the chess power.

However, the whirlwind that was released from his body made him realize that, in the end, Chu Feng had still failed, with the chess power breaking free from his body.

Seeing that Chu Feng had failed, smiles appeared on the serious faces of the All-heaven Starfields younger generations.

Furthermore, they were looking at Chu Feng with contempt-filled gazes.

They seemed to be saying with their gazesThe hell did you make such a commotion for In the end, youve only made a show of yourself.


Suddenly, a voice sounded from amongst them.

Hearing that voice, including the All-heaven Starfields younger generations, even the Ancestral Martial Starfields younger generations were stunned.

The person who spoke was Chen Hui.

If Chen Huis voice was all there was to it, they would not be so astonished.

The reason why they were so shocked was because the tone of Chen Huis voice did not contain any trace of ridicule.

Instead, it was filled with respect.

In fact, the gaze with which Chen Hui looked to Chu Feng was filled with two words -- endless admiration!!!


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