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“That is indeed a good sword.

Unfortunately, you are unworthy of welding it.

A demon sword of that caliber should be used by this King.”

The Demon King was walking toward Chu Feng.

With every step, the earth would tremble violently.

After only a couple steps, it arrived before Chu Feng.

“You want my sword Thats fine, youll have to go through me first.”

Suddenly, lightning once again covered the crimson clouds and Chu Fengs body.

Chu Feng, who was originally powerless to stand up, actually stood up again.

Furthermore, he was once again emitting a very powerful aura...

However, accompanying the powerful aura was black blood flowing out of Chu Fengs mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

Most terrifying of all, Chu Fengs flesh was being torn apart.

A great amount of blood was flowing out from the opened flesh.

It seemed as if Chu Fengs flesh was on the verge of disintegrating.

“Brat, Im afraid that before you can make a slash with that sword of yours, you yourself will end up dying.”

The Demon King was able to tell that Chu Feng would not be able to last much longer.

Thus, it simply did not attempt to stop him at all.

Instead, as if it was watching a show, it enjoyed the scene before it.

“Is that so Then give it a try!!!”

However, Chu Feng was unwilling to concede.

He gritted his teeth and planned to brandish the Evil God Sword again.

“Chu Feng, thats enough.”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

It was the little girl.

As the little girl said those words, her hand was also placed on the Evil God Sword.

Then, she actually used her own hand to grab the Evil God Swords blade.

Chu Feng was unable to stop her.

The little girl forcibly took the Evil God Sword from Chu Fengs hand.

Furthermore… her hand was completely unharmed.


Chu Feng revealed a stunned look.

He seemed to have realized something.

It was not only Chu Feng.

Even that enormously powerful and gigantic Demon King was stunned by that scene.

After a moment of shock, the Demon King became especially excited, so excited that it extended its disgusting tongue and licked its lips.


As expected of the girl that this King has gone through great effort to eat.”

“Step down,” to everyones surprise, the little girl actually said those words to the Demon King.

“What” A confused expression filled the Demon Kings face.

It did not dare to believe what it had just heard.

“Im telling you to scram,” said the little girl.

“Impudent! Who did you think you are! You dare to speak to this King in such a manner!”

“This King has obtained a perfect form.

I am the ruler of this world! As for you, you shall become this Kings meal, become food in this Kings stomach!”

The Demon King became furious.

It opened its large mouth and exposed its sharp fangs.

Once it did that, a terrifying suction force originated from its mouth.

That suction power was visible to the naked eye Like an enormous whirlpool, it sucked everything in the surroundings into the Demon Kings stomach.

Due to the fact that the power of the suction was too powerful, even the surrounding demonic beings had their bodies torn apart before they were sucked into the Demon Kings stomach.

However… such a powerful suction force was completely ineffective against Chu Feng and the little girl.

Not to mention being sucked into the Demon Kings stomach, even though intense wind was blowing through the surroundings, the little girl and Chu Feng, including even their hair and clothes, were completely unaffected by the wind.

It was as if the intense suction force and wind did not exist at all.

“It would appear that you still don\'t know your own capabilities,” as the little girl spoke, she slowly raised her hand.

Then, she abruptly waved her arm.

Her movement seemed very casual, yet, it was capable of utter destruction.

What she destroyed was not the flowers, plants and trees.

What she destroyed was not the rivers and lakes.

What she destroyed was not the continuous mountain ranges.

What she destroyed was not the vast and boundless sea.

Instead, it was the millions and millions of demonic beings.

Those demonic beings that seemed like an enormous wave had been instantly annihilated.

Black and red dust filled the air.

It not only seemed strange, but it also appeared poignant.

That dust… was what those monsters had become!!!

Most miraculous of all, all the things that were destroyed and trampled upon by the monsters were restored to their original appearance.

The flattened mountains rose from the ground.

The destroyed earth was once again abundant with greenery.

The world that seemed to have become hell once again returned to the land of immortals of the past.

“How could this be How could this be Impossible, this is impossible.

This King has evolved to his perfect form, how could this be”

The only living demonic being was the Demon King.

However, the Demon King, even with its enormous body, was disintegrating nonstop.

Close to half of its entire body had turned into dust that scattered into the air.

Astonishment and fear filled the Demon Kings face.

“The ruler of this world”

“You are truly one who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

A cold smile appeared on the little girls face.

“You… exactly what sort of monster are you!”

When the Demon King looked at the little girl again, fear filled its eyes.

It was only at that moment that it realized that the little girl was not as simple as it had imagined her to be at all.

“Even you were created by me, what do you think I am” said the little girl.

“What What did you say” The Demon Kings eyes opened wide.

Disbelief filled its enormous eyes.

The little girl did not say any more, and gently waved her arm.


Suddenly, ear-piercing screams sounded from the Demon Kings mouth.

The Demon Kings body was rapidly disintegrating.

Soon, it had disintegrated completely into dust that scattered into the air.

Only its screams were still echoing in the air...

“Child, you…”

Chu Feng was looking at the little girl with a gaze filled with shock, astonishment and complicated emotions.

After personally witnessing that overwhelmingly powerful Demon King being annihilated by the little girl with a mere wave of her arm, Chu Feng was truly unable to not exclaim in admiration.

Seeing the shock-filled face of Chu Feng, the little girl smiled sweetly.

Then, she placed her finger on Chu Fengs forehead.

The instant her finger came in contact with Chu Fengs forehead, Chu Feng felt a warm current pouring into him from his forehead.

With that, his shriveled body instantly returned to normal.

Not only was the intense pain eliminated, but Chu Feng also felt himself becoming a lot more spirited.

Chu Feng was able to once again sense the ruler-class power of the little girl.


Child… so… this was also a test”

After tidying his state of mind, Chu Feng managed to guess the truth.

It was actually all a test.

This included those demonic beings.

They were all created by the little girl for the sake of testing Chu Feng.

“What do you think Is this test stimulating” asked the little girl.

“Stimulating, simply too stimulating,” Chu Feng smiled helplessly.

He was truly deceived by the little girl.

Suddenly, a thought came into his mind.

He looked to the little girl and asked, “Child, if I had decided to disregard you and enter that spirit formation gate to leave this place….

What would happen to me”

“Failure of the test would naturally be death,” the little girl spoke very casually.

However, hearing those words, Chu Feng felt deep lingering fear.

It seemed like he had nearly died...


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