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After his body was enveloped by the light, Chu Feng was unable to move at all.

He could only feel that he was currently floating, and being rapidly pushed forward by an intangible power.

Finally, the ray of light dissipated, and Chu Fengs feet landed on the ground.

Even though the power pushing him forward had already disappeared, its inertia was still present.

Thus, Chu Feng was unable to stand firm upon landing, and took a couple steps forward, lost his balance and fell onto his stomach.

One must know that Chu Feng was an Exalted-level expert now.

His cultivation, if placed in the Nine Provinces Continent, would make him an existence capable of utter destruction.

However, even with his present capabilities, Chu Feng was still unable to stand firm.

From this, one could see how fast the speed he was traveling at was.

It was so fast that he did not even have the time to react to it.

“That seemed to be a teleportation formation.

Thus… everyone is safe”

Although Chu Feng looked kinda bad lying on his stomach, he was able to sense the condition of his body.

Thus, although he found his movements slightly off, his body was completely undamaged.

This caused him to realize that the rays of light from before were not something that would cause harm to the crowd.

Instead, he felt that they were merely teleportation formations.

“No wonder I could sense spirit power from within that light.”

Chu Feng stood up and inspected his surroundings.

“Im still inside the Void Sacred Tree, even though I was traveling at such a fast speed earlier It would appear that this place is truly as Lord Clan Chief said it to be, unreasonably vast.”

Chu Feng discovered that he was still in the Void Sacred Tree.

However, soon, Chu Fengs gaze was captured by something ahead.

There was a fruit ahead of Chu Feng.

The fruit was the size of a peach.

It had an outward appearance resembling a watermelon.

This was especially true in terms of its pattern; it was simply identical to watermelons.

That said, the fruit was not an ordinary watermelon.

The reason for that was because it was golden.

Chu Feng was an Exalted-level martial cultivator and a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

Yet, after he saw the watermelon, a feeling of reverence emerged in his heart.

That golden watermelon was actually emitting a Rulers Aura that caused even Chu Feng to revere it!!!

“Holy, am I dreaming”

The first thought that came to Chu Fengs mind was that he had coincidentally run into the legendary golden fruit capable of allowing people to enter the Sacred Palace Hall.

Upon thinking of that, he immediately felt disbelief.

After all, all of this was simply too much of a coincidence.

Thus, the cautious Chu Feng began to survey his surroundings again.

Furthermore, he was using his Heavens Eyes to aid in his surveying to determine whether his surroundings were real or not.

But even with the usage of his Heavens Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to find anything illusory.

Not only did the trees in his surroundings appear to be real, even the green fruits appeared very real.


Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed.

A green fruit was sucked into his hand.

Chu Feng directly opened his mouth and took a couple bites from the fruit.

Upon doing so, he discovered that the taste and the sensation were exactly the same as the fruit he had eaten earlier.

“It would appear that everything is real.

Then… according to Lord Clan Chiefs explanation, the golden fruits should be extremely rare.”

“Could it be that the legend is so unreliable”

Although he was feeling astonished, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless.

Thus, he began to use his Heavens Eyes to carefully inspect the golden fruit.

After surveying it for a while, he was still unable to find anything fishy about it.

With that, Chu Feng extended his hand and made a grabbing motion.

However… even though the golden fruit was clearly there, he was unable to lift it from afar.

“Is it insisting that I pick it up personally”

With no alternative, Chu Feng went forward to personally pick up the golden fruit.


However, at the instant he touched the golden fruit, his surroundings started to change.

In an instant, he felt as if he had fallen from the forested region into a boundless netherworld.

Magma filled his surroundings.

It was present as far as the eye could see.

It was like there was a sea of magma.

The magma was not only emitting a reeking, bloody scent, but there were also countless people inside the magma.

Their numbers were extremely numerous.

They were so densely packed that Chu Feng could see thousands of people in his line of sight.

Their bodies were all submerged in the magma.

Painful expressions filled their faces as they let out miserable screams.

It was nothing too serious should only a single person be screaming in pain.

However, the joint painful screams of tens of thousands of people was simply horrifying.

When Chu Feng looked at his hand, he discovered that the golden fruit had disappeared, and been replaced by a fiery red stone.

“An illusion”

Chu Feng thought all of this was an illusion.

However, he soon felt pain from his hand.

When he looked down to see, he discovered that his palm had been burned so badly that it had nearly melted.

“This sensation… its so realistic”

Even though this was the case, Chu Feng did not let go of the stone in his hand.

The reason for that was because he felt that all of this was an illusion, and what he was holding in his hand was not a fiery red stone, but rather the golden fruit.

If he were to let go of it, he might end up losing it.

Although Chu Feng was persevering, the pain grew more and more intense.

What the stone was burning was not only Chu Fengs physical body; it was also burning his soul.

Most importantly, Chu Feng was actually unable to recover his burned flesh and bones.

Soon, the palm that he was holding the stone with had been completely burned away with nothing remaining.

Witnessing that, Chu Feng immediately turned around.

He wanted to grab the stone with his other hand.

However, he discovered that the stone had turned into a strand of light and disappeared.

With the situation being like that, he had no choice but to activate his Heavens Eyes.

He wanted to find the whereabouts of that golden fruit.

However, even with his Heavens Eyes active, Chu Feng was unable to find any trace of the golden fruit at all.

Furthermore, his surroundings remained completely the same.

It was as if the boundless netherworld that he was in was also real.

“The situation has turned very bad,” Chu Feng frowned.

A trace of rare panic appeared in his eyes.


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