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“Girl, youre planning to personally help me” Chu Feng asked.

“Lending my power to you will make it so that your own power is sealed.”

“Thus, you are unable to use any of your abilities.

The only thing that youre capable of using is the power that I lend you.

However, even then, you will only be able to display a limited amount of that borrowed power.”

“If you trust me, release my seal.

I can defeat him for you,” that female world spirit said.

“Very well, I trust you,” After saying those words, Chu Feng removed the seal on the female world spirit.

After being released, the female world spirit stood there, stunned.

She was slightly confused.

She didn\'t know if Chu Feng truly trusted her, or was overly foolish.

That said, none of that was important.

What was important was the fact that she did not plan to deceive Chu Feng.

She really planned to help him.

As for Chu Feng, he was actually uncertain as to how powerful the female world spirit was.

However, since the power that she had lent him was already that powerful, she herself must be even stronger.

Although the female world spirit was very dangerous, he had no alternative at the moment.

If the female world spirit tried to do anything, he would be able to restrict her.

However, if he was to be defeated by Linghu Hongfei, how was he supposed to save Bai Liluo

Thus, although he knew that it was very dangerous, Chu Feng still decided to give it a try.


The bystanders all had no idea of the conversation between Chu Feng and the female world spirit.

They also did not know what they were planning to do.

Of course, after Linghu Hongfei unleashed the power of the Cyan Nethersoul, everyone felt that the outcome of the match was already decided.

Even Linghu Hongfei himself felt that way.

“Brother Chu Feng is truly worthy of being senior Chu Xuanyuans son.

Although your talent in terms of martial cultivation is a little lacking, your world spirit techniques have reached a level that even I, Linghu Hongfei, feel myself to be inferior by comparison.”

Although Linghu Hongfeis words sounded very humble, he was indirectly praising himself.

No matter how strong Chu Feng might be, wasnt he still defeated by him, Linghu Hongfei

No matter how strong Chu Xuanyuans son might be, he was still inferior to him, Linghu Hongfei.

“I feel truly ashamed due to young master Linghus praises.

Thus, in order to not fail to live up to your praises, I, Chu Feng, am afraid that I will have to use my trump card too,” said Chu Feng.

“He still has a trump card!”

Chu Fengs words not only shook the crowd, but they caused even Linghu Hongfeis heart to tighten, and his brows to furrow

Chu Fengs performance was already sufficient to cause everyone to exclaim in admiration.

Even Linghu Hongfei felt envy toward all the abilities that he possessed.

This was especially true earlier when, Chu Feng was clad in black armor and held a black spear.

At that time, he was simply invincible.

Everyone thought that this would be Chu Fengs limit.

After all, it was more than heaven-defying enough.

Never did anyone expect that Chu Feng would have another trick up his sleeve.

For Chu Feng to still remain so confident after Linghu Hongfei unleashed the power of his Cyan Nethersoul, what sort of technique could it be

Although astonished, the crowd were all looking forward to it.

They all wanted to see exactly what sort of technique Chu Feng would use to confront Linghu Hongfei.


Under the anticipating gazes of the crowd, a world spirit gate opened.

Following that, a female world spirit walked out from the world spirit gate.

“That… that is Chu Fengs final trump card”

The crowd looked to one another with confusion.

Right at that moment, that female world spirit suddenly said to Linghu Hongfei, “From this point forward, I shall be your opponent.”



The crowd were all astonished.

Originally, the crowd wasnt certain.

However, after hearing that female world spirit speak, they all became certain of their guess.

They had verified that this was truly Chu Fengs final trump card.

However, that female world spirit was clearly only emitting the aura of a rank one Exalted.

That aura was weaker than Chu Feng\'s.

How exactly would she be able to contend against Linghu Hongfei”

“It would appear that that world spirit is rather remarkable,” Grandmaster Liangqiu exclaimed.

Liangqiu Chengfeng, Wuming Xingyun and the others nodded in agreement.

The others were only able to see the surface level, whereas they had noticed that the black gaseous flames that surrounded Chu Feng had disappeared after that female world spirit appeared.

This meant that the power that Chu Feng was using earlier was most likely that female world spirits power.

Thus, that female world spirit was most definitely much stronger than she appeared to be.


Right at that moment, the female world spirit moved.

A black shadowy figure flashed past and arrived before Linghu Hongfei.

She raised her palm and shot it straight at Linghu Hongfeis face.

The speed of the palm strike was shockingly fast, turning all the crowd speechless, and even causing Linghu Hongfeis heart to tense up.

In this sort of situation, Linghu Hongfei was unable to dodge the incoming strike.

He could only raise his hand to block the incoming palm strike with his forearms.


Although Linghu Hongfei managed to block the palm strike using his forearms, he was shot flying by the enormous impact, and only managed to stabilize himself when he reached the edge of the stage.

“A rank one Exalted actually possesses such power!”

“Its heaven-defying battle power! Furthermore, its capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation!”

At that moment, everyone managed to sense that female world spirits power.

Although she was a rank one Exalted, she possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

This was the reason why she was able to beat back Linghu Hongfei, a rank four Exalted, even though her cultivation was only that of a rank one Exalted.

“What terror! Is this what Asura World Spirits are!”

“To possess such powerful heaven-defying battle power at the Exalted realm, exactly what sort of existences are they!”

Many people of the younger generation were completely terrified.

They\'d all possessed heaven-defying battle power not too long before.

However, as their cultivation and power increased, their heaven-defying battle power was sealed off.

Although their current cultivation surpassed their former cultivation, they no longer possessed heaven-defying battle power.

The reason for that was due to the rules of the path of martial cultivation.

The reason why heaven-defying battle power was called heaven-defying battle power was because it went against the rules of the martial cultivation path.

Unfortunately, before even stronger martial cultivation rules, heaven-defying battle power was unable to keep itself from being sealed away.

Yet, that female world spirit, even at the Exalted realm, still possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

Without a doubt, she was truly the embodiment of heaven-defying!!!


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