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There were hundreds of millions of people gathered in that vast region.

Yet, at that very moment, those people were all absolutely silent.

After a short moment of silence, the crowd immediately burst into a complete uproar, exclaiming in admiration.

Shock filled the crowds faces.

Even the experts from the older generation were stunned.

They did not dare to believe what they were seeing.

Yet, that unbelievable sight was clearly happening before their eyes.

Even the rank nine Immortal Technique, the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation, was unable to withstand a single attack from Chu Feng!!!

In that case, how exactly must one fight against Chu Feng Exactly what sort of technique would be able to defeat him

Likely, within the same level of cultivation, no one would be able to defeat Chu Feng.


“They all say that Asura World Spiritists are the most powerful world spiritists.

In the past, I didnt believe it.

Today, I have truly learned.”

“This sort of power is truly worthy of reverence.”

“Chu Feng, you are truly fortunate to possess such power.”

A voice transmission sounded from the Great Golden Celestial Body.

It was Linghu Hongfeis voice.



After Linghu Hongfeis voice was heard, cracking sounds began to ring out.

Soon, the Great Golden Celestial Body shattered like glass.

However, the shattered pieces turned back into golden gaseous flames that drifted in the sky.

As the Great Golden Celestial Body shattered, the golden pagoda that was pressing down on Chu Feng also shattered.

Soon, Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei appeared before the crowd again.

Although Chu Fengs black spear had managed to pierce through the Great Golden Celestial Body, it did not manage to cause any harm to Linghu Hongfei.

It was not that the black spear had strayed from its target.

Rather, it was because Linghu Hongfei had dodged the spear.

The reason why Linghu Hongfei was able to avoid the black spear was due to the cyan gaseous flames that he was emitting from his body.

The cyan gaseous flames were very faint.

If one did not look carefully, one would not even notice them.

That said, Linghu Hongfeis eyes had become cyan-colored.

His cyan-colored eyes were comparatively distinct.

Although his eyes did not appear to have changed much apart from the color turning cyan, his gaze had changed enormously.

That gaze does not resemble a humans gaze.

Instead, it seemed more like a beasts, an extremely ferocious beasts gaze!!!

Furthermore, at that moment, Linghu Hongfeis cultivation had increased from rank three Exalted to rank four Exalted.

That was the reason why he was able to dodge Chu Fengs black spear.

“He has finally used the Cyan Nethersoul!!!”

Actually, many people knew about the ability that Linghu Hongfei was using at that moment.

In the Ancestral Martial Starfield, many of the younger generations would, apart from relying on their own bloodlines power, use external power to increase their cultivation or battle power.

Although it was very difficult to accomplish, there were still many people of the younger generation that managed to accomplish such a feat.

For example, the people of the younger generation that stood on the fighting stages practically all possessed that sort of ability.

That said, it remained that treasures were, in the end, treasures.

They were not ones own power.

Thus, the amount of the treasures power that one could unleash would be limited.

For example, treasures that were capable of increasing ones cultivation at Heavenly Immortal realm might become unusable in the Martial Immortal realm.

The same holds even more true for treasures capable of increasing ones cultivation in Martial Immortal realm; they would definitely lose their effectiveness at the Exalted realm.

In other words, treasures capable of increasing ones cultivation or battle power would only be able to help those geniuses temporarily, and not forever.

That said, Linghu Hongfeis Cyan Nethersoul was somewhat different.

The Cyan Nethersoul was the soul of an Ancient Eras Monstrous Beast.

The monstrous beast was called the Cyan Netherbeast.

It was extremely powerful, even in the Ancient Era.

However, as it had committed too many evils, it was killed by a peak expert of the Ancient Era.

However, that expert did not kill the Cyan Netherbeast completely.

Instead, he had sealed its soul inside a formation.

After being refined for tens of thousands of years, the sealed soul became a treasure.

That was the origin of the Cyan Nethersoul.

According to the inheritance left behind by that Ancient Eras expert, the Cyan Nethersoul was extremely powerful, and capable of fusing with a martial cultivator.

Should one successfully fuse with it, it would become that martial cultivators greatest assistance!!!

However, one must attempt to fuse it with the martial cultivator at the time of the martial cultivators birth.

Furthermore, the fusion process had to be done with meticulous care.

The reason for that was because if one failed in the fusion process, the Cyan Netherbeast would seize the body of the newborn to be reborn.

After the Linghu Heavenly Clan obtained the Cyan Nethersoul, they immediately stored it away with the intention of leaving it for an outstanding member of the younger generation to use.

On the day of Linghu Hongfeis birth, he gave rise to an abnormal sign.

One should know that even though Heavenly Bloodline possessors were people with outstanding talent, very few would actually manage to give rise to an abnormal sign at their birth.

Before Linghu Hongfei, only two Heavenly Bloodline possessors had managed to give rise to abnormal signs at their birth.

As for those two people, they were the genius father and son who had stunned the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield, Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan.

Thus, once Linghu Hongfei gave rise to an abnormal sign on the day of his birth, the Linghu Heavenly Clan immediately determined that he would become the hope of their clan.

Just like that, the Linghu Heavenly Clan assimilated the extremely precious Cyan Nethersoul into Linghu Hongfei.

The Cyan Nethersoul was extremely powerful.

If an error was made during the fusion, it would devour his consciousness and seize his body to be reborn.

Fortunately, Linghu Hongfei performed outstandingly in the assimilation process.

Although the Cyan Nethersoul showed signs of a backlash, it was merely a slight reaction, and was immediately suppressed by his consciousness.

From that point on, the power of the Cyan Nethersoul became his power.

It became the other bloodline power that he possessed.

It was precisely because everyone knew of the existence of the Cyan Nethersoul that, although Chu Feng gave an astonishing performance, they were only astonished by his performance; they felt that he was very powerful, yet did not feel that Linghu Hongfei would lose.

After all, Linghu Hongfei still possessed his trump card, Cyan Nethersoul.

“To be able to force Linghu Hongfei to use the power of the Cyan Nethersoul, Chu Feng is truly capable too.”

“Unfortunately, since the Cyan nethersoul has been used, this match will come to an end now.”

At that moment, the crowd all felt that the outcome of the match was already determined.

Faced with Linghu Hongfei who had unleashed the power of his Cyan Nethersoul, although the black gaseous flames were still present on Chu Fengs body, although his aura did not decrease, he was no longer confident in victory.

Chu Fengs battle power was only akin to a rank three Exalted.

No matter how strong he might be, he would not be able to contend against a rank four Exalted.

This could already be seen from how Linghu Hongfei was able to dodge his fatal spear strike.

Right at that moment, that female world spirits voice sounded in Chu Fengs ears, “Since I am lending my power to you, the amount that you can utilize is ultimately limited.”

“Release me.

I will take care of him.”


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