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“Immortal Taboo: Magma Double”

Many people came to an understanding upon hearing those words.

There was no need to mention what Immortal Taboo Martial Skills were.

Even the weakest Immortal Taboo Martial Skill would be stronger than a rank three Immortal Technique.

As for the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double, it was known to be an extremely powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.

Furthermore, it was one of the Linghu Heavenly Clans Clan Protection Martial Skills.

The characteristic of the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double was that it could swap with ones body in a moment of crisis and save ones life.

After swapping bodies, the clone that was left behind would turn into magma and explode.

Furthermore, the power of the explosion would be extremely strong!!!

Because of the fact that it could not only save ones life in a crisis, but also counterattack, it made it so that the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double was extremely difficult to learn.

Although it was a martial skill that Martial Immortal-level experts could learn, it was deemed to be a martial skill that one could only learn should one reach the Exalted realm.

This was also the first time that the crowd had witnessed Linghu Hongfei use the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double.

That said, that was not the important aspect.

What was important was the fact that the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double was very powerful to begin with.

Furthermore, its power would differ based on the strength of its user.

Currently, Chu Feng was enveloped by the magma.

His life might even be in danger.


Suddenly, the magma that had sealed Chu Feng away burst apart.

Following that, boundless black gaseous flames erupted out of the scattered magma, soared into the sky and pierced into the clouds.

However, after the black gaseous flames soared into the sky, they quickly fell back down.

When the black gaseous flames descended to the ground again, Chu Feng also reappeared before the crowd.

He was still clad in black armor, and holding a black spear.

Not only was he completely unharmed, but his aura appeared to be even stronger.

“Hes actually able to escape unscathed after being enveloped by the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double!”

“Although Asura World Spiritists are rare, I have seen them before.

However, never have I encountered one this powerful.

How extraordinary of an ability is this”

The crowd were astonished by Chu Fengs performance.


Right at that moment, a dragons roar sounded from the sky.

Following that, thunder started to rumble as darkness sealed the sky.


The dragons roar sounded once again.

Many people of the younger generation revealed frightened looks.

Surging golden dragons were present all over the black clouds.

The golden dragons were a thousand meters long, and there were over a hundred such golden dragons galloping about in the black clouds.

This sight was truly spectacular and exceedingly terrifying.


At the moment when the crowd took notice of the golden dragons in the sky, they reacted as if theyd received an order.

They opened their ferocious mouths and flew down from the sky.

Over a hundred enormous golden dragons were all focused on one location, Chu Fengs location.

The golden dragons were extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, they landed where Chu Feng stood.

Due to the fact that the golden dragons were truly fast, the people of the younger generation were simply unable to catch sight of the dragons descent.

By the time they managed to react, the golden dragons had turned into golden light, and brought forth overflowing energy ripples that continued to wreak havoc as they extended outward.

Those energy ripples were extremely powerful.

Had it not been for experts containing them within the stage, had they been allowed to wreak havoc at will, not only would they have engulfed the entire Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound, but the spectators outside would also likely be implicated by them too.

“Thats the strongest Immortal Taboo Martial Skill of the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Immortal Taboo: Descent Of A Dragon Herd!!!” exclaimed an expert of the older generation.

“So thats the Immortal Tabo: Descent Of A Dragon Herd.

No wonder its so powerful.

Its might surpass the Immortal Taboo: Magma Double by several times.”

The people of the younger generation gasped in admiration.

The Linghu Heavenly Clans strongest Immortal Taboo Martial Skill That would mean it was one of the Ancestral Martial Starfields strongest Immortal Taboo Martial Skills!

Immortal Taboo Martial Skills were very difficult to learn to begin with.

It would even be more so for an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill of such caliber.


However, right at that moment, an explosive roar was suddenly heard.

“What is that!”

The roar was extremely eerie-sounding.

It was not only the people of the younger generation that became filled with fear; even among those of the older generation, many were frightened by the roar.

As that roar was heard, the golden energy ripples formed by the hundred plus golden dragons instantly disappeared.

At that moment, the crowd were able to see that Chu Fengs body was not only covered by overflowing black gaseous flames, but the black gaseous flames had also turned into an enormous face.

One could not tell if that was a humans face or a monsters face.

However, it was extremely horrifying.

Seeing that face, unease would emerge in ones heart.

Likely, it was that face that had roared.

That said, the face disappeared in an instant.

Soon, the boundless black gaseous flames returned to Chu Fengs body.

They turned into the black armor and covered him again.

“Even a martial skill like the Immortal Taboo: Descent Of A Dragon Herd is unable to cause any harm to Chu Feng!” Many people of the older generation felt utter disbelief.

The Immortal Taboo: Descent Of A Dragon Herd was known to be one of the most powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skills of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Once that martial skill was unleashed, a herd of dragons would emerge in the sky.

The dragons would look down on their target.

Regardless of whether their target might be human or demon, no one would be able to escape death.

The Asura World Spirit power that enveloped Chu Feng made him appear like a demon incarnate.

Linghu Hongfeis martial skill created a clear-cut contrast of good and evil when faced against the sinister-looking Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, who wouldve expected that after the herd of dragons descended, they were unable to cause any harm to the demon

Oh what irony was this

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At the moment when the crowd were all gasping with astonishment, a transformation occurred in the sky again.

Although the black clouds had dispersed, golden gaseous substances had covered the sky.

Linghu Hongfei did not bother to spout any superfluous words before unleashing his next attack.

“That is the rank nine Immortal Technique, Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation!!!”

The crowd recognized the attack merely by seeing the sky.

After all, the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation was a clan-protection Immortal Technique of the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

Furthermore, it was a rare top quality rank nine Immortal Technique.


In the next moment, the golden radiance that covered the sky began to shine gloriously and started to sprinkle down from the sky, enveloping the entire fighting stage.

“What mighty power!”

“But, Chu Fengs aura is still present.

Furthermore, his aura is still very stable.”

“Could it be that not even a rank nine Immortal Technique is able to do anything against him”

Although Linghu Hongfeis Immortal Technique possessed overflowing might, Chu Fengs aura remained as stable as ever.

Because of that, the crowd were not astonished by the rank nine Immortal Techniques might.

Instead, they became even more terrified of Chu Fengs might.

“Dont be so anxious just yet.

This is absolutely not the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformations true power,” someone said as the crowd were all terrified by Chu Fengs power.

“Look! The power of that Immortal Technique is shifting directions.

Theyre all gathering onto Linghu Hongfei!”

Not only did all of the power from the Immortal Technique gather upon Linghu Hongfei, it also transformed into a giant golden humanoid.

The golden humanoid was over a thousand meters tall.

It stood towering over the stage, holding a pagoda in its left hand and a sword in its right.

Not only was it very awe-inspiring, but it was also emitting an unparalleled aura.

This was simply the descent of the Great Celestial Golden Immortal!!!

“Could it be that this is the true power of the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation” asked the confused younger generations.

That persons question was naturally met with many answers.

The people were all trying to clear up the confusion for the asker, while at the same time, show off their knowledge.

Even the Gong Heavenly Clans Clan Chief was answering questions.

“To possess both offensive and defensive capabilities in perfect unison, that is the true power of the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation.”

“Seeing that Linghu Hongfeis Great Golden Celestial Body is over a thousand meters tall, which should be the complete size, he shouldve fully mastered the Great Golden Celestial Immortal Transformation,” the Gong Heavenly Clans Clan Chief said.

“Amazing! Linghu Hongfei is truly amazing!”

“Although it is unknown where Chu Feng obtained that strange power from, his true form will be unmasked before absolute power.

He will not be able to escape death.”

The Gong Heavenly Clans younger generations all gasped in admiration repeatedly after hearing their Clan Chiefs words.

Those that felt hatred toward Chu Feng even seized the opportunity to humiliate him.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng moved.

He turned into a black shadow and flew toward Linghu Hongfei.

This time around, Chu Feng took the initiative to attack.

Linghu Hongfei was obviously prepared for Chu Fengs attack.

He controlled the Great Golden Celestial Body and made it throw down the golden pagoda in its hand.

Immediately, the golden pagoda began to expand.

It turned into an enormous pagoda a hundred meters tall and smashed onto Chu Feng.

When the pagoda landed, it shook heaven and earth fiercely.

Although they were very far away from the pagoda, many of the people of the younger generation were unable to stand firm.

As for the fighting stage, cracks appeared from the trembles.

Most importantly, after being struck by the golden pagoda, Chu Fengs aura actually became extremely weak.

“Chu Feng”

Sensing the change in Chu Fengs aura, Liangqiu Chengfeng and the others immediately revealed worried looks.

“Sure enough, no matter how strong Chu Feng might be, he will still not be able to resist absolute power.”

“Evil is no match for good.

No matter how strong a demon might be, it will still become an ant before the Great Golden Celestial Immortal.”

Seeing that the insufferably arrogant Chu Feng was finally suppressed, the people that detested him all began to smile with great satisfaction.


However, all of a sudden, an explosion was heard as golden light splattered everywhere.

In the next moment, everyone was stunned.

Those from the younger generation were completely dumbstruck.

A black spear had shot out from the golden pagoda.

Not only did it pierce through the golden pagoda, but it had even pierced through the so-called Great Golden Celestial Body!!!


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