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Linghu Hongfei easily swept through all the obstacles in the open path that all the people of the younger generation did not dare to challenge.

His pace was very steady.

His speed was not fast.

Yet, he never stopped moving forward.

The overwhelming amount of Ancient Eras ferocious beasts that rushed toward him to intercept him were all chopped down like vegetables.

Not one of them were capable of even slowing Linghu Hongfei down.

In this sort of unstoppable situation, Linghu Hongfei soon reached the end.

He was soon to reach the exit of the Giant Cosmos Bell.

At that moment, the path that lead to the light shining from the exit was completely flat.

There were no obstructions at all.

As for the path behind, it was filled with wreckage and blood.

The remains of powerful Ancient Eras ferocious beasts were piled high like mountains.

Although Linghu Hongfei had slaughtered his way through the Ancient Eras ferocious beasts, his clothes were not stained by a drop of blood nor a speck of dust.

Being like that, Linghu Hongfei truly looked like a ruler.

Seeing him, the crowd were all moved.

However, when he approached the exit, Linghu Hongfei suddenly stopped.

Furthermore, he also closed his eyes.

The crowd were curious as to what was happening.

They did not understand why Linghu Hongfei would suddenly do that.

It was only after he spoke that the crowd came to a sudden realization.

“I, Linghu Hongfei, don\'t wish to target anyone specifically.

Thus, I will enter with my eyes closed.

As for where I will land, it will all depend on fate.”


After he finished saying those words, Linghu Hongfei suddenly accelerated.

After he exited the Giant Cosmos Bell, he soared into the sky, and began to rapidly spin in midair.

When Linghu Hongfei leapt into the sky, all of the participants, with the exception of those from the Linghu Heavenly Clan and Chu Feng, all grew nervous.

The Linghu Heavenly Clans younger generations knew very well that Linghu Hongfei would not challenge them.

As for Chu Feng, he felt that Linghu Hongfei would most likely challenge him.

Since he knew what was coming, there was no reason for him to worry.

However, what Linghu Hongfei said made it possible that he might really let fate determine who he would challenge.

Thus, it was possible for him to challenge anyone.

Tantai Xinger, Tang Zhenghao and all the others did not wish to be challenged by Linghu Hongfei.

After all, should any of them be challenged, they would be destined to be eliminated.

No one wanted to be that unlucky.

In the end, Linghu Hongfei landed before one of the ten protrusions.

When the outcome was determined, some people started feeling joyous, whereas others started to worry.

However, Chu Feng, who was rather calm earlier suddenly felt his heart sink.

Different from his expectations, Linghu Hongfei did not challenge him.

Instead, he landed before Wuma Shengjie.

“Brother Wuma, I am truly sorry,” after opening his eyes, Linghu Hongfei clasped his fist at Wuma Shengjie with an apologetic expression on his face.

However, both Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie knew very well that Linghu Hongfei was doing that on purpose.

His so-calledleaving things up to fate was simply nonsense.

He was deliberately challenging Wuma Shengjie because he knew that Chu Feng possessed an extraordinary relationship with her.

“This position is one that should be occupied by the capable to begin with,” After Wuma Shengjie finished saying those words, she directly flew down from the protrusion.

She had given up.

She had given up on the opportunity to compete with Linghu Hongfei.

Everyone was capable of understanding her decision.

No one felt that she was being cowardly.

Instead, they felt that she was very sensible.

After all, it was impossible for her to match up to Linghu Hongfei.

Before leaving, Wuma Shengjie turned around, glanced at Chu Feng, and smiled sweetly.

Her smile was truly beautiful.

Even though she was cross-dressing as a man and had deliberately made herself uglier, that smile of hers was still very beautiful.

However, when that smile entered his vision, Chu Feng felt pain in his heart.

Wuma Shengjie had become a sacrificial victim in his conflict with Linghu Hongfei.

“Dont be in a rush, youre next.” Right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Chu Fengs ears.

It was Linghu Hongfei.

Chu Feng cast a side glance at Linghu Hongfei, and discovered that he was currently looking at him.

His appearance was very ordinary.

The bystanders were simply unable to tell that he was provoking Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng knew very well that Linghu Hongfeis decision to participate in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars again was aimed at him.

Chu Feng did not say anything.

However, he revealed a smile of contempt.

That smile served as the best response to Linghu Hongfei.

Upon seeing Chu Fengs smile, Linghu Hongfei also revealed a smile, and even shook his head.

Whilst others were unable to tell, Chu Feng was able to tell how mocking and filled with contempt that smile was.

On the Ice Summit, Linghu Hongfei had suffered enormously because of the power of Chu Fengs spirit formation.

However, what they were competing in now was their true strength.

It was a competition of ones cultivation and abilities.

Chu Feng would not be able to draw on external support.

In such a situation, Linghu Hongfei was completely confident that he would be able to make Chu Feng pay.

After Wuma Shengjie left the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound, Linghu Hongfei landed on the protrusion that had originally belonged to her.


With a loud shout from Wuming Ken, the Giant Cosmos Bell soared into the sky and transformed into a little bell that flew into his hand.

As for the Ancient Eras Ferocious Beasts that were still living, they were all collected and put away by people from the Starfield Master Realm.

Furthermore, five enormous elevated stages appeared on the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

“Following this, through a drawing system, the competitors for the matches shall be selected.”

“This old man shall be the one to make the draws.”

As Wuming Ken spoke, he began to draw ballots.

Linghu Hongfei against Linghu Tiemian.

Linghu Mingye against Linghu Lun.

Tang Zhenghao against Mengyan Wushuang.

Tantai Xinger against Tongtian Yuanming.

Chu Feng against Linghu Yueyue.

“Linghu Tiemian is actually against Linghu Hongfei Hes truly unfortunate.”

“Tongtian Yuanming isn\'t much better either.

Hes matched up against Tantai Xinger.”

“However, Chu Feng against Linghu Yueyue, thats quite an interesting battle.

After all, Linghu Yueyue is the strongest genius aside from Linghu Hongfei, whereas Chu Feng managed to exit the hidden path of certain death alive, and was able to obtain support from all those grand characters.

He is most definitely someone with actual capabilities too.”

“Merely, it is still unknown as to exactly how much this piece of gold named Chu Feng weighs, whereas Linghu Yueyue is most definitely the best piece of gold present to measure him against.”

The crowd became excited upon learning what the matches for the first round would be.

The show that they were looking forward to for so long was finally going to start..

Although Linghu Hongfeis appearance brought excitement to the crowd and made them feel that the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars was now complete, the match that they were looking forward to the most in the first round was the one between Chu Feng and Linghu Yueyue,

At that moment, everyone landed on their fighting stages.

Even Linghu Hongfei landed on the fighting stage that he was to be on.

The only exception was Linghu Tiemian.

“Milord, I wish to give up,” Linghu Tiemian said with his fist clasped.

Although he was admitting defeat, he did not feeling depressed at all.

Instead, he felt joyous.

As a fellow clansman, he had no desire to fight against Linghu Hongfei to begin with.

Most importantly, with Linghu Hongfei there, Chu Feng would definitely suffer.

Wuming Ken ignored Linghu Tiemian.

It could be seen that although he did not punish Linghu Tiemian for his plot against Chu Feng, he was also very unsupportive of his behavior.

At that moment, Wuming Ken looked to Chu Feng and the others.

“To concede is within the rules.

If you feel that you cannot defeat your opponent, you can also directly concede.

That would also save everyones time.”

“Apart from that, for the sake of fairness, if you feel that your opponent simply cannot defeat you and think that the match is meaningless, you can also directly challenge an opponent that you find interesting.”

“Of course, if you are to do that, it will also depend on whether or not your original opponent is willing to accept it.

If your opponent accepts it, you can go and challenge the person you want to challenge.

If your opponent doesnt accept it, you will have to defeat him or her first in order to challenge others.”

“If no one is going to make any challenges, this old man will continue to make random selections for the following matches.”

“Those are the rules.

If there are no objections, let the matches begin.”

Right after Wuming Kens words left his mouth, Chu Feng immediately raised his arm.


“Young friend Chu Feng, do you have any objections” Wuming Ken asked.

“This junior wishes to challenge Linghu Hongfei,” said Chu Feng.


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