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“Chu Feng, youre… not planning to activate your spirit formation swords” Liangqiu Hongyue asked.

“I have something even more important that I must do,” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, what might your important task be” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“I need to collect Ghost-sealing Grass,” Chu Feng said.

“Why do you need to collect that sort of thing” Liangqiu Hongyue naturally did not wish for Chu Feng to go and collect Ghost-sealing Grass.

Instead, she would rather Chu Feng help them unlock the gate together, so that they would be able to obtain the legendary power to increase their world spirit techniques.

“To save someone,” Chu Feng said.

Upon hearing those words, Liangqiu Hongyue revealed a startled look.

The value of ones life was beyond comparison.

She was unable to refute Chu Fengs justification.

As his friend, she couldnt possibly tell Chu Feng to abandon the person he wanted to save to help them gain more power.

“Brother Chu Feng, what is the appearance of the Ghost-sealing Grass” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“Roughly like this,” As Chu Feng spoke, he gently pointed with his finger and released a strand of spirit power that took the form of a blade of Ghost-sealing Grass.

“That Chu Fengs spirit power! Hes… actually a Snake Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist!”

At that moment, the people of the younger generation outside the grand formation did not pay much attention to the appearance of the Ghost-sealing Grass.

Instead, they were captivated by the spirit power Chu Feng had released.

They did not know much about Chu Feng, and had only learned of his cultivation earlier during the scramble for the entrances.

As such, they still had no idea what level Chu Fengs world spirit techniques were at.

Upon discovering the level of Chu Fengs world spirit techniques, they were all astonished.

Chu Feng had attained a level of achievement that other younger generations would find very difficult to attain in both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques.

Especially his world spirit techniques, his level was even higher than that of the Liangqiu Sisters, Linghu Yueyue and Wuma Shengjie.

Likely, his world spirit techniques might be the strongest among the people of the younger generation.

‘Could it be that the prophesied youngest Saint-cloak World Spiritist is Chu Feng

This question began to appear in the hearts of many of the people present.

That said, compared to the people outside the grand formation, the people inside the grand formation were more concerned as to whether Chu Feng was willing to assist them in opening the entrance gate.

After all, this was a matter of their own self-interest.

“I have seen that Ghost-sealing Grass before.

However, theyre located deep within the grand formation, and it is very dangerous there.

Ill accompany you,” Linghu Hongfei said.

“Thank you, brother Linghu.

However, theres no need for that.

I myself would suffice.”

“Besides, even if I managed to retrieve sufficient Ghost-sealing Grass, I will still not return here to open that entrance gate.

Thus, everyone, you all need not put any hope in me,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, what is the meaning of your behavior If you wish to hog that power for yourself, say it straight.

Why bother beating around the bush like this” Linghu Tiemian was furious.

It was not only him; the others from the Linghu Heavenly Clan as well as the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen all had angry looks on their faces.

“Hog that power These spirit formation swords are obtained by me, Chu Feng.

Ignoring the fact that I do not wish to open the gate, even if I did open it… it would be a favor from me to allow you all to enter.

Even if I refuse you all entrance, it would still be within my means,” Chu Feng spoke coldly.

“Enough of your bull**! Are you going to open the gate or not If not, then hand over your spirit formation swords!” Linghu Tiemians attitude became rude and unreasonable.

He appeared as if he were planning to seize Chu Fengs spirit formation swords if he refused to comply.

“If you are capable, then try taking them,” As Chu Feng spoke, a trace of coldness emerged in his eyes.

“You!!!” Linghu Tiemian was frightened.

Chu Feng had left an enormous trauma in his heart after their battle in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

Besides, Chu Fengs current cultivation was that of a rank seven Martial Immortal.

Thus, Linghu Tiemian was naturally no match for Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, did you really think that you were unequalled”

“Indeed, we were unable to do anything to you back in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.”

“However, you should have a look at who is present here today.

Compared to our clans young master Hongfei, who do you think you are” Right at that moment, Linghu Lun spoke in a cold and threatening manner.

Although he was no match for Chu Feng, Linghu Hongfei was there inside the grand formation.

With this fully-deserving strongest genius overseeing the situation, no matter how strong Chu Feng might be, he would only be the second strongest at most.

“Do not be rude!” However, after Linghu Lun threatened Chu Feng, Linghu Hongfei, who he was relying on, actually berated him.

“What brother Chu Feng said is very correct.

Since those spirit formation swords are under his possession, it is naturally up to him whether to use them to open the gate or not.

Even if he decided to open the gate, he is still qualified to refuse everyone here entrance.”

After Linghu Hongfei finished saying those words, the expressions of the people within the grand formation became complicated.

This was especially true for Linghu Tiemian and the others.

When even Linghu Hongfei said such a thing, what could they possibly do

After all, they were the ones in the wrong to begin with.

“Brother Linghu is truly the reasonable one.

Actually, the reason why I do not wish to open the gate is also for everyones sake.

There are friends among the people present here.

I do not wish for everyone to find yourselves within a very dangerous place.

Most of all, I do not wish to personally push you all into that dangerous abyss,” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, youre saying that the gate might be dangerous” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“Not might.

Instead, its definitely dangerous.

To be exact, its extremely dangerous,” Chu Feng said.


And here I thought you were truly planning to go and save someone, but it turns out that you were afraid of dangers.”

“The path of martial cultivation is a path that goes against the natural order, and seizes cultivation and strength from the heavens.

If one fears dangers, one might as well give up on cultivation.”

“Thats right.

Never would I have expected that Chu Xuanyuans son was actually such a coward.”

“It would appear that Chu Xuanyuan will have no qualified successor to carry on his name.”

At that moment, Linghu Tiemian and the others began to mock and ridicule Chu Feng.

Even the people of the younger generation outside the grand formation began to spiritedly discuss the matter.

They who did not know how dangerous the inside of that gate was all felt that Chu Feng was too cowardly.

However, not only was he not enraged by Linghu Tiemian and the others mockeries and ridicules, but he instead displayed a strange and chilling smile, “Taunting me into action, was it”

“My deep apologies, your taunts are ineffective, for you have enraged me.”

“Thus, Ive decided to open that gate, and have you all realize what a path of no return is.”

Chu Feng looked at the crowd with a beaming smile.

His appearance simply did not appear to be that of someone who was enraged.

Instead, it seemed like he was teasing them.

However, Chu Fengs appearance instead caused the crowd to feel uneasy.


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