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At the time when the loud sound was heard, the entire area had been enveloped by a white light.

Following that, Heavenly Lightning struck down, and caused the surroundings to tremble violently.

Heavenly Lightning from the ninth heaven had struck.

The lightning struck Chu Feng, who was bound to the pillar on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

Chu Fengs screams could be heard from within the ear-piercing rumbles.

Soon, everyones eyes were focused on Chu Fengs body.

After being struck by the lightning, Chu Feng was changed beyond recognition.

His flesh was completely scorched, and emitting a charred smell.

His body that was shivering in pain caused the bystanders to tremble with fear.

They were able to imagine what sort of punishment Chu Feng had endured.

However, the pain to his flesh was most definitely not what caused Chu Feng to scream.

Instead, it was a pain that came from within his body, a pain that could not be seen.

The Heavenly Lightning actually targeted Chu Fengs bloodline directly.

After the lightning entered Chu Fengs bloodline, it immediately dissipated.

However, during that short instant, Chu Feng was met with unbearable pain.

In that very instant, Chu Feng understood how frightening the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform was.

Heavenly Lightning would not pose any threat to the nine enormous lightning beasts within Chu Fengs bloodline.

However, it was a threat to Chu Feng himself.

In the instant it entered his body, when it entered his bloodline, not only would it tear at his bloodline, but it would also tear at his soul.

If the Heavenly Lightning was to succeed in its mission, not only would Chu Feng lose his Bloodlines power, but his soul and body would also be destroyed.

Because of that, being struck by the Heavenly Lightning, Chu Fengs bloodline and soul were connected.

If either one was destroyed by the Heavenly Lightning, he would end up dying.

“This sensation”

At the moment when Chu Feng was enduring the pain, a sudden feeling emerged in his heart, alerting his mind.

He felt a different sort of sensation in the moment when his bloodline and soul were being torn apart.

That sensation came from something hidden deep within his bloodline.

In the beginning, Chu Feng was uncertain, as the feeling only lasted but an instant.

However, as more and more Heavenly Lightning struck him and attacked both his bloodline and his soul, as the onslaught grew fiercer and fiercer, Chu Feng came to an conclusion.

At the same time as he was forced to endure the miserable pain, he felt an enormous assistance.

It turned out that every time he was struck by the Heavenly Lightning, his bloodline and soul would slowly assimilate with one another.

Although his bloodline was his own, it was not under his control.

However, his soul was different.

Chu Fengs soul was all that made him up.

As long as his soul existed, Chu Feng would exist.

Should his soul be destroyed, Chu Feng would also die.

If his soul were to assimilate with his bloodline, he would naturally gain a stronger control over his bloodlines power.

Although the fusion of his bloodline and soul had only started slightly, if he were to continue to be struck by the Heavenly Lightning, their fusion would reach an unimaginable state.

It might even be possible for him to gain control over that terrifying power comparable to that of an Utmost Exalted.

“So thats the case.

Never would I have imagined that the Heavenly Lightning of the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform would have such a miraculous effect.”

“No wonder.

No wonder Lord Hanpeng and Lord Clan Chief discussed having me ascend to this Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.”

As more and more lightning struck Chu Fengs body, he started to feel increasingly delighted.

If he was still skeptical earlier, then he now firmly believed that Chu Hanpeng had not bound him to the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform to harm him.

Instead, it was to help him.

The Heavenly Lightning grew fiercer and fiercer.

in the beginning, the lightning would strike in slow succession.

However, they were now striking down on Chu Feng continuously.

Chu Fengs body was being struck by Heavenly Lightning nonstop.

The dazzling light emitted by the lightning continued to cover the entire region.

The crowd were no longer able to see Chu Feng.

They were only able to hear his miserable screams.

Although he had discovered the secret to the Heavenly Lightning, he was screaming for real.

One must pay a bitter price in order to have ones bloodline and soul fuse with one another.

As for that bitter price, it was the torture of the Heavenly Lightning.

The principle behind this was actually identical to that of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

If one could withstand it, ones power would increase.

If one failed to withstand it, ones soul would be destroyed, and one would die.

This was truly a tribulation of impending death.

If one managed to take a step forward, one would be able to ascend into the heavens.

If one took a step backwards, they would fall into the bottomless abyss and be consigned to eternal damnation.

At that moment, no one had any idea what sort of situation Chu Feng was in.

Chu Xuanzhengfa and Chu Hanpeng were all deeply worried for him, whereas Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and their accomplices, although having looks of anger on their faces, were overjoyed in their hearts.

After all, in the history of their Chu Heavenly Clan, the person who was able to endure the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform for the longest only managed to endure it for a day.

Thus, even though Chu Feng was enduring it, they were not worried at all, for the punishment had only just begun, and he was already screaming like that.

The way they saw it, he might not even be able to last for a single day.

Feeling joyous, Chu Hanqing even took a deliberate glance at Chu Xuanzhengfa.

His eyes were filled with complacence and provocation.

He seemed to be telling Chu Xuanzhengfa,So what if you are fond of that Chu Feng In the end, as long as this old man wants to take care of him, youre still incapable of protecting him. {so everybody just forgot Lord clan chief...}

The current Chu Hanqing truly had no idea that the future was not as he had imagined it to be.

Time passed rapidly.

A total of five days passed since Chu Feng was brought to the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

“Milord, what are we to do about this That Chu Feng has been continuously bombarded by the lightning in unbroken succession for five entire days now.

Although his screams have never stopped, and he appears completely mutilated, his voice has not shown any sign of weakening at all.”

“What are we to do if this is to continue He couldnt possibly be able to endure this forever, right”

In the same palace hall.

Chu Hanqing, Chu Hanyouyou and their accomplices were gathered once more.

However, compared to the day when Chu Feng ascended to the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform, they not only had worried looks on their faces, but their hearts were also filled with worry.

They were starting to fear that Chu Feng would be able to last all the way until the day when their Lord Clan Chief awakened.


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