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Chapter 3239 - Filled With Confidence

“There are actually this many slaughtering formations in this place!”

“This is not a trap set up by Chu Feng.

Instead, this is a spirit formation of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Exactly what place will this lead to”

“It would appear that I’ve struck gold.”

“Perhaps this place contains treasures that we have no knowledge of.”

Thinking of this, a cold grin appeared on Linghu Lun’s face.

He thought to himself, ‘That Chu Feng must’ve led me here to use the slaughtering formations here to kill me.’

“What naivety.

And here I thought that Chu Feng was cunning and crafty, but it turns out he’s actually this foolish.”

“Although the slaughtering formations in this place are very powerful, I’m able to breach all of them.

Bringing me here is simply revealing this mystery place to me.

The treasures of this place will not belong to you, Chu Feng.

Instead, they will belong to me, Linghu Lun.”

‘After all, it’s about to be four hours.

Chu Feng, without the protection of the Fire Qilin Armor, you, a rank nine Heavenly Immortal, will be akin to an ant before me.

I don’t even have to lift my hands.

Merely a spit of mine will be able to drown you to death.’


Suddenly, Linghu Lun’s expression changed enormously.

He who was following the flames was suddenly unable to move.

Following that, Linghu Lun felt that all of his power had been extracted.

It was as if he had lost his cultivation.

“What is this!”

In panic, Linghu Lun noticed that he had been wrapped around by a strange-looking thing.

That was a living organism.

It resembled a vine, but was transparent, and extremely stealthy.

Because of that, Linghu Lun did not notice it, and was tangled up by it.

The body of that transparent vine-like organism was covered with suckers.

Having tightly wound itself around Linghu Lun, that creature’s suckers pierced through Linghu Lun’s clothes and stuck to his body.

It was precisely through the suction of those suckers that Linghu Lun lost his cultivation.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded, “Linghu Lun, I told you to not follow me.”

Turning his head upwards, Linghu Lun discovered that Chu Feng was standing in the near distance.

Chu Feng was no longer covered by the raging flames.

It wasn’t that the power of the Fire Qilin Armor had disappeared.

Instead, Chu Feng had canceled the raging flames.

Currently, Chu Feng was slowly walking toward Linghu Lun.

The smile on Chu Feng’s face caused Linghu Lun to feel extremely uneasy.

Although Chu Feng was no longer under the protection of the Fire Qilin Armor, Linghu Lun was still unable to do anything to him.

The reason for that was because Linghu Lun’s cultivation had been restricted.

Even though he was still a rank one Martial Immortal, he was unable to cause any harm to Chu Feng.

“You… what are you planning to do!” Linghu Lun shouted uneasily.

“I’m not planning to do much.

I’m merely going to honor my promise and take your Symbol of Light.”

“You shouldn’t blame me for it.

I’d already warned you to not follow me, and told you that I would deprive you of your Symbol of Light should you do so,” Chu Feng spoke with a beaming smile.

“Did you deliberately set up this formation and deliberately lure me here Is this a trap that you’ve planned for me” Linghu Lun asked.

“What use is there in realizing everything now Are you trying to prove that you’re not stupid”

“If you were truly smart, you wouldn’t have followed me.

When even you knew that the power of my Fire Qilin Armor would not be able to last for long, how could I, the owner of the Fire Qilin Armor, not know” Chu Feng spoke with a beaming smile.

“You… you knew why I was following you.

You damned bastard! You dared to deceive me!!!”

Upon finding out the truth, Linghu Lun started to shout angrily.

He was truly enraged.

It turned out that he had been toyed with by Chu Feng from the very start.

He had fallen for Chu Feng’s trap from the very start.

“While one’s talent for martial cultivation is very important in the martial cultivation world, one’s brain is also extremely important.

Unfortunately, it seems that you don’t have one.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he extended his finger and pressed on Linghu Lun’s forehead.


The next moment, Linghu Lun started to scream miserably.

The Symbol of Light on his forehead was being removed by Chu Feng.

Meanwhile, the people outside the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, the people in the plaza, were all counting the remaining time.

Suddenly, many people spoke simultaneously.

Excited expressions appeared on their faces.

“The time had arrived.

Four hours had passed.

Chu Feng would be doomed.”

If what Linghu Mingye said was true, when Chu Feng’s Fire Qilin Armor’s power disappeared, it would be the time when Chu Feng would suffer.

As for that time, it was now.


At the moment when the crowd were filled with anticipation, a figure suddenly appeared at the spirit formation entrance.

Then, like a dying dog, that person fell to the ground.

At that moment, the crowd all turned their eyes toward the person who had just appeared.

They all thought that the miserable figure was Chu Feng.

However, when they saw clearly who it was, the crowd’s expressions all changed enormously.

At that moment, the vast plaza turned absolutely quiet.

“Linghu Lun!!!”

“Why would it be you!”

Suddenly, a voice filled with shock and pain echoed out.

Linghu Lun.

The person that appeared was none other than Linghu Lun, who had just had his Symbol of Light taken by Chu Feng.

After a short moment of shock, the crowd became incomparably astonished.

At that moment, not to mention the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen, even Linghu Tiemian and Linghu Mingye immediately got up and moved over to Linghu Lun’s side.

“What happened Who did this to you Was it that Chu Feng” Linghu Tiemian and Linghu Mingye asked Linghu Lun as they treated his injuries.

As for Linghu Lun, he was truly worthy of being a rank one Martial Immortal.

Although he also had his Symbol of Light plundered by Chu Feng, he still had the strength to speak.

“It’s that Chu Feng.

That Chu Feng is despicable and shameless.

I was trapped by his spirit formation.

That spirit formation restricted my power.

Seizing that opportunity, he plundered my Symbol of Light,” Linghu Lun spoke with overwhelming anger and unreconciliation.

“Despicable! That Chu Feng is truly despicable!!!”

At that moment, the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen all began to curse at Chu Feng repeatedly.

As for the others, they were able to tell that, regardless of whether or not Chu Feng had used a trick on Linghu Lun, it remained that Linghu Lun was the one that was defeated.

This caused the crowd present that had never met Chu Feng before to become even more curious as to what sort of person Chu Feng was, for a genius like Linghu Lun to also fall by his hands.

“Don’t fret.

I will avenge you,” Linghu Mingye patted Linghu Lun’s shoulder.

“You must make them wish they were dead,” Linghu Lun said.

“Rest assured,” Linghu Mingye nodded.

“Also, you absolutely must not enter that spirit formation.

Chu Feng seemed to know that spirit formation very well.

There are a lot of slaughtering formations inside.

It is truly a strange place.

You must not enter it.

Otherwise, you’ll likely fall for Chu Feng’s trap like I did,” Linghu Lun reminded.

“Rest assured,” Linghu Mingye repeated himself.

Linghu Mingye was extremely confident as he said those words.

It was as if Chu Feng would definitely fall by his hands should he enter the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.


After Linghu Mingye finished saying those words, he leaped into the entrance to the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

After Linghu Mingye entered the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, Dongguo Bingyu revealed an extremely worried expression in her eyes.


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