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Chapter 3193 - Counter


how could you..." The black silhouette was astonished to witness this scene.

He had thought Bai Liluo to be on the verge of death.

It should've been impossible for her to control his body.

"Are you surprised"

"Perhaps you'll understand once you've seen this."

Chu Feng clenched his fist again as he spoke.

The black spear from before appeared in his hand again.


you dare deceive me!" The black silhouette came to a sudden realization.

He had realized that the spear that Chu Feng had pierced Bai Liluo with was a fake.

It was simply not the spear that he had given to Chu Feng.

Instead, it was a spear that Chu Feng had formed with his own spirit power.

A spear that Chu Feng formed with a spirit formation would naturally not be able to cause any harm to Bai Liluo.

As for Bai Liluo, she had cooperated perfectly with Chu Feng in the whole act.

Their purpose was very simple.

They were planning to force him to reveal his true identity to them.

As for him...

he ended up falling for Chu Feng's trick.

"It seems a bit too late for you to realize that you were deceived now, no" Chu Feng said with a beaming smile on his face.

"You despicable bastard, you're actually this heinous!" The black silhouette began to shiver in anger.

"Despicable and heinous Compared to you, I would pale into insignificance by comparison," Chu Feng sneered.

"I’ll kill you!" The black silhouette snarled furiously.

Not only was he emitting overflowing killing intent, but he even raised his hand with the intention to kill Chu Feng.

However, at that moment, Bai Liluo's voice sounded.

"You will not be able to kill anyone today."

After Bai Liluo's voice sounded, the black silhouette's body seemed to be petrified.

Even his killing intent was greatly diminished.

Although the black silhouette and Bai Liluo were originally two separate natural oddities, the black silhouette's failure in devouring Bai Liluo created a mystical connection between the two of them.

After the two of them fused with one another, the black silhouette was capable of using his own power to control Bai Liluo.

Likewise, Bai Liluo was also capable of using her power to control the black silhouette.

At that moment, Bai Liluo forced herself to become incapable of moving.

Likewise, the black silhouette became incapable of moving.

"Bastard, you damned bastard!" Overwhelmed with anger, the black silhouette began to curse out at Chu Feng repeatedly in rage.

Hearing the curses, Chu Feng was completely unmoved.

He held the black spear in his hand and arrived before the black silhouette.

Then, he turned around and said to Bai Liluo, "Girl, if you don’t have any objections, I will eliminate this evil creature for you."

"I only have a single request.

Give him a miserable death," Bai Liluo said.

"I will do my best," Chu Feng smiled.

Then, he pierced the spear in his hand into the black silhouette's heart.


The black silhouette immediately started screaming miserably.

However, more than anything, he was feeling unreconciled.

Unreconciled, he would naturally be feeling extremely unreconciled.

After all, that black spear was originally given to Chu Feng by him to take care of Bai Liluo.

Yet at that moment, that black spear was piercing his body.

How could he possibly be willing to accept it

That said, it must be admitted that the black spear was truly powerful.

After being struck by it, the black silhouette's humanoid form began to destabilize.

It seemed like he could dissipate at any moment.

Not long afterward, his body started to disintegrate, becoming black gaseous flames that began to flutter and hover inside the underground palace.

"This guy!" Seeing this, Chu Feng started to frown.

Even though the black silhouette had disintegrated and his strength became many times weaker than before, his power did not continue to weaken.

It seemed like his injury had stopped at that state.

Most importantly, the black silhouette was still alive.

"Hahaha, that spear is, in the end, my power.

Did you think you’d be able to kill me with it If you did, you were truly indulging in fantasy."

"Chu Feng, remember this.

Your daddy here will one day settle today's debt with you."

"Not only will you die, but all of your Chu Heavenly Clansmen, all the people that are related to you, all of them shall die.

I’ll kill everyone that you care about."

Chu Feng was able to feel the black silhouette's enormous hatred when he said those words.

He was most definitely not saying it at random.

He was truly planning to do it.

After he finished saying those words, the black gaseous flames began to quickly move about.

He was trying to escape.


However, at the moment when he was about to escape, the underground palace became enveloped with white light.

The white light turned into a square-shaped cage that surrounded the central region of the underground palace.

The black gaseous flames ended up being trapped inside of it.

It was Bai Liluo.

That cage was a technique unleashed by Bai Liluo.

At that moment, there was no longer any trace of pain on Bai Liluo's face.

She had returned to normal.

"Although my little brother Chu Feng's attack was unable to exterminate you, he managed to sever the connection between you and I.

At the same time, he has greatly weakened you.

As for this...

it is already sufficient," a cold smile appeared on Bai Liluo's face as she said those words.


what are you planning to do" The black silhouette sensed that the situation was bad, and let out a cry of alarm.

"I am going to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Since you wanted to devour me, I will instead devour you today."

After Bai Liluo finished saying those words, faintly glowing runes and symbols appeared on her body.

Most importantly, when the runes and symbols appeared, the black silhouette immediately let out a miserable scream.

At that moment, the black silhouette began to struggle violently.

He wanted to quickly escape from this place.

However, his struggles were useless.

Not only was he unable to escape, but he was instead being sucked toward Bai Liluo repeatedly.

"Chu Feng, I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!"


Seeing that the situation was extremely bad and that he would not be able to escape, the black silhouette began to snarl angrily once more.

However, he only managed to shout a couple times before he was sucked into Bai Liluo's body.

At that moment, the entire underground palace became exceptionally quiet.

That black silhouette's aura had disappeared completely.

He had been devoured by Bai Liluo.

"Girl, I truly did not expect that you would have such a history."

"Was it because you were truly feeling remorseful that you were unwilling to mention your past to me" Chu Feng walked over to Bai Liluo and said to her.

"I viewed them as my relatives.

However, they were harmed because of me.

As such, how could I have a clear conscience" Bai Liluo forced a smile.

To see such a smile on her adorable little face caused even Chu Feng to feel heartache.

"It was all caused by that monster, and not your fault," Chu Feng said.

"No, if it wasn't for me, that monster would not have been brought to the village.

Although I was not the one who harmed them, it is, in the end, related to me," Bai Liluo said.

"Life is filled with variables.

For some things, no one will be able to decide them.

One merely needs to live with a clear conscience," Chu Feng said.

"Don't start advising me like that little brother.

Big sister here has lived for longer than you.

There is no need for you to comfort me," Bai Liluo faintly smiled at Chu Feng.


However, right at that moment, Bai Liluo's smiling little face suddenly froze.

After that, her complexion turned incomparably pale, and a painful expression covered her face.


Suddenly, black gaseous flames were emitted from Bai Liluo's body.


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