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Chapter 3181 - That Female World Spirit

After continuing on some more, the screams and roars from those monsters began to be heard from behind Chu Feng.

Furthermore, those screams and roars were growing weaker and weaker.

Chu Feng knew that he must’ve gradually distanced himself from the region where those monsters were sealed.

That said, even after the screams and roars from the monsters completely disappeared, Bai Liluo was still slowly proceeding onward.

She showed no sign of stopping.

Chu Feng had no idea exactly where Bai Liluo was planning to go.

That said, he did not ask her about it, but instead continued to quietly follow her.

Just like that, the two of them journeyed for a very long time before Bai Liluo suddenly stopped.

“We’re here,” Bai Liluo said.

“We’re here” Chu Feng felt surprised.

The reason for that was because that place was still pitch-black.

He was still only able to see out to a distance of ten meters.

Anywhere outside of that ten meter radius was pitch-black and quiet.

This sort of quietness was very strange and uncomfortable.

Most important, Chu Feng did not notice anything different about that place compared to other places.


Suddenly, Bai Liluo leaned toward the ground and began to form hand seals with one hand.

Then, she placed that hand on her chest and placed her other hand on the ground.

When her palm reached the ground, Bai Liluo’s body started to emit a white light.

Once the white light appeared, the surrounding thousand meters were completely and brightly illuminated.

Seeing this, ChU Feng’s expression changed.

He suddenly felt a sense of admiration.

For the sake of dispersing the surrounding darkness, Chu Feng had attempted all sorts of methods.

However, they were all ineffective.

However, that girl before him merely placed her palm on the ground, and actually managed to brightly light up their surroundings.

The difference between them was simply too enormous.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was now capable of seeing that the place that they were in was not an ordinary cave.

Instead, they were inside a palace.

Although they were standing on a surface that resembled ordinary rocks, the walls and the pillars of the palace were all very exquisite.

Those were not things that any ordinary world spiritist would be able to create.

The reason for that was because everything inside the palace was incomparably tough.

At the very least, Chu Feng, with his current strength, would not be able to cause any damage to them.

That place was most definitely the work of a very powerful world spiritist.


Right at that moment, crumbling sounds could be heard.

Chu Feng immediately turned toward the sound.

Upon doing so, astonishment filled his eyes.

The indestructible rocks that he was standing on were actually cracking.

Furthermore, the cracks were spreading.

All of this was caused by Bai Liluo.

Bai Liluo was actually so powerful that she was capable of destroying the rocks of the palace.


Soon, Chu Feng realized that he had guessed incorrectly.

Although the rocks were indeed shattering, they were shattering in a very orderly manner, and formed a special sort of formation as they shattered.

They did not appear to have been shattered with brute force.

Instead, it seemed like Bai Liluo had activated some sort of mechanism.


Suddenly, golden-bright and dazzling lights began to permeate from the cracks.

The lights appeared to possess awareness.

After the lights emerged, they soon gathered together, fused with one another, and formed a spirit formation.

To be exact, it resembled an entrance.


Right at that moment, the light emitted by Bai Liluo’s body began to change somewhat.

At the same time, that gate also began to change.

The gate that was originally tightly closed actually opened.

Through that opened gate, Chu Feng was able to see that there was a spirit formation space inside.

Countless mythological beasts were moving about inside the gate.

There were dragons, phoenixes and all kinds of miraculous creatures.

They were all so vivid and lifelike.

It was as if they were actual living creatures.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell that those were all creatures formed by powerful world spirit techniques.

To be exact, those were creatures formed by spirit power.

If martial comprehension was the crucial aspect to cultivators being able to make a breakthrough in cultivation, then these miraculous creatures formed with spirit power would be the crucial aspect to world spiritists increasing their level.

If one were able to comprehend them, one would definitely be able to increase the power of their world spirit techniques.

“Why are you still standing there Go on in,” Bai Liluo said to Chu Feng.

“You’re not going in” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s useless to me.

Just go on ahead,” Bai Liluo said to Chu Feng.

Following that, she urged, “Stop hesitating and go on in.

Your big sister needs to exhaust a lot of power in order to open it.

Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Very well,” seeing this, Chu Feng stopped hesitating, and took a leap into the spirit formation space.


Once Chu Feng entered the spirit formation space, the entrance gate immediately shut behind him.

It was like Chu Feng was trapped there.

The beasts in there also noticed Chu Feng.

One by one, they fixed their gazes on him.

Contained within their gazes were ill intentions.

However, Chu Feng was, after all, a seasoned veteran.

Thus, he did not panic, and instead sat down cross-legged with his eyes closed.

Chu Feng appeared to be ignoring the group of beasts.

However, that was actually not the case.

Chu Feng planned to subdue them.

After Chu Feng sat down cross-legged, spirit power began to pour out of Chu Feng’s body.

Soon, Chu Feng’s spirit power covered the entire spirit formation space.

Chu Feng’s spirit power began to affect the beasts inside.

Soon, the expressions with which the beasts looked to Chu Feng began to change.

From ill-intended, their gazes turned to those of alertness.

Following that, their gazes turned to those of observation.

Suddenly, a flood dragon’s gaze turned friendly.

Then, that friendly gaze turned to one of trust.

That dragon flung its dragon tail and started flying toward Chu Feng.

Even though its body was enormous, it actually turned into a strand of light when it reached Chu Feng, which was then absorbed into Chu Feng’s body.

Afterwards, more and more beasts began to fly toward Chu Feng.

Even that enormous true dragon was no exception.

In the blink of an eye, all of the beasts flew into Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt very delighted.

The reason for that was because his spirit power would strengthen greatly whenever a beast entered his body.

As the powerful beasts all entered his body, Chu Feng’s ability to connect with Exalted level spirit power reached a very powerful level.

At that point, Chu Feng felt that he was now capable of connecting to Snake Mark Exalted-cloak Spirit Power.

Should Chu Feng be able to successfully connect with Snake Mark Exalted-cloak Spirit Power, he would have successfully become a Snake Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Chu Feng did not hesitate.

He immediately began to attempt to form a connection to Snake Mark Exalted-cloak Spirit Power.

“Quickly, enter a contract with me.

You, stop wasting time.”

Right when Chu Feng connected with Snake Mark Exalted-cloak Spirit Power, a familiar voice entered his ears.

It was that female Asura World Spirit.

Chu Feng had also heard her voice when he managed to reach a breakthrough in his world spirit techniques in the past.

She was a very powerful world spirit.

Her cultivation was at least that of a Heavenly Immortal.

It was even possible for her cultivation to be even stronger than that.

Chu Feng did not understand why she wanted to enter a contract with him, and why she had such an unyielding attitude on top of that.

“Exactly who are you Why do you want to enter a contract with me” Chu Feng asked.

He felt that this world spirit had some sort of ulterior purpose.

“I wish to serve you.

Do not waste time.

If you are to obtain my help, you will definitely be able to sweep all your enemies aside,” that world spirit’s voice sounded again.

“Why should I trust that you will help me Your strength is stronger than mine.

What am I to do if you decide to harm me” Chu Feng asked.

“If I am to enter a contract with you, our lives and deaths will be connected while I’m in your world.

If you live, I will live.

If you die, I will die.

If I am to kill you, it will be equivalent to me killing myself.

Would I do such a thing”

“Bastard, stop wasting time.

That damned spirit formation of yours will end up severing our connection again.

Quickly, allow me to accompany you.

Quickly, enter an agreement with…”

That female world spirit’s voice grew weaker and weaker.

She did not even manage to finish her final words before her voice dissipated completely.

“You dare curse me as a bastard I knew that you harbored evil intentions against me from the very start.

You have no desire to serve me,” Chu Feng muttered in his heart.

However, his expression soon changed.

He thought to himself, ‘My spirit formation What does she mean by that is it my spirit formation that forcibly sealed off her connection with me”


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