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Chapter 3052 - The Other Side Of The Gate

“Chu Feng, you are like your father, you are both actual heroes of our clan.”

“This bow of respect is not something that this old man is doing for himself.”

“Rather, this old man is representing the Chu Heavenly Clan and bowing to you.”

“You must accept this.”

After saying those words, Chu Youyuan began to kowtow to Chu Feng repeatedly.

After a series of kowtows, Chu Youyuan got back up.

“Lord Youyuan, this…”

At that moment, Chu Feng was at a loss as for what to do.

If it were someone else kowtowing to him, Chu Feng would not say anything, and would even accept it.

However, Chu Youyuan did not owe him anything.

On the contrary, Chu Youyuan was Chu Fengs benefactor.

Chu Feng was truly incapable of accepting kowtows from someone like Chu Youyuan.

That said, whilst Chu Feng had an ashamed expression on his face, Chu Youyuan had a very worry-free expression.

“Chu Feng, bring this with you.

At crucial moments, it will be able to protect your life,” Chu Youyuan handed a talisman to Chu Feng.

That talisman was formed with world spirit power.

Judging by its appearance, the talisman paper seemed to be quite ancient.

It was most definitely not something created by an ordinary world spiritist.

Furthermore, the talisman was extremely powerful.

It was a protective talisman, and was capable of protecting Chu Fengs life.

Chu Feng felt that if he were to use the talisman, no one below the Martial Immortal realm would be able to cause him any harm.

With such a talisman in hand, even if Chu Feng were to encounter younger generations of the Li Heavenly Clan who were stronger than him inside the Upper Realm Gate, they would not be able to injure him either.

While Chu Feng believed that his strength was still very lacking, he also firmly believed that the Li Heavenly Clans younger generations, regardless of how powerful they might be, would definitely not possess the cultivation of Martial Immortals.

“Milord, if what youve said is true, this Chu Feng will definitely complete his mission,” Chu Feng received the talisman and made a promise to Chu Youyuan.


Right at that moment, a small gap opened at the center of the Upper Realm Gate.

That gap was very small.

It was only large enough for a single person to pass through.

However, that gap was slowly expanding in size.

Judging by the current speed of expansion, that gap would expand to a size capable of allowing ten people to pass through in an hour.

“Senior, if I am to encounter the Li Heavenly Clansmen inside, how should I respond” Chu Feng asked.

“Although there are no conflicts between our clan and the Li Heavenly Clan, with the appearance of this gate, our two clans will inevitably battle one another.”

“If you are to encounter the Li Heavenly Clans younger generations, it would be best if you could reach a peaceful settlement.

However, if you cannot, then your own safety is the number one priority.

As for them, try your best to not kill them.

However, if you are faced with no other choice, you can go ahead and kill them,” Chu Youyuan said.

“This junior understands,” after saying those words, Chu Feng soared into the sky and flew toward the Upper Realm Gate.

The moment Chu Feng passed through the Upper Realm Gate, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Upper Realm Gate truly possessed a formless power that was sealing the gate.

Likely, that power should be the age restriction that Chu Youyuan had spoken of.

Chu Feng was a person of the younger generation within a hundred years of age.

Thus, that power was unable to stop him.

However, for people like Chu Youyuan and Ying Mingchao, they would most likely be stopped by that formless power.

“Upper Realm Gate”

“How powerful of an expert does one need to be to create such a grand formation”

Chu Feng was surprised.

When looking from outside the Upper Realm Gate, one would feel the Li Heavenly Clans Upper Realm to be extremely close to them.

However, upon entering the Upper Realm Gate, what appeared before Chu Feng was a deep formation tunnel.

That tunnel was very deep.

One could not see its end at all.

Chu Feng felt that, even with his speed, he would have to travel for quite some time to reach the other end of the tunnel.

That place greatly resembled the Heavenly Road connecting the Eastern Sea Region to the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, its scale and power was a day and night difference.

The Heavenly Road was merely a path through a formation border.

As for the Upper Realm Gate, it connected two Upper Realms in the vast starry sky.

The Upper Realm Gate was extremely powerful.

That was the reason why Chu Feng would gasp with admiration after entering it.

That said, whilst he was feeling admiration, Chu Feng knew very well what his mission there was.

His mission concerned the continued existence of their Chu Heavenly Clan.

Thus, upon entering the Upper Realm Gate, Chu Feng immediately started flying deep into the tunnel.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had unleashed his sensing abilities, and was also using his world spirit techniques to observe his surroundings.

Chu Feng was trying to find the main formation of the Upper Realm Gate.

The Upper Realm Gates main formation was actually not that hard to find.

Not long after traveling inside the Upper Realm Gate, Chu Feng determined the location of the main formation through the flow of power within the Upper Realm Gate.

It was likely located at the center of the Upper Realm Gate.

Thus, Chu Feng immediately unleashed his full strength and began flying deep into the Upper Realm Gate.

Sure enough, Chu Feng discovered a grand formation in the center of the tunnel.

That was the main formation of the Upper Realm Gate.

Through his Heavens Eyes, Chu Feng quickly determined the method to destroy the main formation and slow down the operation of the Upper Realm Gate.

However, Chu Feng did not immediately set up that spirit formation.

Instead, he took several medicinal pellets and then began to set up another spirit formation.

The medicinal pellets Chu Feng took out were capable of strengthening his spirit power.

The effect of those medicinal pellets were very fierce.

It was no different from taking Forbidden Medicines, as those medicinal pellets would give him a backlash.

However, Chu Feng had no other choice.

He believed that the Li Heavenly Clan mustve discovered the Upper Realm Gate already.

Soon, the Li Heavenly Clans younger generations would enter the Upper Realm Gate.

Because of that, Chu Feng was in a race against time.

Meanwhile, a lot of people were gathered on the other side of the Upper Realm Gate.

Those people were all members of the Li Heavenly Clan.


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