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Chapter 3034 - Torn With Grief

Due to the commotion caused by Xu Jialuo, everyone had stopped working, and was looking for an opportunity to escape.

Only this woman was reacting as if she did not notice Xu Jialuo, and continuing to diligently transport the crystal stones.

Furthermore, she was not all dirty like the others.

Even though she was transporting crystal stones, her clothes were still very clean.

She still maintained the demeanor that a martial cultivator should have.

That woman served as a complete contrast to that place.

However, she was doing the same sort of work as the others; she was also transporting crystal stones.

Perhaps because she had moved crystal stones for too long, not only was her complexion pale, but she also looked very weak.

Her soul had been corroded by the crystal stones.

Furthermore, her degree of corrosion was very serious.

Moreover, that woman was carrying a man on her back.

She was actually working while carrying a man on her back.

Compared to the woman, the man was in even weaker health.

He was coughing nonstop.

He simply resembled a dying man.

Seeing the woman and the man, Chu Feng immediately started to frown.

The corners of his eyes began to go moist.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew those two people.

They were Chu Fengs benefactors, two seniors that he respected greatly.

Those two people were Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi.

Back then, Ying Mingchao, Zi Xunyi, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had all stepped onto the path to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm together with Chu Feng.

However, they encountered the strange vortexes that had appeared on the Stairway to Heaven, and were separated.

Chu Feng was sent into the the Primal Sea Sacred Mountains Sacred Mountain World.

Wang Qiang had appeared in the Void Sacred Tree.

As for Zhao Hong, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi, Chu Feng was unable to find any news regarding them the entire time.

That said, Chu Feng had thought that the vortexes were strange.

Since both he and Wang Qiang were able to pass through the vortexes alive and encounter a fortunate opportunity, he felt that Zhao Hong, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi should have encountered a fortunate opportunity too.

Never would Chu Feng have imagined that he would see Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi here.

The two grand characters that were capable of shaking the entire world in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm were actually reduced to slave workers by the Bandit Beasts.

Furthermore, they looked so very miserable.

“Seniors,” Chu Feng quietly called out.

Chu Fengs voice was very soft, and trembled slightly.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was feeling enormous pain for Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi.

It was not only Chu Fengs voice that was trembling, even his heart was trembling.

However, that soft call from Chu Feng caused the working Zi Xunyi to instantly freeze.

Then, she abruptly turned around and cast her eyes onto Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, it really is you!” Zi Xunyi was immediately overjoyed upon seeing Chu Feng.

She hurriedly let go of the crystal stone in her hand and walked over to Chu Feng.

She grabbed Chu Feng\'s wrist and began to carefully examine him.

Not only were her eyes filled with joy, but they were also filled with deep concern.

Even though she herself was in such a miserable state, she was still worried for Chu Feng\'s well-being.

Seeing Zi Xunyi like this, Chu Feng felt as if his heart was being sliced apart by knives.

It was an extremely uncomfortable sensation.

However, he could only force himself to smile.

Senior, its me, its me, Chu Feng.

Mingchao, Mingchao, quickly, wake up, look at who this is.

Being called by Zi Xunyi, Yin Mingchao hurriedly opened his eyes.

His eyes were devoid of spirit.

It seemed like even his eyesight had gone bad.

However, when his eyes landed on Chu Feng, they started to emit light.

Chu Feng, is it Chu Feng

Xunyi, you\'ve found Chu Feng

Ying Mingchao let out an extremely weak voice.

Even his voice had changed.

Even though Ying Mingchao still had the appearance of a middle-aged man, his voice was as hoarse as a dying old man.

Senior, its me, its me, Chu Feng hurriedly helped Ying Mingchao down from Zi Xunyi\'s back.

Chu Feng immediately took out medicinal pellets and fed them to both Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi.

Chu Feng, never would I have expected that you\'d be captured by them too.

What are we to do now

At that moment, the expression of joy that Zi Xunyi had revealed when she first saw Chu Feng was already gone, to be replaced by endless worry.

She felt that Chu Feng had been captured by those Bandit Beasts too.

She had already experienced the despair of that place.

Thinking that Chu Feng had landed in the same sort of predicament as them, Zi Xunyi felt very pained.

After all, Chu Feng possessed such excellent talent.

He should not be trapped until he died in a place like this.

Senior, please don\'t worry.

I am fine.

That said, how did the two of you end up here

Chu Feng asked Zi Xunyi about what ha happened as he treated Ying Mingchao\'s injuries.

He was truly unable to understand why Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi would end up suffering such miserable fates when both he and Wang Qiang had obtained fortunate opportunities.

Chu Feng wanted to know what had happened.

Zi Xunyi did not try to conceal anything.

She began to tell Chu Feng what had happened after they arrived in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Different from Chu Feng and the others, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi were both sucked into one vortex, and sent to the same place.

They were sent to a strange ravine.

The ravine was filled with intense natural energies.

Not only that, but all of the plants, vegetation and fruits inside the ravine were beneficial to martial cultivation.

It was simply a sacred ground for cultivation.

Unfortunately, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi did not realize that that ravine was a sacred ground for cultivation.

They had thought that the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm was like the ravine.

Determined to find Chu Feng and the others, the two of them did not stay in the ravine.

Instead, they tried their hardest to leave.

When they left the ravine, they discovered that they\'d entered a plain, and had no means of returning to the ravine.

It was only at that moment that they realized the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm was not filled with abundant natural energies and cultivation resources like that ravine.

Even though they were feeling slight regret for exiting the ravine, due to their worries for Chu Feng and the others, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi did not attempt to find the entrance to return to the ravine to train.

Instead, they immediately set off to search for Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

Unfortunately, not long after they began their search, they encountered the Bandit Beasts, and were captured.

Ying Mingchao\'s injuries were not caused by the corrosion of the crystal stones.

Instead, he was beaten to such a state by the Bandit Beasts because of his resistance on the day they were captured.

If it wasn\'t for Zi Xunyi begging the Bandit Beasts, Ying Mingchao would\'ve been killed that day.

I am useless.

If it wasn\'t for me, Xunyi would not have kneeled to those animals, Hearing till that point, Ying Mingchao actually started tearing up.

One must know that Ying Mingchao was a legendary character in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

They actually forced senior to kneel, those animals are truly abominable! As for Chu Feng, his anger was surging like an erupting volcano.

His anger had filled all of the blood in his body.

To Chu Feng, Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi were most definitely not ordinary seniors.

They were both his benefactors.

Chu Feng regarded the two of them as his own elder brother and sister.

For the two of them to suffer such injustice upon arriving in the mines...

Chu Feng was absolutely unable to tolerate it.


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