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Chapter 3006 - Complacent Laughter

“Lord Youyuan, please rest yourself.

Allow this Chu Feng to behead these scum of the Chu Heavenly Clan,” As Chu Feng spoke, he once again gripped his Evil God Sword tightly.


Chu Youyuan, did you see that That Chu Feng is simply a carbon copy of his father and grandfather.

He is simply egotistical and arrogant beyond reason.”

“He really thinks that he will be able to take care of two Chu Heavenly Clans Utmost Exalted Elders with that lousy sword,” Chu Haoyans grandfather started to laugh mockingly.

As for Chu Zhiyuans grandfather, he shook his head helplessly.

Although the way they expressed themselves was different, they both found Chu Feng ridiculous.

“The two of you can give it a try,” Chu Feng gripped his Evil God Sword even tighter.

He once again began to instill power into the Evil God Sword, activating it.

Although Chu Feng was no longer certain of whether his Evil God Sword would be able to contend against Exalted-level experts after witnessing the battle between Lord Youyuan and Chu Haoyans grandfather, the Evil God Sword was still his final hope.

As such, he must risk his life on it.

At the very least, he would still have a final chance to live should he use the Evil God Sword.

If he didnt use the Evil God Sword, he would definitely end up dying.

“Chu Feng, put down the Demon Armament in your hand,” Right at that moment, Lord Youyuan suddenly spoke to Chu Feng.

He looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, you must believe in me.

With me here, they will not be able to kill you.”

After saying those words, Lord Youyuan stretched forth his arm and personally cut open the defensive barrier he had setup.

Then, he shielded Chu Feng within his bosom.

“Stop him! We cannot allow him to escape!” Seeing this, Chu Haoyans grandfather immediately narrowed his eyebrows.

An extremely serious expression appeared in his eyes.

At that moment, Chu Zhiyuans grandfather released his boundless oppressive might and started to fix his eyes on Lord Youyuans each and every movement.

Indeed, being seriously injured, Lord Youyuan would not be able to escape should the two of them decide to strictly cling to him.


However, even with that being the case, Lord Youyuan still took an abrupt step and left the ground.

However, he did not fly toward the entrance of the cave.

Instead, he was flying toward the depths of the cave.

It was the direction of that fiery lake.

When Chu Feng and Lord Youyuan arrived on top of the lake, they started to abruptly fly downward.

With aputt, a splash soared into the sky.

Lord Youyuan had actually entered the lake with Chu Feng.


Witnessing this, Chu Haoyans grandfather and Chu Zhiyuans grandfathers expressions both changed.

Then, the two of them both flew above the lake.

After the two of them carefully inspected the lake, they looked to one another.

Then… the two of them actually started to laugh in a relieved manner.

They felt that the lake water was extremely powerful and, not to mention Chu Feng, even Chu Youyuan would undoubtedly die after entering it.

“That Chu Youyuan wasnt boasting.

Indeed, we werent able to kill Chu Feng.

As for the reason, its because hes the one that ended up killing Chu Feng.”

“Hahaha…” Chu Haoyans grandfather started to laugh in an incomparably carefree manner after saying those words.

His laughter was so full of joy that it was as if he had managed to obtain some great revenge.

As for Chu Zhiyuans grandfather, his expression was somewhat serious.

He looked cautiously to Chu Haoyans grandfather, “I hope that you will honor your promise.

Otherwise… this old man will have you die in this lake too.”

“Rest assured, this old man will not break our promise,” After he finished saying those words, Chu Haoyans grandfather looked to Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.

He said, “Children, what are the two of you still hesitating for That spring belongs to the two of you.”

Hearing those words, Chu Zhiyuan revealed a joyous expression and stepped into the spring without the slightest hesitation.

After entering the spring, he turned around.

He saw that Chu Ruoshi was still standing there.

Thus, he asked, “Ruoshi, what are you still waiting for Quickly, come in and train with me.”

“Big brother Zhiyuan, that spring is very powerful.

However, it would be more effective for one to train in it alone.

You want to defeat Chu Qing.

Thus… Ruoshi will not be entering the spring,” Chu Ruoshi said.

“Ruoshi, you…” Chu Zhiyuan was startled upon hearing those words.

“Big brother Zhiyuan, I have never thought about becoming number one.

I only wanted you to become number one, as you are my man.

Thus… do not disappoint me,” Chu Ruoshi said.

Hearing those words, Chu Zhiyuan was startled momentarily.

Then, a determined expression emerged in his eyes.

He said, “Very well.

Ruoshi, I will definitely not disappoint you.

I will also not forget all that youve done for me.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Zhiyuan sat cross-legged in the spring water and closed his eyes.

He began to enjoy the natural energies and martial comprehension that was pounding against him nonstop all alone.

“Ruoshi is a truly good girl.

To have such a good girl as your granddaughter-in-law is not only Zhiyuans fortune, it is also your good fortune.

It would appear that not only will your grandson obtain the number one place in the Heavenly Beloved Martial Competition, but that Chu Qing will also end up suffering.”

“It is truly something worthy of celebration,” Chu Haoyans grandfather said to Chu Zhiyuans grandfather.

“Rest assured, after my grandson emerges in power, your grandson shall become his trusted aide.

The future of the Chu Heavenly Clan shall be in our hands,” Chu Zhiyuans grandfather said.

“That would be the best,” Chu Haoyans grandfather said with a smile.

Finally, Chu Zhiyuans grandfather revealed a smile on his face.

It was a smile of having ones plot finally succeeding after years of silent endurance.

That said, when the two of them were thinking that they had eliminated their greatest threat, when they felt that they would obtain the world, they had no idea that Chu Feng and Lord Youyuan were diving straight down into the lake following the undercurrent.

Merely, it was no longer Lord Youyuan holding Chu Feng.

Instead, it was Chu Feng holding Lord Youyuan.

Lord Youyuan had ended up losing consciousness.

His life and death was uncertain.

However, Chu Fengs eyes were shining.

They were emitting an incomparably astonished gaze.

At the same time, lightning had enveloped his body.

The lightning was protecting him and Lord Youyuan like a sacred guardian beast.

It was that lightning that was shielding Chu Feng and Lord Youyuan from the frightening lake water, allowing Chu Feng to be completely unharmed in the hellish water.


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