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Chapter 2995 - The Tyrannical Chu Feng

“Chu Feng, are you threatening us” Chu Haoyan asked coldly.

At the same time, Chu Huanyu, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Zhiyuan and a small portion of the other Chu Heavenly Clansmen present revealed, to a greater or lesser degree, displeased expressions on their faces.

“I merely wanted to help you all obtain the treasures here, encounter a chance cultivation opportunity.”

“However, if you refuse to cooperate, I will have no choice but to forcibly make you cooperate.

After all, even if you do not wish to obtain the treasures here, even if you do not wish to encounter a chance cultivation opportunity, that does not mean that I, Chu Feng, do not wish for it.”

“Thus, I will not deny it if you say that I’m threatening you all.”

“The reason for that is because you all must hand over your banners to me,” Chu Feng said.

Right at that moment, Chu Ruoshi suddenly stood forth and said, “Little brother Chu Feng, do you not think what you’re doing to be somewhat excessive”

“Is is excessive If it wasn’t for me, would you all be able to obtain those banners in the first place”

“If it wasn’t for me, would you all be able to solve the Yin Yang Formation Diagram”

“I have assisted you all in solving the formation and helped you obtain the banners.

And now, right when we are about to receive the treasures, about to obtain a chance cultivation opportunity, you all begin to suspect me in all sorts of ways.

Exactly who are the excessive ones”

“Well then, it will take some time for me to find the locations of the treasures.

I, Chu Feng, have no heart to bother with any more superfluous words with you all.

You can either hand over the banners immediately, or else… I will have no choice but to retrieve the banners myself.”

After Chu Feng said those words, a World Spirit Gate opened before him.

A figure walked out from the World Spirit Gate.

It was none other than Her Lady Queen.

“It’s best for you all to obediently cooperate, for this Queen is not as easy to talk to as Chu Feng is,” Her Lady Queen said with a smile on her face.

Her smile was very beautiful.

However, all of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations present were able to sense what sort of killing intent was concealed behind Her Lady Queen’s absolutely beautiful smile.

“Chu Feng, did you really think yourself to be unparalleled among the people of the younger generation! You dare to act this arrogant!” Finally, Chu Ruoshi revealed her vicious side.


Right after Chu Ruoshi’s words left her mouth, surging dark black gaseous flames were unleashed from Her Lady Queen’s body.

Once the dark black gaseous flames appeared, they immediately covered the entire region, filling the entire area they could see.

Furthermore, the dark black gaseous flames were also emitting bone-chilling killing intent.

Its killing intent was simply many times more terrifying than that of the Blueflame Biogas.

When the dark black gaseous flames appeared, many people started to sweat cold bullets in fear.

Those people that had hidden their banners immediately took them out and handed them to Chu Feng.

Furthermore, they were all saying good things about Chu Feng out of fear that Chu Feng would make things difficult for them.

It wasn’t that they were cowards.

If they were really that cowardly, they wouldn’t have attempted to hide their banners to begin with.

The reason for their reactions was because they felt fatal danger from the aura emitted by Her Lady Queen.

They were not Chu Ruoshi, Chu Huanyu or Chu Haoyan.

They did not possess a powerful background.

As their strength was inferior to Chu Feng’s and they were sealed inside the Yin Yang Gate, they truly did not dare to go against such a formidable Chu Feng.

Thus, at that moment, only Chu Ruoshi, Chu Haoyan, Chu Huanyu and Chu Zhiyuan were still refusing to hand their banners to Chu Feng.

“Are you all planning to force this queen to act” Her Lady Queen cast her cold gaze to Chu Ruoshi and the others.


Right at that moment, a red light flashed past.

A fiery whip appeared in Chu Ruoshi’s hand.

Once that whip appeared, it immediately emitted flames and intense heat that was capable of burning everything.

It was an Incomplete Immortal Armament.

It was an extremely powerful top quality Incomplete Immortal Armament.

However, Chu Ruoshi’s abilities were most definitely not only limited to her Incomplete Immortal Armament.

At the same time as she revealed her Incomplete Immortal Armament, a character composed of lightning, ‘Heaven,’ appeared on her forehead.

Heaven level Lightning Mark.

After her Heaven level Lightning Mark appeared, Chu Ruoshi’s cultivation increased from rank eight True Immortal to rank nine True Immortal.

Chu Ruoshi had unleashed her full strength from the very start.

Her peak True Immortal strength had caused the surrounding weather to change.

This was especially true as the space was sealed by Blueflame Biogas.

The change to the surroundings caused by Chu Ruoshi’s aura was raised to a higher level.

It even seemed to be able to overshadow Her Lady Queen’s black gaseous flames.

At that moment, Chu Huanyu, Chu Haoyan and a small portion of people secretly walked over behind Chu Ruoshi.

It was as if they had found a backer.

That was understandable too.

After all, it was Chu Ruoshi they were standing behind.

Although Her Lady Queen, with her frightening heaven-defying battle power, had made Chu Haoyan powerless to fight back against her, they did not feel that she would be able to win against such a powerful Chu Ruoshi.

They still had a sort of wishful thinking that if Chu Ruoshi was able to defeat Her Lady Queen, they would not have to be threatened by Chu Feng.

“Little brother Chu Feng, I’d urge you to leave some ground and not go to this extreme.

Otherwise, do not blame me for disregarding the affection of fellow clansmen.”

Perhaps because her aura was more imposing than Her Lady Queen’s, Chu Ruoshi’s tone grew even colder.

It was as if she were the actual ruler of that place.

It would be one thing if Chu Feng were to listen to her commands, but if Chu Feng refused, then she would become ruthless.


However, right after Chu Ruoshi said those words, the dark black gaseous flames that covered the sky began to rush toward Chu Ruoshi to devour her like a giant beast with its mouth wide open, revealing all of its sharp fangs.

Her Lady Queen had unleashed her attack.

Furthermore, the speed of her attack was very fast.

In such a narrow space, her attack practically did not give her opponent time to react.

That said, Chu Ruoshi was, after all, the second ranked on the Demon-level Geniuses List, the strongest member of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation apart from Chu Qing.

Thus, her reaction speed was extremely fast.

She brandished the Incomplete Immortal Armament in her hand at practically the moment Her Lady Queen unleashed her attack.

Flames scattered forth.

A fire dragon was actually unleashed by the whip.

The fire dragon roared repeatedly as it charged straight toward the dark black gaseous flames descending from above.

It was clearly trying to battle the dark black gaseous flames to determine who stronger.


A loud explosion was heard.

The dark black gaseous flames actually descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

Black flames scattered about.

Many people in the surrounding area were repeatedly forced back by the powerful energy ripples.

Not only was the fire dragon engulfed by the dark black gaseous flames, but even Chu Ruoshi and the others were engulfed by it.

However, right after the dark black gaseous flames struck Chu Ruoshi and the others, they started to scatter.

After the dark black gaseous flames disappeared, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Haoyan, Chu Huanyu and Chu Zhiyuan finally reappeared.


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