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Chapter 2883 - Just Begun

“Chu Feng, if you dare kill my grandson, I will have you buried together with him!”

Suddenly, a furious old man’s shout exploded from the spirit formation that enveloped Asura Zhao Kun.

It was Asura Zhao Kun’s grandfather, Zhao Kuangfengyi.

Zhao Kuangfengyi had kept his silence the entire time because he did not want to interfere in the competition between the two parties of the younger generation.

However, his own grandson’s life was now in danger.

As a grandfather, he could not sit and watch, whilst remaining indifferent.

However, while things were fine before Zhao Kuangfengyi spoke, once Zhao Kuangfengyi spoke, the Ancient Era’s War Sword floating above Chu Feng turned into a golden light that then arrived before Asura Zhao Kun.

The sword’s tip was aimed straight at Asura Zhao Kun’s head.

It was like a mountain was right before him.

Should that mountain land, Asura Zhao Kun would definitely meet a miserable death.

“If your grandson makes another abnormal move, you will know whether or not I, Chu Feng, dare to kill him or not,” Chu feng said.


Outside the Inheritance Cave, the aged face on Zhao Kuangfengyi was filled with even more anger.

A person of the younger generation actually dared to speak to him such a manner.

He simply did not put him in his eyes at all.

How could he, Zhao Kuangfengyi, possibly tolerate this

“Brother Zhao, that Chu Feng has always been one that dares to do what he declares.

You must not provoke him.

Otherwise… he will really end up doing it.”

Right at that moment, Elder Xingyi spoke to warn Zhao Kuangfengyi.

He was warning Zhao Kuangfengyi out of good intentions.

The reason for that was because he knew Chu Feng’s temperament.

He was truly someone who would not even fear the heavens itself should he become angry.

Furthermore, this was the first time he had seen Chu Feng becoming this angry.

Thus, he was practically certain that if Zhao Kuangfengyi continued to provoke Chu feng, Asura Zhao Kun’s life would definitely be lost.

“That’s right.

Grandmaster Zhao, that Chu Feng is indeed a fearless character.

Not only did he kill Yuwen City’s young city master,but he even crippled Han Yu’s cultivation.

Furthermore, he did that before an Utmost Exalted Elder of Swordking City.”

After that, the other Starfall Holy Land’s elders also started to urge Zhao Kuangfengyi against provoking Chu Feng.

While they did not know Chu Feng very well, they’d all heard of what Chu Feng had done.

Hearing the advice from the crowd, even though Zhao Kuangfengyi was feeling extremely unwilling, he ended up saying no more.

He was actually also afraid.

He feared more than anyone else that Chu Feng would kill Asura Zhao Kun.

After all, regardless of how important his face and honor were, they were not as important as his grandson’s life.

Thinking of this, he no longer said anything.

Instead, he made the resolution to settle the debt with Chu Feng after he came out from the Inheritance Cave.

Inside the Inheritance Cave.

The people of the younger generation present noticed that Asura Zhao Kun’s grandfather had grown silent.

With this, they realized more profoundly how powerful Chu Feng was.

When the others were already like this, Asura Zhao Kun would naturally know it even better.

He was truly scared.

He was truly thinking that Chu Feng would end up killing him.

“Chu Feng, I merely wanted to scare her.

I didn’t really have the intention to attack her.

There’s no need for you to go this far, no”

Finally, Asura Zhao Kun spoke.

However, he was evidently giving in to Chu Feng with those words.

However, even though Asura Zhao Kun was giving in, Chu Feng did not acknowledge him.

“I’ve said it already.

If you dare attempt that again, I will bury you here.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng withdrew his Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Lightning Mark on his forehead.

Actually, with Chu Feng’s strength, there was simply no need for him to go this far should he want to take care of Asura Zhao Kun.

However, it was precisely because Chu Feng had gone all-out from the very start that the crowd realized how serious he was.

At that moment, the crowd couldn’t help but turn their gazes to Her Lady Queen.

This was especially true for Xia Yun’er.

She was looking at Her Lady Queen with an even more complicated gaze.

They had all realized that this world spirit from the Asura Spirit World possessed extraordinary significance to Chu Feng.

The relationship between the two of them was most definitely not as simple as that of a master and servant.

“Since the Inheritance Site has been opened, let us have our world spirits enter it to train then,” Xia Yun’er said.

As she spoke, she summoned her world spirits.

Xia Yun’er possessed a total of thirteen world spirits.

They were all from the Fairy Spirit World.

These world spirits from the Fairy Spirit World all possessed overwhelming immortal auras and beautiful faces.

Thus, those world spirits suited Xia Yun’er very well.

That being said, Xia Yun’er’s world spirits were not very powerful either.

The great majority of them were only rank one True Immortals.

The strongest one was only a rank three True Immortal.

Their cultivations were inferior to Xia Yun’er’s own cultivation.

As such, they were simply unable to assist her in battle.

After Xia Yun’er summoned her world spirits, the other two disciples from the Starfall Holy Land also summoned their world spirits.

The two of them both possessed numerous world spirits, each numbering over a hundred.

However, the quality of their world spirits was far inferior to Xia Yun’er’s.

“Chu Feng, wait for this Queen’s good news.”

Her Lady Queen turned to Chu Feng and smiled.

Then, her body shifted as she leapt into the Inheritance Site.

Following her, the other world spirits also entered the Inheritance Site.

However, Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit did not follow in after them.

That guy actually walked over to Chu Feng’s side and spoke with a tone of someone trying to worm one’s way into being friends, “Rest assured, I will definitely take proper care of your your world spirit.

That said, what’s her name”

“I have never met a lady as beautiful as her before.”

As that fellow spoke, he nearly ended up drooling.

Seeing this, Asura Zhao Kun felt black lines running down his head.

For the sake of that world spirit, Chu Feng nearly ended up killing him.

Even a fool could tell that Chu Feng possessed an extraordinary relationship with that world spirit.

Yet, his world spirit was actually so reckless as to ask Chu Feng that sort of question.

Was he not courting death

Had it been before, Asura Zhao Kun would’ve already lashed out at his world spirit and called him back.

However, due to his fear toward Chu feng, he did not even dare to lash out at his own world spirit.

He could only look on helplessly.

He thought to himself, ‘I won’t be able to save you, since I’m powerless to even defend myself.

Boy, you do not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Since you’ve dived headfirst toward death, you can only resign yourself to fate.’

In fact, it was not only Asura Zhao Kun who was worrying about his world spirit; practically everyone present was worrying about Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit.

However, to the crowd’s surprise, Chu Feng didn’t get angry.

Instead, he smiled lightly and said, “You can go and ask for her name yourself.”

“However, I will give you this advice.

It is best for you to not have any thoughts about her.”

As he said those words, the smile was still present on Chu Feng’s face.

However, a trace of ice-coldness flashed across his eyes.

Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit had caught Chu Feng’s gaze clearly.

Because of that, his expression immediately changed.

He said no more, hurriedly turned around and entered the Inheritance Site.

The gate of the Inheritance Site remained open the entire time.

Unfortunately, it was an Inheritance Site exclusively for world spirits.

Thus, Chu Feng and the others were unable to enter it.

“Chu Feng, this time cannot be counted.”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

It was Liangqiu Hongyue.

Those two sisters were already standing before the second Inheritance Site.

Their intentions were extremely clear.

“Of course it can’t be counted.”

As Chu Feng replied, he began to walk toward the two sisters.

The second Inheritance Site had opened.

This too was an Inheritance Site for world spirits.

Merely, this time around, it was no longer an Inheritance Site that only Asura World Spiritists could open.

Thus, the contest between Chu Feng and the Liangqiu sisters had only just begun.


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