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Chapter 2845 - Soul-devouring Beast Descending From The Heavens

Jian Wuqing continued to look at Chu Feng.

He seemed to want to verify his guess.

Upon sensing Jian Wuqing’s gaze, Chu Feng returned his look.

Seeing Chu Feng’s gaze, Jian Wuqing was certain that he had guessed correctly.

Chu Feng did not fear Ren Xiaoyao.

The reason for that was because the look Chu Feng gave Jian Wuqing was a look telling him to not worry about him.

As for Chu Feng, he was indeed not worried about Ren Xiaoyao.

Although he no longer possessed martial power and cultivation, although his body had become extremely weak like that of an ordinary person, the battle techniques that he had gained through his many years of martial cultivation were still present within him.

Chu Feng had always been someone focused mostly on close-ranged battles.

Furthermore, fighting empty-handed was also something he was extremely proficient in.

It was only because martial cultivators would generally fight with their oppressive might first and then rely on their martial power and martial skills that Chu Feng ended up having very few opportunities to unleash his close-range fighting prowess.

Even when the opportunity to fight at close range presented itself, Chu Feng would generally end up having to use his weapons and martial skills to fight against his enemies.

There had practically been close to no opportunities for him to actually fight someone at close range using nothing more than his own physical body.

However, Chu Feng was now able to unleash his fighting prowess.

“Brother Chu Feng, this is merely the rule of the game.

Since I want to win, I must eliminate you all.

You must not blame me for this.”

Ren Xiaoyao cracked his knuckles as he walked toward Chu Feng with a beaming smile on his face.

“It’s the rule of the game.

I will naturally not blame you.

Merely… you must not blame me either,” Chu Feng said.

“Wha” Ren Xiaoyao was startled by Chu Feng’s words.

‘Not blame him’

‘What does he mean by that’

‘Are you suggesting that you’ll attack me, Ren Xiaoyao’


At the moment when Ren Xiaoyao was in a daze, Chu Feng took a sudden big stride forward toward Ren Xiaoyao.

Chu Feng’s speed was so fast that he arrived before Ren Xiaoyao in an instant.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s fist shot forth as he arrived.

With whistles of wind, his fist smashed toward Ren Xiaoyao’s face.

“This guy!”

Ren Xiaoyao was immediately alarmed.

He was surprised to discover that Chu Feng’s speed was simply too fast, simply unlike that of an ordinary person at all.

It could be said that Chu Feng’s attack had completely surpassed his expectation and caught him completely off-guard.

However, as Ren Xiaoyao dared to pick a fight against Chu Feng, he was naturally not an ordinary person himself.

Ren Xiaoyao took a step back, and his body leaned to the side.

He was trying to dodge Chu Feng’s punch with a sideways stride.

However, Chu Feng was still a step faster than Ren Xiaoyao.

Although he tried to dodge, Ren Xiaoyao was unable to dodge Chu Feng’s fist in time.

“Paa,” Chu Feng’s fist landed.

Ren Xiaoyao let out a scream.

He was knocked five meters away by Chu Feng’s fist before falling down ruthlessly.

When he landed, not only was his nose bleeding, but three teeth even fell out of his mouth when he opened it.

“You bastard!”

Ren Xiaoyao was immediately furious.

He stood up and planned to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

However, Chu Feng had already approached him.

He raised his leg and unleashed a kick at Ren Xiaoyao.

That kick landed ruthlessly onto Ren Xiaoyao’s face.

Right after getting back up, Ren Xiaoyao let out another scream and was kicked back to the ground by Chu Feng.

After that, Chu Feng directly mounted Ren Xiaoyao and began to bombard his face with a flurry of punches.

Ren Xiaoyao’s current body was that of an ordinary individual.

As such, how could he possibly withstand such a vicious beating from Chu Feng He began to scream nonstop and howled in grief repeatedly.

In fact, he even started begging Chu Feng for forgiveness, asking Chu Feng to spare him.

However, how could Chu Feng possibly spare Ren Xiaoyao Not only did Chu Feng’s attacks grow more and more fierce, but Chu Feng even started to mumble, “Brother Xiaoyao, you cannot blame me for this.

This is the rule of the game.

I have no choice either.”

Chu Feng was explaining to Ren Xiaoyao why he was beating him up with a smile on his face.

Yet, he was still ruthlessly beating down on Ren Xiaoyao’s bloodied face with his fists.

At that moment, the crowd standing nearby were all stunned.

They thought to themselves ‘How could Chu Feng be this fierce Even though we all have the bodies of ordinary people now, how could Chu Feng still possess such valiant battle power’

At the moment when the crowd were astonished by how valiant Chu Feng was, Chu Feng grabbed Ren Xiaoyao’s hair and dragged him toward the cliff’s edge.

“This Chu Feng, he couldn’t possibly be planning to toss Ren Xiaoyao down the cliff, right”

The crowd had guessed correctly.

Chu Feng dragged Ren Xiaoyao all the way to the cliff.

“Chu Feng, if you dare toss me down there, I will not forgive you!” Ren Xiaoyao threatened Chu Feng.

“Heh,” Chu Feng chuckled.

Then, he said, “It’s merely the rules of the game.”

“If you’re unable to handle the rules of the game, you shouldn’t have come in to begin with.

However, since you’ve come in, I do not have the time to concern myself with whether or not you will be able to handle the rules of the game.

I will trample you regardless.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he suddenly flung his arm.

A long scream was heard.

Ren Xiaoyao had been tossed from the cliff by Chu Feng.


At that moment, many people started to suck in a mouthful of cold air.

They truly never expected Ren Xiaoyao to be eliminated so quickly.

More than that, they never expected Chu Feng to be the one to eliminate Ren Xiaoyao.

However, at that moment, they had an even better understanding of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was indeed as he was rumored to be.

He was an extremely ruthless and fierce character.

At that moment, many people made firm resolutions in their hearts to distance themselves from Chu Feng or, at the very least, to not provoke Chu Feng.


Suddenly, a strong gale suddenly emerged from the summit.

The wind was actually not very strong.

However, due to the fact that the crowd were all extremely weak, they were actually blown rolling and crawling on the ground by that strong gale.

Only three other people apart from Chu Feng were able to still stand firmly on the ground.

They were Song Yunfei, Jian Wuqing and Ghosteye Boy.

“That is!”

At that moment, Chu Feng raised his head, and discovered that a large amount of black clouds had appeared in the previously sunny and cloudless sky.

The black clouds were all gathered at one location.

They covered the entire sky and formed a vortex.

Lightning was flashing within the vortex.

Furthermore, beast-like roars were sounding from the vortex.

Soon, the clouds within the vortex started to rage about.

Then, an enormous claw emerged from the vortex.

That claw was black in color.

A single finger was a meter long.

Like swords, the fingernails were extremely sharp.

It was a huge monster.

If it had been before, none of the people present would be scared by that monster.

However, to the crowd that presently possessed the bodies of ordinary people.

A single burst of wind was able to blow them mostly to the ground and nearly crush them completely.

If they were to face such a monster, such a beast, head on, only death would await them.

“That’s the Soul-devouring Beast! Everyone, run away!”

The crowd immediately scattered and began fleeing in all directions.

They were all running toward the chain bridges that extended into the clouds and lead to unknown locations.

“Everyone, do not use the same chain bridge.

Scatter to different chain bridges,” Song Yunfei said.

Song Yunfei’s words were akin to a command.

Everyone started to listen to him.

Chu Feng also chose a chain bridge that was closest to him and stepped onto it.

However, after stepping onto the chain bridge, Chu Feng did not attempt to run to the depths of the clouds with his fastest speed like the others.

Instead, Chu Feng stopped and turned around.

His eyes were tightly fixed onto the Soul-devouring Beast gradually emerging from the clouds.

“Why aren’t you fleeing While your bits of combat skill were sufficient to handle Ren Xiaoyao, they are absolutely not enough to take care of that thing.”

“Furthermore, the you here is currently not your actual body, but rather your consciousness.

As such, this Queen has no way to come out to help you either,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eggy, look carefully at the light emitted by the scales of that Soul-devouring Beast.

Doesn’t it resemble a map” Chu Feng said.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Her Lady Queen also noticed that a stream of purple gaseous flames was present on that Soul-devouring Beast’s scales.

The gaseous flames resembled a line that interwove with itself.

It really did resemble a map carved on the surface of that Soul-devouring Beast’s skin.

“Could it be that a mystery is hidden within this Soul-devouring Beast” Her Lady Queen said.

“We cannot be certain of that.

However, I must still observe it.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he walked a bit further toward the chain bridge.

Then, he leaned forward and lay on his stomach on the bridge.

He was trying to conceal himself as much as possible so as to observe that Soul-devouring Beast.

Soon, the Soul-devouring Beast emerged from the clouds.

It had revealed its true appearance.


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