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Chapter 2815 - Six Great Sacred Vestiges

It was obvious that Chu Feng hadnt died.He was merely suffering from an enormous backlash from using his two great secret skills, the Ancient Eras War Sword and the Ancient Eras War Axe, for too long.

Because of that, Chu Feng became extremely weak and ended up losing consciousness.

As for Han Yu, he too did not die.

As Chu Feng had anticipated, Han Yu had escaped using a special protective talisman.

Merely, not even the people from Yuwen City knew where Han Yu went.

Likely, among all the people present, only experts like the Starfall Eight Immortals and the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief knew where Han Yu had gone.

However, they would not involve themselves in the personal grudges between Chu Feng and Han Yu.

Thus, they would naturally not tell anyone about Han Yus whereabouts.

During the time that Chu Feng was unconscious, the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief announced that Buried Spirit Lakes eruption had come to an end, and that the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain was going to close.

He was actually giving notice and telling the crowd to leave.

As for the crowd, they all knew the personality of the Ancient Eras Serpent Clan very well.

Thus, it was something that they had already expected.

Therefore, they were not displeased to be driven out, and instead left immediately.

However, one thing worthy of mentioning was that while everyone else was driven out by the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief, including even the people from the Starfall Holy Land, Chu Feng was kept behind by the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief.

Even though the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa had volunteered to bring Chu Feng away with them, they were still refused by the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief.

It was as if the Ancient Eras Serpent Clan did not trust Chu Feng with anyone.

That being said, Chu Feng had no knowledge of any of those things.

When he woke up in a daze, he discovered that not only was he still in the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain, but he was also lying in a palace.

Chu Feng recognized this palace.

It was one of the palaces located in the plaza that had forcibly sucked Chu Feng and the others onto it.

In other words, that palace was located very close to the Spirit Formation Immortal Domains exit.

“Little friend Chu Feng, youve awakened.

How are you feeling Does your body still hurt”

An elder from the Ancient Eras Serpent Clan had been waiting for Chu Feng to wake up for a long time already.

Upon seeing that Chu Feng had woken up, he hurriedly went to Chu Fengs side and questioned him attentively.

“I dont feel any pain anymore.

I seem to have recovered completely,” Chu Feng said.

“Thats great.

Our clans Lord Clan Chief has personally helped heal your injuries.

Otherwise… with the state that you were in, you would not have been able to regain consciousness in a single day.”

“Although youve managed to escape a calamity through the use of your special secret skill, it remains that Han Yus rank two Immortal Technique left behind quite an injury upon you,” that Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder said.

“So Senior Clan Chief personally helped heal my injuries May I know where Senior Clan Chief is I wish to personally express my gratitude,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng knew his body the best.

Not only had he used his secret skills for an extended period of time, but he had also blocked Han Yus powerful attacks.

Most importantly, he even ended up using the Five Elements Secret Skills.

All of that combined meant that the backlash Chu Feng received was much more intense than the backlash he received in his fight against Xia Yuner.

He knew very well that the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder was not lying to him.

If it wasnt for the assistance of an expert, Chu Feng would not have been able to regain consciousness so fast, and it wouldve been impossible for Chu Feng to recover so quickly.

Because of that, Chu Feng was feeling grateful from the bottom of his heart.

After all, he possessed no relationship with the Ancient Eras Serpent Clan, yet they were willing to help him like that.

“Lord Clan Chief had something that he needed to take care of.

Im afraid that you will not be able to meet him,” that Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder said.

“In that case, where are the others Why is it that Im unable to sense anyone elses aura” Chu Feng was naturally talking about Li Xiang and the others.

“Actually, we have already given notice to tell everyone to leave.

Right now, youre the only one in the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain.”

“That said, there are people waiting for you outside.

Do you plan to meet them”

“Lord Clan Chief has ordered that I bring you out through another exit should you not wish to meet them.”

“That said, I feel that it would be fine for you to meet them.

Theyre waiting for you because they want to protect you so you can leave peacefully,” that Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder said.

“Senior, who are you talking about” Chu Feng asked.

“Its the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa.

They feared that the people from Yuwen City would attack you.

Thus, they wanted to protect you and see you away.”

“Originally, the people from the Immortal Armament Villa were also waiting for you.

But later on, the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa told them something and caused them to leave,” that Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder said.

“Senior, may I know how this junior should address you” Chu Feng asked.

The reason for that was because this elder was the person that had spoken on his behalf in the palace hall that day.

Thus, Chu Feng had a good impression of this elder, and wanted to get to know him.

“This old man is named Gushe Shanteng,” the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans elder replied with a smile.

It could be seen that he also had a very good impression of Chu Feng.

“So senior is actually Senior Shanteng.

Thank you, Senior Shanteng, for your assistance before and looking after me this time around.”

Chu Feng stood up and respectfully clasped his fist at Gushe Shanteng.

“My, theyre all trivial matters not worth mentioning.

That said, our Lord Clan Chief has ordered that once little friend Chu Feng wakes up, you must also quickly leave this place.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, which path do you wish to take” Gushe Shanteng asked.

“Ill go and meet the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa,” Chu Feng said.

After all, the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa had waited for so long because they wanted to protect him.

As such, it would be inappropriate for Chu Feng to refuse their kind intentions.

Moreover, Chu Feng was also afraid that the people from Yuwen City would attempt to attack him.

With the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa guarding him, he would be able to travel safely for a portion of his journey.

After that, Gushe Shanteng personally brought Chu Feng to the exit of the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain.

Sure enough, the Sacred Pellet Villas Ma Changchun and the other elders, as well as Li Xiang and the other disciples, were practically all gathered there, waiting for Chu Feng.

Upon seeing that Chu Feng was alright, they were all feeling very happy.

They immediately rushed toward Chu Feng and surrounded him.

Soon, Ma Changchun revealed his intention to Chu Feng.

He still wanted to invite Chu Feng to their Sacred Pellet Villa as a guest.

After Chu Feng refused him, he insisted on protecting Chu Feng until they reached the Ancient Eras Teleportation Formation.

Chu Feng naturally agreed to that request.

Enroute, Chu Feng heard of a place called the Void Sacred Tree from the conversations of the elders.

From their conversations, Chu Feng felt that the Void Sacred Tree was not an ordinary place.

It seemed that some sort of unforeseen event had occurred there.

The Sacred Pellet Villa was preparing to proceed for that Void Sacred Tree to investigate things.

“Chu Feng, that Void Sacred Tree seems to be a remnant.

You should ask them exactly what has happened there.

If a treasure is to appear there, we should also go and check things out.

Perhaps we might be able to gain a harvest from it.” Her Lady Queen said.

“Very well.

Ill go and ask them about it.”

Chu Feng was also impatient to increase his cultivation.

Thus, he was thinking the same thing Her Lady Queen was thinking.

Chu Feng then turned to ask Li Xiang about the Void Sacred Tree.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you dont know of the Void Sacred Tree” Li Xiang was surprised.

“I dont,” with a smile on his face, Chu Feng shook his head.

“Then, have you heard of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realms Six Great Sacred Vestiges” Li Xiang asked again.

“I havent,” Chu Feng shook his head again.

At that moment, Li Xiang cleared his throat.

Then, he said to Chu Feng, “Big brother Chu Feng, in that case, I, your little brother, must properly explain our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realms Six Great Sacred Vestiges to you.”


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