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Chapter 2814 - Life And Death Unknown

Chu Feng had died.

This was what practically all of the members of the younger generation present were thinking.

However, there were also people that were uncertain about Chu Fengs death.

The reason for that was because Chu Fengs aura was still lingering in the area.

Merely, the only thing that contained Chu Fengs aura was Chu Fengs Incomplete Immortal Armament, the Divine Dragons Blood Ruler.

The Divine Dragons Blood Ruler had fallen to the ground.

Furthermore, the location where it had landed was over ten thousand meters away from where Chu Feng was earlier.

The Divine Dragons Blood Ruler was forcibly knocked all the way over there by the energy ripples when Chu Feng was struck by Han Yus Immortal Technique.

With the Divine Dragons Blood Ruler having fallen to the ground all by itself, seemingly abandoned, the crowd inevitably started to feel sentimental.

That said, for Li Xiang and the others, they were most definitely not limited to only feeling sentimental.

“Han Yu, you damned animal!”

“It was merely a spar.

Yet, you actually attacked murderously and killed my big brother Chu Feng! I am not going to forgive you!!!” Furious, Li Xiang pointed at Han Yu and shouted loudly.


As for Han Yu, he was vomiting blood nonstop.

Then, his body swayed left and right, his legs grew weak and with aputt, he fell to his knees.

In fact, he nearly fell on his stomach.

The current Han Yu was truly extremely weak.

He did not even have the strength to support himself.


However, even though Han Yu was in an extremely weak state, he actually started laughing.

Even though his laughter was extremely weak, he was laughing extremely proudly, and even somewhat crazily.

Everyone knew why he was laughing.

He was laughing because he had defeated and killed Chu Feng.

At that moment, he was openly exhibiting his joy at having killed Chu Feng.

It was as if the hatred he had for Chu Feng was finally liberated.


Suddenly, a buzzing sound was heard above Han Yu.

Soon, wind, lightning, water, fire and earth, five bodies of light composed of those five elements, suddenly appeared out of thin air above Han Yu.

The bodies of light began to twist with one another.

Then, like lightning, they struck down.

A loudbang was heard as the bodies of light struck Han Yus head.


With how weak Han Yu was, how could he possibly withstand such an impact He let out a scream and was knocked onto his stomach like a dying dog.

Perhaps because the pain was too much, his body was actually twitching involuntarily.

This scene was actually a bit amusing.

After all, Han Yu was not an ordinary person.

Rather, he was one of the strongest younger generations in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

However, the crowd simply had no heart to concern themselves with the miserable Han Yu.

The reason for that was because their gazes were all caught by the five bodies of light that had suddenly appeared.

Before the crowds focus, those five bodies of light actually started to transform.

“Heavens! That is...!!!”

At that moment, the expressions of many of the people present changed.

In fact, some even cried out in alarm.

At that moment, there were people among the crowd there were surprised, there were those that were joyous, and those that were terrified.

It could be said that the expressions of the great majority of the people present had changed enormously.

Only the peak experts like the Starfall Eight Immortals and the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief did not have much of a surprised expression on their faces.

Instead, the corners of their mouths were raised into an extremely faint smile.

The reason why all those people present had such an enormous change in expression was because the five elements, those five bodies of light, were currently forming a figure.

As for that person, it was none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had clearly not died.

Chu Feng was not only not dead, he was currently standing beside Han Yu and ruthlessly stepping on Han Yu with his leg.

“You… you didnt die”

Han Yu turned his head around and saw that it was Chu Feng.

Immediately, he revealed a dumbstruck expression.

He simply did not dare to believe his eyes.

“No wonder little friend Chu Fengs aura was still present.

I had originally thought that it was because the Incomplete Immortal Armament still possessed his aura, but as it turns out, it was another diversionary tactic.”

“Little friend Chu Feng is truly amazing.”

At that moment, Elder Ma Changchun and the others from the Sacred Pellet Villa all revealed admiring expressions.

They had realized what had happened.

Chu Feng was truly struck by Han Yus rank two Immortal Technique.

There was no mistake to this, as it was something that theyd witnessed.

However, Chu Feng did not die.

Even though his physical body was shattered into pieces, he had survived by using a special form.

As for that special form, it was those five different elemental bodies of light.

In other words, the instant Chu Feng was shattered to pieces, he turned into those five bodies of light.

That being said, Chu Feng was also extremely fast.

At practically the moment when his physical body was destroyed, he had unleashed a concealment formation to conceal the five bodies of light.

Hed managed to make it look like he had been killed.

Chu Feng had planned all of this beforehand.

Thus, when he put the plan into motion, it was done perfectly and naturally.

In fact, even experts like Ma Changchun were unable to notice it, as they were overly concerned with Chu Fengs life and death.

That said, they were feeling extremely happy at this moment.

Even though Chu Fengs current state was very bad, it was much better than Han Yus state.

“You bastard, you actually feigned death!!!”

Han Yu also realized that he had been deceived by Chu Feng.

Because of that, he started to gnash his teeth furiously, and his complexion turned from blue to purple.

He had been deceived twice in a row now, and was truly furious.

Seeing the furious Han Yu, the corners of Chu Fengs mouth lifted into a smile.

“Han Yu, oh Han Yu, you are truly stupid.”

“I had already taught you what is meant bythere can never be too much deception in war, earlier.”

“Never would I expect for you to not even have the brains to learn from your mistake, never did I expect for you to be deceived again.”

“Since youre so useless, dont blame me, Chu Feng, for being ruthless.”

After Chu Feng said those words, he spread open his palm, and the Divine Dragons Blood Ruler that had fallen far away flew over toward him.

In the end, it landed in Chu Fengs hand.

After catching the Divine Dragons Blood Ruler, Chu Feng raised it up and aimed it at Han Yus dantian.

At that very moment, many people felt dense killing intent.

Chu Feng was not only planning to cripple Han Yus cultivation, he was actually planning to kill Han Yu.

Seeing that Chu Feng planning to kill Han Yu, the Yuwen City elders immediately shouted “Stop!!!” At the same time, they sent forth their oppressive might.

They were planning to stop Chu Feng.


However, before their oppressive might could land, they were blocked by another even more powerful oppressive might.

It was Ma Changchun and the others.

For Ma Changchun and the others to stop the Yuwen City elders at such a time, it could only mean one thing.

That is, they wanted Han Yu to die.

“You all!!!”

The Yuwen City elders all realized what Ma Changchun and the others planned to do.

Thus, at that moment, they were extremely furious.

Immediately, they started cursing at Ma Changchun and the others.


Right at that moment, the Divine Dragons Blood Ruler Chu Feng held in his hand struck down and pierced into Han Yus body.


At the moment when Chu Fengs Divine Dragons Blood Ruler pierced into Han Yus body, Han Yus body actually turned into a golden-bright and dazzling body of light.

That body of light was like gaseous flames that soon disappeared into thin air.

Following that, Han Yu, together with his Incomplete Immortal Armament, disappeared.

“He actually possessed a protective talisman on his body”

Chu Feng frowned.

He knew that he had failed to kill Han Yu.

He had noticed spirit power from the golden light earlier.

This meant that when he had threatened Han Yus life, Han Yu was teleported away with some sort of teleportation formation.

In other words, Han Yu had escaped.

“Damn it.

He actually escaped.”

Chu Feng felt extremely unreconciled.

He had taken great pains to put on such a show; to put forth such a scheme, with the purpose of killing Han Yu.

He knew very well how dangerous Han Yu was.

If Han Yu was left alive, he would definitely become a major problem.

The sooner he eliminated Han Yu, the better it would be.

That was the reason why Chu Feng had decided to fight him when his cultivation was weaker.

After all, Chu Feng was truly impatient to eliminate Han Yu.

Even if he risked his life in doing so, he would still attempt it.

However, in the end, Chu Feng had failed.

“Big brother Chu Feng, congratulations.”

At this moment when Chu Feng was feeling unreconciled, Li Xiang and other people of the younger generation immediately swarmed around him and surrounded him.

They were looking at Chu Feng with extremely heated gazes.

It was as if their eyes were truly shining.

“That guy has escaped, whats there to congratulate” Chu Feng said with a wry smile on his face.

“Regardless of whether or not he has escaped, it remains that youve won today.

You actually won against Han Yu, who held the tenth place on the Demon-level Geniuses List.”

“Wouldnt this mean that the current tenth place on the Demon-level Geniuses List is no longer Han Yu, but you instead”

“To us, the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realms younger generations, this is the greatest honor,” Li Xiang said in a very excited manner.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing.

We already knew that you were powerful.

However, never did we expect you to be this powerful.

You actually managed to defeat Han Yu with a cultivation that was weaker than his and without using Immortal Techniques.”

“You are simply my idol.

Among all of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realms younger generations present, I admire you the most.”

The next moment, the various members of the younger generation present all began to speak at once.

They were all praising Chu Feng nonstop.

They were not only trying to flatter Chu Feng, but there was also sincerity in their words.

Chu Feng had won from a position of weakness by relying on his wisdom.

Furthermore, he had won against the demon-level genius Han Yu.

Thus, this battle had truly broadened their horizons and caused them to feel great admiration for Chu Feng.


At the moment when the crowd were praising Chu Feng, Chu Fengs face suddenly started to twist.

Then, Chu Fengs aura grew weak.

Even though the Lightning Mark on his forehead was still there, his aura had decreased by an entire level.

The wise individuals present all knew that it must be that the one level of cultivation the Ancient Eras Serpent Clans Clan Chief had bestowed upon Chu Feng had reached the end of its effectiveness.

“Big brother Chu Feng!!!”

Suddenly, Li Xiang let out an extremely worried shout.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had closed his eyes and fallen onto him.

His life and death was undetermined.


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