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Chapter 2786 - Hard To Accept

“This is the truth and not nonsense.

We all can bear witness to it.”

Right at that moment, the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciples stood forth.

“Yuwen City, what else do you all have to say!” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Elder Ma Changchun was still feeling furious.

Thus, he pointed the spearhead of his anger to those Yuwen City’s elders.

“Eh… it’s a misunderstanding, it must be a misunderstanding,” The Yuwen City’s elders started to panic.

The reason for their reaction was because even though their Yuwen City was quite strong, they were still much weaker compared to the Sacred Pellet Villa.

If their Young City Master really ended up doing something like this, it would really be difficult for their Yuwen City to provide an explanation to the Sacred Pellet Villa.

“So what if his cultivation is crippled It could only be said that Li Xiang brought it upon himself,” Right at that moment, Han Yu spoke.

Han Yu did not try to conceal his intention to stand beside Yuwen Tingyi in the matter that was clearly Yuwen Tingyi’s fault.

“Han Yu, what do you mean by that!” Elder Ma Changchun asked angrily.

“He shouldn’t have slapped Yuwen Hualong ten thousand times inside the palace hall.

Since he did that, he should be aware of the consequence of his actions,” Han Yu said.

“Ten thousand slaps” Many people present were bewildered upon hearing those words.

After all, they had no idea what had happened in the palace hall.

“Lord Elders, this is what happened,” Seeing the reaction of the people here, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciple hurriedly started explaining things to their elders.

“It is Yuwen Hualong who lost his bet.

Thus, it is only natural for him to be slapped.

However, merely because of this, Yuwen Tingyi decided to cripple the cultivation of our sect’s disciple.

His actions were extremely malicious.”

“Yuwen City, you all must provide us with an explanation regarding this matter,” After finding out what had happened, Ma Changchun did not think there was any fault to Li Xiang’s actions.

He still wanted to obtain an explanation from the Yuwen City elders.

“Elder Ma, please curb your anger first.

If this matter turns out to be true, we will definitely report this matter to Lord City Master.

We will definitely provide your Sacred Pellet Villa with a satisfactory explanation.”

The Yuwen City elders began to apologize repeatedly.

After all, even though Li Xiang had slapped Yuwen Hualong ten thousand times, it remained that it was because Yuwen Hualong had lost his bet.

Thus, Li Xiang could not be blamed for his actions.

However, if Yuwen Tingyi was to retaliate against Li Xiang and cripple his cultivation because of this, it would truly be excessive.

The people present were all able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Thus, they were unable to refuse to admit that Yuwen Tingyi was in the wrong, and could only take the blame.

“Little friends from the Sacred Pellet Villa, you all mentioned that Chu Feng was also present” Suddenly, the Yuwen City elders turned to ask the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples.

“That’s right.

What about it” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples replied in an unpleasant manner.

“It’s nothing.

Merely, that Chu Feng is truly too excessive.

If it wasn’t for him, our Young City Master would not have done that sort of thing to that little friend.”

“Thus, we truly hope that Young City Master will properly teach that Chu Feng a lesson,” The Yuwen City elders said.

“You…” Hearing those words, the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa grew even more furious.

Those people from the Yuwen City were truly too excessive.

Even though it was clearly Yuwen Tingyi who had started courting trouble, they had now shifted the blame onto Chu Feng.

Furthermore, judging from their appearance, they must've truly hoped that Yuwen Tingyi would teach Chu Feng a proper lesson.

Actually, this was precisely what the Yuwen City elders were thinking.

Furthermore, they felt that since Chu Feng had encountered Yuwen Tingyi and neither of them had shown up yet, it meant that Yuwen Tingyi must’ve attacked Chu Feng.

Even though they were feeling quite a headache from Yuwen Tingyi crippling Li Xiang’s cultivation, they would be extremely satisfied if Yuwen Tingyi was to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation.

After all, it was all due to Chu Feng that Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong had been humiliated.

They were hoping for Chu Feng’s death from the bottoms of their hearts.

“Save me, quickly, save me!”

Right at thatvmoment, an incomparably miserable voice sounded from the direction of the pillars of light.

Turning toward the direction of the sound, the expressions of the crowd present all changed.

This was especially true for the Yuwen City elders.

The reason for that was because the person who appeared was none other than Yuwen Tingyi.

Merely, the current Yuwen Tingyi looked extremely miserable.

Not only was his body completely covered in injuries, but he had crawled out from the pillar of light.

Furthermore, his cultivation was completely gone.

The current Yuwen Tingyi was simply a cripple.

“Young City Master, what happened to you”

Seeing Yuwen Tingyi looking like that, the people from Yuwen City all started to panic.

They hurriedly arrived before Yuwen Tingyi and began to set up healing formations to help heal his injuries.

Those elders were feeling so pained upon seeing the current Yuwen Tingyi that they even started shedding tears.

After all, Yuwen Tingyi was not an ordinary character.

Instead, he was their Young City Master, the future successor to their Yuwen City.

“Brother Tingyi, who crippled your cultivation Could it be that… the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clansmen decided to help Chu Feng against you” Han Yu arrived before Yuwen Tingyi and began to question him.

From what the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples had said, he knew that Chu Feng, Li Xiang and Yuwen Tingyi had encountered one another.

Han Yu knew very well that Yuwen Tingyi crippling Li Xiang’s cultivation was merely a first, and that Chu Feng was the actual target.

Thus, Han Yu felt that Yuwen Tingyi must’ve fought against Chu Feng.

Han Yu felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to be a match for Yuwen Tingyi.

Thus, it would be impossible for Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation to be crippled by Chu Feng.

In that case, someone must’ve helped Chu Feng.

The only people Han Yu could think of that could help Chu Feng cripple Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation were the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan.

With a crumbling voice, Yuwen Tingyi shouted frantically, “No, it was Chu Feng! All of this was done by him!”

The crowd present were extremely surprised upon hearing Yuwen Tingyi’s frantic shout.

“What! Chu Feng!”

Hearing what Yuwen Tingyi said, the Yuwen City elders were all stunned.

They simply did not dare to believe what they had just heard.

Just a while ago, they were still hoping that Yuwen Tingyi would teach Chu Feng a lesson.

How could it be that Yuwen Tingyi was the one taught a lesson by Chu Feng

This was not something that they had hoped for at all.

“Brother Tingyi, are you certain of that Chu Feng is only a rank two True Immortal, how could he cripple your cultivation” Han Yu asked.

“He concealed his cultivation.

His actual cultivation is not that of a rank two True Immortal, but rather a rank three True Immortal.

Adding on his Divine level Lightning Mark and that strange secret skill, I was simply no match for him.”

At that moment, tears actually filled Yuwen Tingyi’s face.

He had an extremely malevolent expression on his face.

It would appear that having his cultivation crippled was something that was extremely hard for him to accept.

Seeing such a Yuwen Tingyi, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders that were originally planning to obtain an explanation from the Yuwen City elders found it difficult to approach them.

After all, no matter how miserable Li Xiang was, he had still managed to preserve his cultivation at rank nine Martial Ancestor.

With Li Xiang’s talent, he would sooner or later become a True Immortal again.

However, Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation was completely crippled.

Even though he could continue to cultivate, he would have to start from the beginning again.

Furthermore, the damage to his dantian was extremely serious.

In the future, his cultivation speed would definitely not be the same as it was before.

Likely, he would lose his title as a genius among the younger generations.


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