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Chapter 2490 – Meeting Li Ming Again

“Why can’t I be surnamed Chu” Chu Feng asked instead of answering.

“This is not your original surname, right” Chu Xuanlang asked.

“What if it is and what if it’s not” Chu Feng asked.

“If it isn’t, I wish to know exactly which clan you’re from.”

“If it is, I wish to know who your parents are,” Chu Xuanlang said.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart tightened.

Sure enough, this Chu Xuanlang had come to find him with something in mind.

That is, he wanted to know about Chu Feng’s origin.

Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether or not this Chu Xuanlang was asking this with good intentions or malice.

That said, Chu Feng still did not wish to confess to Chu Xuanlang that he was from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

The reason for that was because even though Chu Xuanlang had saved Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong, and could be considered to be Chu Feng’s benefactor, Chu Feng still did not trust him.

“Senior, if I do not answer your question truthfully, will you try to extort a confession from me through torture” Chu Feng asked with a joking tone.

“Of course not.

I was merely curious, that’s all.

If you do not wish to tell me, I will not make things difficult for you.”

“Actually, I have only wanted to befriend you,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Befriend me Senior, with your status, why would you want to befriend someone like me” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“My status is not important.

What’s important is the kind of talent you have,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Senior, what do you mean” Chu Feng asked.

“I’ve heard about your accomplishments.

I greatly admire your manner of conduct.

Young people should have courage and insight like you.

Most importantly, they should be able to distinguish between gratitudes and grudges, and be affectionate and true.

In today’s world, there are not a lot of people like yourself.

As for young people like you, they’re even rarer,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“But, no matter what, I’ve killed someone from your Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re talking about Chu Luyang, right A person like him will only bring shame upon our Chu Heavenly Clan by living.

I had longed for someone to kill him,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“If that was the case, you shouldn’t have saved Chu Luxuan,” Chu Feng said.

“Luxuan” Chu Xuanlang smiled.

He understood what Chu Feng meant by that.

He said, “Indeed, Luxuan resembles his older brother greatly.

However, there is one difference between them.

That is, he is talented.”

“Although Luxuan cannot be considered extremely outstanding among our clan’s younger generation, he, at the very least, belongs to the minimally outstanding category.”

“Thus… even though his character might be lacking, our clan will still nurture him.

After all… he will become a part of our clan’s battle power in the future,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“So that’s the case.

Very well then.

Senior, to be able to befriend you is this junior’s honor.

Thus, this junior is willing to address senior as brother,” Chu Feng said.

“You’ve accepted it Why did you suddenly grow this frank in accepting it” Chu Xuanlang asked.

“Chu Luxuan addressed you as ‘uncle.’ If I am to become your brother, wouldn’t it mean that he would have to address me as ‘uncle’ too I am greatly looking forward to the expression he would have at that time,” Chu Feng said with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Haha, young brother, you are truly amusing.

However… I, Chu Xuanlang, am fond of your character,” Chu Xuanlang laughed out loud.

It seemed that he was truly fond of Chu Feng.

“In that case, should I address you as Elder Brother Xuanlang” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Then, Elder Brother Xuanlang, are you truly unable to cure Wang Qiang’s injury” Chu Feng asked.

“I can’t.

There is only a single person in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm capable of curing Wang Qiang’s injury.

That is the Golden Crane True Immortal,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Exactly who is the Golden Crane True Immortal” Chu Feng asked.

“I can only tell you that the Golden Crane True Immortal is someone that even I cannot afford to provoke,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Even you cannot afford to provoke” Chu Feng was greatly surprised.

He had known that the Golden Crane True Immortal was no small fry.

However, he had never expected him to be so powerful.

Not mentioning his status and background, it was clear that this Chu Xuanlang possessed powerful strength.

When even he could not afford to provoke the Golden Crane True Immortal, it meant that the Golden Crane True Immortal’s strength would be superior to Chu Xuanlang’s.

“Why would someone like him not stay in the Upper Realms, and instead come to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s naturally a purpose in him coming.

Merely, as for what his purpose is, who would possibly know” Chu Xuanlang said with a faint smile.

It was a very meaningful smile.

Chu Feng no longer continued to ask.

However, he now knew that the Golden Crane True Immortal must have some purpose in coming to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

“For people like us, we will generally not concern ourselves with the matters of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Thus, even for you, it will likely be extremely difficult to successfully request the Golden Crane True Immortal’s aid.

As such, you must make mental preparations,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“I’ve already prepared myself,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well.

Then, it’s up to you.”

As Chu Xuanlang spoke, he suddenly stopped.

After he stopped, Chu Feng’s surroundings grew clear.

He saw that there was a mountain range in the distance.

It was the Mount Cloud Crane that the Golden Crane True Immortal resided in.

“This fast” Chu Feng felt a bit astonished.

He had only chatted with Chu Xuanlang for a short moment.

Thus, they had only taken a short while to journey there.

“For the sake finding the Golden Crane True Immortal more convenient, I deliberately chose a place closer to him,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Elder Brother Xuanlang is truly considerate,” Chu Feng clasped his fist.

Then, without the slightest hesitation, his body moved, and he began to fly toward Mount Cloud Crane.

The words Chu Xuanlang had said to Chu Feng earlier were not only meant to describe the Golden Crane True Immortal.

He was also describing himself.

He was telling Chu Feng that he had already made an exception to save Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

As for protecting the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall, that too was an exception.

Thus, in what came next, including Chu Feng asking the Golden Crane True Immortal for help, he would not involve himself.

Chu Feng had to take care of everything himself now.

Chu Feng arrived at the foot of Mount Cloud Crane.

However, he was simply unable to enter.

The reason for that was because there was a spirit formation currently enveloping Mount Cloud Crane.

There was simply no entrance.

Chu Feng inspected the invisible spirit formation carefully.

Then, he exclaimed, “Sure enough, this Golden Crane True Immortal is not as simple as I imagined him to be.”

He discovered that that invisible spirit formation was formed with Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak Spirit Power.

However, it remained that Chu Feng was currently a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

Thus, his Heaven’s Eyes had also grown much more powerful.

Chu Feng was faintly able to tell that that Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak Spirit Power was a disguise.

The reason for that was because the power of that defensive formation barrier was something that not even Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak Spirit Power could accomplish.

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that the Golden Crane True Immortal was most definitely not an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

Rather, his level of world spirit techniques was even superior to that.

“Never would I have imagined there to be this many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

With this many hidden experts, it would truly be great if the Golden Crane True Immortal was willing to become your backing,” Her Lady Queen also realized that the Golden Crane True Immortal was very powerful.

“I’m afraid that’ll be very difficult,” Chu Feng smiled faintly.

Then, his gaze suddenly changed.

Although it would appear that Mount Cloud Crane had not changed in any way, Chu Feng was able to see with his Heaven’s Eyes that an opening had actually appeared in the invisible spirit formation before him.

Evidently, the Golden Crane True Immortal already knew that Chu Feng had arrived, and had deliberately created an opening for him to enter.

Chu Feng understood the Golden Crane True Immortal’s intention.

Thus, without hesitation, Chu Feng entered.

“Sure enough, even their treatment is different.

It would appear that Young Brother Chu Feng will have a chance.”

Chu Xuanlang also noticed this from afar.

A faint smile emerged on his face.

Chu Feng did not continue to fly after entering Mount Cloud Crane.

Instead, he descended onto a small road on Mount Cloud Crane and began to follow it.


Not long after Chu Feng entered Mount Cloud Crane, a figure suddenly appeared before him.

It was a very handsome looking man wearing a white gown.

He did not possess a robust stature, but his aura was extremely imposing.

As for that individual, he was the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s genius, Young Master Li Ming.

Young Master Li Ming did not reveal the slightest bit of surprise upon seeing Chu Feng.

Instead, he appeared as if he had been waiting for Chu Feng for a very long time.

He carefully examined Chu Feng from head to toe.

Then, the corners of his mouth rose, and a mocking gaze appeared on his face.

“You’ve disappeared for two years.

Yet, your cultivation is only this”


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