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Chapter 2437 – Reduced To A Slave

“I do not know what the source of the issue is.

Thus, I have no way to help you.”

“But, Chu Feng, it’s only your cultivation that is sealed.

Your body is still that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

It’s impossible for this bunch of shrimp soldiers and crab generals to cause you harm.”

“However, you are also unable to do anything about them.

Other than being beaten up, there is nothing you can do.”

“I’d urge you to submit to them for now.

It will not be too late to settle this debt with them after you regain your cultivation,” Her Lady Queen said.

“You want me to submit to them” Chu Feng was naturally unwilling to do so.

However, upon thinking about it, the monstrous beasts were quite ruthless in their attacks.

If they were unable to cause him harm even after beating him up for an extended period of time, they would inevitably start to suspect something.

Although these guys would not be able to injure Chu Feng, it was as Her Lady Queen said, Chu Feng would also not be able to do anything to them.

If they were to discover the abnormality with Chu Feng, they might end up bringing him back to their Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

What if there were True Immortal-level experts in their clan Even if there weren’t any True Immortal Experts, what if there were Martial Ancestor-level experts At that time, Chu Feng would definitely suffer.

Thinking about that, Chu Feng took out a special medicinal pellet while the monstrous beasts continued to beat him up.

He secretly swallowed the medicinal pellet.

“Fuck! You’re eating a forbidden medicine Do you really think that you can defeat us by taking a forbidden medicine” Chu Feng’s swallowing of the medicine was discovered.

They all thought that Chu Feng was taking a forbidden medicine.

Thus, their attacks grew even more ruthless.

However, right after that medicinal pellet was swallowed by Chu Feng, Chu Feng started to bleed from his seven facial orifices.

Bruises appeared all over his body.

Soon, he was changed beyond recognition.

What Chu Feng had taken was a special disguise pellet.

Upon taking it, it would cause its user to appear to suffer from serious injuries.

However, those were merely disguises.

The user of the pellet would not receive any actual injuries.

Back then, Chu Feng had only created the disguise pellet for fun.

He had never expected that it would actually come in handy.

“Stop beating him, stop beating him.

If you all continue beating him, you’ll beat him to death.”

Right at that moment, that young master of the Ancient Era’s War Clan ran forward and began to plead for leniency.

However, those monstrous beasts completely ignored the youth’s pleas.

“Sure enough, humans are a bunch of trash who only know how to bluff.”

Suddenly, a voice filled with mockery sounded from the sky.

It was that rank five Half Martial Ancestor.

After those words were said, the black clouds that covered the sky started to dissipate.

Evidently, the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan’s army had discovered that Chu Feng was not strong, and decided to not waste any more time.

They had decided to have their remaining clansmen take care of Chu Feng and that youth.

It was only when the black clouds completely disappeared that the monstrous clan army left, and the monstrous clan’s clansmen stopped beating Chu Feng.

Although they stopped their beating, they did not plan to leave the matter at that.

“You boasted so arrogantly earlier.

And here we were thinking how amazing you were.

Turns out you’re utter trash.”

“However, you have invoked our fury.

If you want to live, kneel down for your daddies.

Else… we will definitely beat you to death today,” The monstrous beasts said.

Chu Feng did not speak.

He would naturally not kneel to those trash.

To Chu Feng, his dignity was very important.

However, Chu Feng also knew the situation he was in.

As the saying goes, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.

Thus, he would no longer contradict them with words.

Thus… he chose to be silent and pretended to be unconscious.

“Not speaking I’ll teach you not to speak.”

As they spoke, the group of monstrous beasts started to punch and kick Chu Feng again.

Some among them even started to use martial skills.

At that moment, the medicinal pellet Chu Feng had taken took effect again.

Chu Feng’s body was covered with a greater amount of blood.

He was beyond recognition.

“Forget about it, forget about it.

If we continue to beat him up, we really will beat him to death.

The mining site lacks people right now, it is better to work him to death than to beat him to death.

At least he’ll be able to make a contribution to our Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan like that,” someone said.

“That’s true.

Look at him, he can’t even speak.

He has most likely lost consciousness.

Truly trash.”

“That said, to be honest, this guy’s bones are quite tough.

My hands and feet actually felt numb from beating him up.

This made it so that I did not dare to attack him with my fists and feet.”

“It’s more than just feeling numb, beating him up is like hitting an adamantium metal plate.

It hurts like hell.”

“However, look at his current wretched appearance.

Seems like he is no one great either.

He merely has tough bones,” The monstrous beasts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan started to discuss Chu Feng.

“Take their Cosmos Sacks.

Let’s check to see whether or not there are treasures inside,” Someone said.


Although our Lord has left, you know the rules we have here.

We are not allowed to confiscate the humans’ possessions.

We can only hand their possessions to our Lord after they are worked to death in the mine.”

“Furthermore, look at the wretched and poor appearance of these two fellows.

Do they look like people with treasures” Someone urged against it.

“That’s true, they’re beggars.

Look, here’s an Incomplete Imperial Armament.

They’re Martial Emperors now, yet they’re still using Incomplete Imperial Armaments,” One of the monstrous beast picked up the Evil God Sword.

Then, he turned to that youth and asked, “Is this yours”

“No… it’s his,” The youth pointed at Chu Feng.

“This trash doesn’t even possess an Imperial Armament.

Yet he actually dared to shoot off his mouth toward us, not placing us in his eyes.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the mines lacked workers, I would definitely tear him to pieces and then feed him to my pets.

Else, my anger would not be quelled,” The monstrous beasts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan looked at Chu Feng with gazes filled with disdain.

They were certain that Chu Feng was someone who only knew how to boast, someone who did not possess any actual ability.

Yet, they were actually frightened by Chu Feng earlier.

The more they thought about it, the more furious they became.

Upon feeling furious, there were actually people among them that rushed to punch and kick Chu Feng again.

That said, even though they were beating Chu Feng up by punching and kicking him, their punches and kicks were infused with martial power.

None of them used their own physical bodies to attack Chu Feng.

Although they had no idea why it was the case, they had to admit that Chu Feng’s body was so tough that their fists and feet were unable to endure.


Brat, take this.

Hold it for him,” That monstrous beast who picked up the Evil God Sword tossed it to the youth in a very disdainful manner.

Then, those monstrous beasts brought Chu Feng and the youth to a mine.

The mine was very large.

It was guarded by the monstrous beasts of the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan.

Interestingly, all of the miners in the mine were humans.

At that moment, the sky had darkened, yet the miners were still mining.

The sounds of mining resonated throughout the entire mountain.

It was very noisy, ear-piercing, and saddening.

Chu Feng was pretending to be unconscious.

Strangely, even though his world spirit space and cultivation were both sealed, he was still able to use his Heaven’s Eyes.

Thus, Chu Feng discovered that the army of monstrous beasts that had left earlier were actually all from the mine.

Likely, they were tasked with guarding it.

That said, the strongest monstrous beast there was not the rank five Half Martial Ancestor he met earlier.

Rather, it was a rank six Half Martial Ancestor.

However, such strength was insignificant to Chu Feng.

As long as he recovered his cultivation, he would not fear even rank nine Half Martial Ancestors.

The issue at hand was how to recover his cultivation.

“Putt~” Chu Feng and the youth were dropped onto the mining grounds.

“From today on, the two of you will be living here.”

“Boy, feed that trash with this medicinal pellet.

You two can rest for tonight.

When morning comes, you are to properly work.

If you dare slack off, we will make it so that you will wish you are dead,” After tossing over a medicinal pellet and saying those words, the monstrous beasts left.

The youth dragged Chu Feng to the location where they would be living from now on.

It was a stone house.

To be accurate, rather than calling it a stone house, it would be more apt to call it a cave.

In short, it was very simple and crude.

That said, with the level of cultivation of the monstrous beasts, it would be extremely simple to create residential palaces.

However, they did not.

From this, it could be seen that the monstrous beasts truly did not consider the miners as people.


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