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Chapter 2339 – Grandmaster Prophet

“Jiang Hao, what are you planning on doing” Xu Yiyi shouted at Jiang Hao in a very displeased manner.

“Jiang Hao, do not cause troubles! Step down immediately,” At the same time, Elder Ning Shuang also shouted at him with a cold voice.

Both Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang had been present when Jiang Hao had deliberately made things difficult for Chu Feng.

Thus, Elder Ning Shuang and Xu Yiyi were feeling very uneasy to see Jiang Hao to step forward at a time like this.

They were afraid that Jiang Hao would try to bother Chu Feng again.

After all, the relationship the Sunset Cloud Valley had with Chu Feng was extremely good now.

Even though they knew that the current Jiang Hao was already no match for Chu Feng, it remained that Jiang Hao was someone from their Sunset Cloud Valley.

Both Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang were very worried that Jiang Hao would say something unpleasant to Chu Feng, and affect his opinion of their Sunset Cloud Valley.


However, upon looking closer, the expressions of Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang changed once again.

The reason for that was because they were surprised to discover that Jiang Hao’s current expression was not that of an aggressive individual.

Instead, he had a very docile appearance.

No matter how one looked at it, Jiang Hao did not appear to be wanting to cause troubles for Chu Feng.

“That Jiang Hao, he couldn’t possibly be planning to apologize to Chu Feng, right”

“But, that shouldn’t be the case, no”

Xu Yiyi muttered.

If it were someone else, Xu Yiyi would believe that they might be planning to apologize to Chu Feng.

However, as it was Jiang Hao, she understood his character.

Jiang Hao was a proud and arrogant individual.

During the many years that she had known him, she had never seen him apologize to anyone.

“Chu Feng, I…” Suddenly, Jiang Hao began to speak.

“Jiang Hao, I am preoccupied with an important matter today.

Let’s reminiscence another day,” However, before Jiang Hao could finish, Chu Feng smiled and patted Jiang Hao’s shoulder.

Jiang Hao had a sluggish expression from Chu Feng’s action.

He seemed to not understand Chu Feng’s intention.

However, the next moment, Jiang Hao suddenly received Chu Feng’s voice transmission.

“Jiang Hao, I know what you want to say.

The things of the past are things from the past.

I, Chu Feng, will not look into them any further.”

Hearing those words, Jiang Hao felt as if his soul was trembling.

Not only did Chu Feng manage to guess that he wanted to apologize, Chu Feng actually also forgave him.

Furthermore, for the sake of not humiliating him, Chu Feng deliberately stopped him from apologizing, and spoke to him with a voice transmission afterwards.


At that moment, Jiang Hao felt even greater regret than before.

He regretted how thoughtless he had been back then to actually deliberately make things difficult for Chu Feng.

Jiang Hao remained stunned and regretful for a very long time.

When he managed to finally react, he discovered that Chu Feng had already left with Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

“Senior brother Jiang Hao, never would I have imagined that you were actually friends with Chu Feng.

Wow! I truly admire you!”

“Senior brother Jiang Hao, you are my idol!”

At this moment, the disciples from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall had surrounded Jiang Hao.

The gazes with which they looked to Jiang Hao were filled with admiration and respect.

At this moment, Jiang Hao was moved.

The reason for that was because he knew that it was all thanks to Chu Feng that he had obtained these disciples’ adoration and respect.

These people had all mistakenly thought Jiang Hao to be Chu Feng’s friend.

That was the reason why they were adoring and respecting him like this.

At that moment, Jiang Hao involuntarily looked at Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang.

Both Xu Yiyi and Elder Ning Shuang responded with a faint smile.

At that moment, Jiang Hao finally felt at ease.

He no longer regretted.

The reason for that was because Jiang Hao had made a resolution.

Even though he was only able to accomplish meager things, he had decided that he would support Chu Feng from today on.

Regardless of whether or not Chu Feng might know about it, he would refuse to allow another person to speak ill of Chu Feng before him.

The reason for that was because Jiang Hao had personally experienced Chu Feng’s character.

Not mentioning other things, merely Chu Feng’s broad-mindedness was sufficient to make him admire Chu Feng greatly.

Chu Feng had no idea about the change in Jiang Hao’s heart.

At that moment, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were rapidly proceeding toward the remnants.

They were currently very close to the remnants.

At the same time, a scene was currently playing out in the depths of the remnants.

The people gathered here could all be considered to be renowned individuals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

The Immortal Sword School, Buddha’s Heavenly Temple, Zhou Heavenly Clan and Kong Heavenly Clan were the widely-accepted four strongest powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

At this moment all four of them were gathered at the same location.

Among them were many peak Martial Ancestor-level experts.

Apart from the experts from the four tier one powers, there were also some grand existences that did not belong to any power.

Among them was naturally the mother of those Four World Spiritist Emperors.

However, at that moment, regardless of who they might be and what sort of strength they possessed, all of them had hopeless expressions on their faces.

The reason for that was because they were all stopped by an entrance gate before them.

That gate was a hundred meters tall.

However, it was very simple and unadorned.

As far as one’s eye could see, the gate appeared to be made of wood.

There were no special symbols or domineering engravings on the gate.

At a glance, it appeared to be a very ordinary gate.

However, it was precisely this ordinary-looking gate that had stopped all of the people present.

Not a single person was able to shatter that gate.

“It is a pity that Grandmaster Huai Zhu was injured by that unknown individual.”

“Else, if he were here, how could we be stopped by this gate” A man from the Zhou Heavenly Clan with the cultivation of a peak Martial Ancestor said.

“No, you all are looking down on this gate.

The way I see it, even True Immortal-level experts would not necessarily be able to smash apart this gate,” An extremely thin old man wearing a daoist robe said.

Compared to the people present, this old man’s cultivation was not very strong; he was only a rank seven Martial Ancestor.

However, this old man was a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

Thus, upon saying those words, many people began to nod in approval.

After all, in a place like this, the visions of world spiritists were generally many times stronger than those of ordinary martial cultivators.

“Grandmaster Prophet, what should we do Could it be that we really need to wait for some sort of exceptional genius to come here” The mother of the Four World Spiritist Emperors was very anxious as she asked an old man.

When the mother of the Four World Spiritist Emperors said those words, everyone present turned their gazes to that same old man.

That old man was none other than the extremely renowned Grandmaster Prophet.

This Grandmaster Prophet wore a snow-white gown.

His gown covered his hair and face.

The gown seemed to possess some sort of special effect that made it impossible for others to see his actual appearance.

The only thing that others could see was his pair of sharp eyes.

His eyes were very clear.

They were as bright as children’s eyes.

However, his pair of hands betrayed his identity as an old man.

The reason for that was because not only were his hands filled with wrinkles, they were also covered with age spots.

Those were hands that only an elderly individual that had lived for endless years would have.

At that moment, that pair of aged hands was holding onto a glass-like crystal ball.

The old man’s sharp eyes were fixed onto that crystal ball the entire time.

A scene was present in the crystal ball.

The location of that scene was precisely the entrance of this remnants.

“Grandmaster, is that prophecy of yours truly reliable” An expert from the Zhou Heavenly Clan asked curiously.

“Are you doubting this old man” Grandmaster Prophet turned around.

An enormous change occured in his previously clear eyes.

A frightening expression was present in his gaze.

“No, I wouldn’t dare,” In response, that Zhou Heavenly Clan’s expert hurriedly lowered his head and acknowledged his mistake.

This expert from the Zhou Heavenly Clan was very powerful.

He was a rank eight Martial Ancestor.

However, he did not dare to act impudently before this Grandmaster Prophet.

This was not only because this Grandmaster Prophet possessed extraordinary status in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Most importantly, it was because this Grandmaster Prophet was a peak Martial Ancestor, someone with strength surpassing his own.


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