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Chapter 2328 – Witness A Miracle

“You dare speak to me in such a manner You are truly courting death! Do you really think that you will really be able to contend against me just because a spirit formation has temporarily granted you the power of a rank nine Martial Ancestor”

As Old Demon Rakshasa spoke, he shot forth a palm strike.

Boundless martial power surged toward Chu Feng.

Although his current attack was only a simple attack with martial power, his frightening power was many times stronger than the power of his oppressive might that he tried to kill the crowd with earlier.

This meant that Old Demon Rakshasa was quite serious when he attacked this time around; it was not an ordinary attack.


However, faced with this rather serious attack from Old Demon Rakshasa, Chu Feng was able to neutralize it with merely a lift of his hand.

After neutralizing Old Demon Rakshasa’s attack, Chu Feng said indifferently, “It is not up to you to decide whether or not I am able to contend against you.

Rather, it is up to me.”


“Are you courting death!!!”

Seeing that Chu Feng actually dared to provoke him, the anger on Old Demon Rakshasa’s face doubled.

As he spoke, his arms began to move, and wind started to lift his gown.

His boundless martial power turned into many martial skills that he shot forth in succession, as if to bombard Chu Feng.


However, faced with Old Demon Rakshasa’s ferocious attack, Chu Feng only snorted lightly.

He too unleashed equally powerful martial skills as a counterattack against Old Demon Rakshasa’s martial skills.

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

At that moment, the two fighters collided with one another.

Merely, the battlefield this time was so ferocious that the previous battlefield was simply incomparable to the current one.

Even though Chu Feng acted to lessen the might of the energy ripples, those energy ripples remained terrifyingly powerful.

In such a situation, the bystanders had no choice but to once again move away from the battlefield and keep their distance.

They were deeply afraid of being implicated by the battle and dying.

“This is bad! Even though little friend Chu Feng has grasped that legendary grand formation, his opponent remains that Old Demon Rakshasa!!!”

“I truly never expected Hun Lian to have Old Demon Rakshasa as his backing.

It is no wonder he dares to act that arrogantly and willfully slaughters the innocent.”

Even though the confrontation between Chu Feng and Old Demon Rakshasa was equally matched for now, the crowd did not feel that Chu Feng would really be able to win against Old Demon Rakshasa.

As such, the crowd were all worried for Chu Feng, thinking that things would end disastrously.

“Emperor Taboo: Blood Prison Technique.” Old Demon Rakshasa shouted.

He had actually unleashed an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

That Emperor Taboo Martial Skill was something that Hun Lian had used earlier.

It was extremely powerful, and could be said to be the strongest attack Hun Lian possessed.

Being unleashed by Old Demon Rakshasa, the might of the Emperor Taboo: Blood Prison Technique was many times more powerful than when Hun Lian had unleashed it.

Not mentioning the difference in cultivation, and merely in terms of mastery of the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, if Hun Lian had grasped sixty percent mastery, then this Old Demon Rakshasa had grasped absolute mastery.

Crimson martial power sealed off heaven and earth.

It was as if this place had turned into hell, that Old Demon Rakshasa was the one who had power over the lives and deaths of the people here.

Panic and unease filled everyone’s heart.

At that moment, the people that decided to stay behind to observe the battle began to regret their decision.

The reason for that was because they all felt life threatening danger from that martial skill.

Old Demon Rakshasa didn’t seem to only be planning to kill Chu Feng.

Rather, it seemed that he planned to use that martial skill to slaughter everyone here.

“Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation!!!”

Right at the moment when the crowd felt that the situation was bad, Chu Feng shouted loudly.

Then, he shot forth a punch.

Immediately, the sky crumbled, and the crimson fog that had covered the region was beaten back.

Old Demon Rakshasa’s Emperor Taboo Martial Skill had been defeated by a single punch from Chu Feng.

“So powerful!”

“Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation, is that the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill Chu Feng used”

“What a powerful martial skill.

Although it does not give off the appearance of being capable of shaking the heaven and earth, its might was powerful enough to disperse Old Demon Rakshasa’s Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

It is truly powerful.”

“In that case, Chu Feng, he… is truly able to contend against Old Demon Rakshasa!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had managed to successfully beat back Old Demon Rakshasa’s Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, the bystanders were extremely delighted, and began to praise Chu Feng repeatedly.

Originally, they all felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to contend against Old Demon Rakshasa.

However now, they had changed their opinion.

“You actually managed to destroy my Emperor Taboo: Blood Prison Technique It would seem that you have some abilities.”

“I must admit that you are a rare genius.”

“Your talent has surpassed my disciple’s.”

At that moment, the gaze that Old Demon Rakshasa looked to Chu Feng with had changed.

He actually revealed an admiring gaze.

After fighting against Chu Feng, he had no choice but to admit that Chu Feng was extremely talented.

It was unrelated to his cultivation.

Rather, it was purely his talent for martial cultivation and comprehension for martial techniques.

Else, even if the grand slaughtering formation was capable of helping Chu Feng increase his cultivation, if Chu Feng himself did not possess actual abilities, it would be impossible for him to contend against Old Demon Rakshasa.

“Old Demon Rakshasa actually gave Chu Feng such an evaluation!”

“It would seem that Chu Feng’s talent is truly superb.

He is most definitely the peak genius of our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

Once Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, the crowd burst into an uproar again.

The reason for that was because Old Demon Rakshasa was someone who very rarely praised others.

Moreover, he was praising Chu Feng, his opponent.

At that moment when a majority of the people revealed joyous expressions from Old Demon Rakshasa’s praise of Chu Feng, the expression of Old Demon Rakshasa’s disciple, Hun Lian, turned very ugly.

Being extremely conceited, he never felt that he was inferior to Chu Feng in any aspect.

This was especially true after he discovered that Chu Feng had increased his cultivation with a grand formation, and Chu Feng’s actual strength was inferior to his own; Hun Lian had felt even more certain that Chu Feng was inferior to him.

Yet, at that moment, his master had actually personally declared that Chu Feng’s talent surpassed his own.

As such, how could he possibly be able to tolerate that!

“Unfortunately, killing a genius like you is what this old man is most fond of doing,” Soon, the corners of Old Demon Rakshasa’s lips were raised into a strange and cold smile.

As he spoke, Old Demon Rakshasa flipped his palm and took out an Ancestral Armament.

That’s right, what he took out was an actual Ancestral Armament.

It was an axe, a dark black axe that emitted a strange crimson gaseous substance.

It was as if the axe was telling everyone that it had killed countless people.

“Ancestral Armament, Purgatory Demon Axe!!!”

“That is Old Demon Rakshasa’s Ancestral Armament, the Purgatory Demon Axe!!!”

Upon seeing that axe, cries of alarm sounded from the crowd again.

From their reaction, Chu Feng was able to tell that Old Demon Rakshasa’s Ancestral Armament was as renowned as Old Demon Rakshasa himself.

“Old Demon Rakshasa, an existence whom countless experts in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm could do nothing about, was actually forced to unleash his Ancestral Armament by Chu Feng, a member of the younger generation”

“Exactly what sort of grand formation did Chu Feng grasp Exactly how talented is he”

“It seems that Chu Feng’s grandness has already surpassed our imagination.”

“The battle today is truly marvelous.

We have not stayed to watch this battle with our lives on the line in vain.”

“Chu Feng, fight on! If you are able to kill that demon, you will become the number one genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

No one will be able to be mentioned alongside you.”

With Old Demon Rakshasa unleashing his Ancestral Armament, the crowd, instead of becoming afraid, grew more excited.

The reason for that was because this indirectly displayed that Old Demon Rakshasa would not be able to defeat Chu Feng if he did not use his Ancestral Armament.

This once again displayed how powerful Chu Feng was.

As matters stood, the people present all wished for Chu Feng to win.

Being so overwhelmingly excited, the crowd were even willing to sacrifice themselves and stay here to continue watching this battle.

The reason for that was because they wanted to witness this member of the younger generation, Chu Feng, defeat Old Demon Rakshasa.

They wanted to witness the occurrence of an impossibility.

They wanted to witness the birth of a miracle.


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