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Chapter 2237 – Despicable And Shameless

“Almsgiver Chu Feng, this is, after all, only a sparring match.

Even if he is in the wrong, you shouldn’t learn from him.

It is better that you stop when victory is determined,” At that moment, Grandmaster Pocket spoke out against Chu Feng’s actions.

Grandmaster Pocket was, after all, a buddhist monk.

Even though the eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors had acted excessively toward him before, he who held a merciful heart did not hold a grudge against the eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors.

Instead, he was actually pleading for him.

As Grandmaster Pocket was a benevolent individual, Chu Feng would naturally give him face.

When Chu Feng stopped his attacks, the eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors had already lost consciousness.

Not only had he lost consciousness, his appearance was also extremely miserable.

Even though he was covered by his spirit armor, he was still so badly beaten that he had bloody eyes, a bloody nose and a swollen face.

In fact, shattering sounds could be heard from all around his body.

Those were the sounds of bones shattering.

Chu Feng had shattered the bones all over the eldest Four World Spiritist Emperor’s body.

Although those injuries were not fatal, he was most definitely the most serious injuries of all of the people present in the competition.

“You damned bastard.

It was but a mere spar.

Yet you beat our big brother to such a state.

Chu Feng, we are not done with you,” At that moment, the three brothers were gnashing their teeth in fury.

“What are you all talking about I was merely doing things according to the rules.

After all, if your big brother does not lose the ability to continue fighting, I would not be able to teleport out from this place.”

“Look, the teleportation formation has yet to start even now.

That means that he has yet to lose his ability to fight,” Chu Feng raised his hand and shrugged as he spoke sophistry.

“Has yet to lose his battle power If you are to beat him again, he’ll be beaten to death by you!” The three brothers said fiercely.

“Really Then why have I still not been teleported out” Chu Feng asked.

“You!!!” The three brothers were left speechless.

They were so furious that their veins were bulging.

They felt as if their hearts, livers, spleens and lungs were all about to explode from anger.

“That’s true, we have all lost our ability to fight, why has Chu Feng still not been teleported out”

At that moment, the others also realized the same thing.

Logically, since the others present had lost their ability to fight, Chu Feng should have been teleported out.

If that had happened, the eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors would not have been beaten up like this.

However, why had Chu Feng not been teleported out

“Cough cough, it’s about time.

Else, those little guys will say that you’re not being fair,” Above the clouds, the plain clothed old monk spoke to the Golden Crane True Immortal with a beaming smile on his face.

“You damned Old Poisonous Substance, it was clearly you who wanted me to control the spirit formation so that Chu Feng could teach that guy a lesson for a while longer.

Yet now you’re saying that I’m being partial”

The Golden Crane True Immortal glared at the old monk with contempt.

Then, light flashed in his eyes, and Chu Feng was immediately covered with spirit power and disappeared from the spirit formation.

When Chu Feng reappeared, he was standing beside the three brothers.

“Chu Feng, you have balls.

However, the consequences of your actions and deeds today are things that you will not be able to endure,” The three brothers ruthlessly sent voice transmissions to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng snorted lightly at the three brothers’ threats.

With contempt, he replied, “Anytime.”

“Go ahead and enter the spirit formation,” Right at that moment, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s extremely imposing voice sounded from the sky.

In response, Chu Feng and the other three Four World Spiritist Emperors all stepped into the comprehensive spirit formation without the slightest hesitation.

Once the four of them entered the comprehensive formation, that enormous spirit formation, that huge monster, started to change.

At the same time, surging Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak spirit power began to surge forth in the spirit formation like waterfalls.

They were pounding against Chu Feng and the three Four World Spiritist Emperors nonstop.

It could be seen that the comprehensive formation had begun its work.

At that moment, Chu Feng hurriedly closed his eyes and began to comprehend with his heart.

That spirit power was truly vast, and contained the profoundness of world spirit techniques.

As long as he had enough time, Chu Feng was certain that he would definitely be able to completely open that gate in his world spirit space to access the Immortal-level spirit power.

Furthermore, as long as he could connect with the Immortal-level spirit power, he would definitely be able to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist with the world spirit techniques that he had grasped.

At the moment when Chu Feng was wholeheartedly comprehending, those three Four World Spiritist Emperors looked at one another.

Then, grins appeared on their faces.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the three men started to set up spirit formations.

At the moment when the three men clasped their hands together, a special spirit formation enveloped Chu Feng.

After being enveloped by the spirit formation, the Immortal-cloak spirit power that was surging toward Chu Feng before was cut off, and started to surge toward the three brothers instead.

“What are you three doing” At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

“What are we doing Although four people can enter this place, the spirit power contained in the spirit formation is, after all, limited.”

“Us three brothers all want to become Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.

Unfortunately, it seems to us that the spirit power here is insufficient for that.

Thus, we will not be able to share it with you,” The second eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors said with a sinister expression.

“Despicable! Truly too despicable!” Upon hearing those words, before Chu Feng could say anything, Daoist Three Swords and the others had already lashed out against the three brothers.

“Humph,” Faced with the reprimands from the crowd, the eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors sneered.

He had woken up.

Furthermore, he had treated his injuries.

Originally, he had been filled with grievances.

However, when he saw what his three brothers were doing to Chu Feng in the spirit formation, he raised his thumbs toward them and also sneered in his heart, ‘Chu Feng, so what if you possess outstanding spirit formations and are able to enter that comprehensive formation In the end, you’re still going to be toyed with by my three brothers.

You reap what you sow.

Serves you right.’


“Truly despicable.

Golden Crane, you should just kick the three of them out.

Isn’t this clearly a violation of the rules” Above the clouds, the plain clothed old monk was also angered by the three brothers’ actions.

“I did not set any rule stating that the people inside the comprehension formation are not allowed to obstruct others.

Thus, it is improper for me to set up that rule now.

Else, it would be too clear that I am discriminating in favor of Chu Feng.”

“Furthermore, if that Chu Feng is unable to handle such a minor trick, how is he to handle those four’s frantic revenge after he leaves this place”

“After all, Chu Feng has already set himself up as their enemy.

With the temperaments of those four, they will definitely not spare Chu Feng.

As for that… it is something that Chu Feng will have to handle by himself,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“That’s true.

The world of martial cultivation is like that.

A single conflict of words would cause people to fight one another.

Even killing because of that is but a mere common occurrence.”

“As for Chu Feng, he has humiliated those four before all those people,” The plain clothed old monk nodded in agreement.

“Are the three of you planning to play dirty against me here” Chu Feng revealed a cold gaze and spoke coldly.

“Play dirty Are you blind We are doing things openly,” The second eldest of the Four World Spiritist Emperors laughed mockingly.

His expression was filled with complacence.

The reason for that was because not only was their isolation formation extremely profound by itself, the three of them all held a treasure in their hands.

As for their treasures, they were capable of greatly increasing the strength of their spirit formations.

Thus, they felt that even if Chu Feng possessed heaven-defying capabilities, he would not be able to break through their spirit formation.

They felt that Chu Feng would be destined to suffer by their hands.


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