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Chapter 2139 – Good Or Bad

“I have three things that I wish father’s assistance in.”

“First, I hope that you can help me find out where the Moon Immortal has gone to.

She has seized Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies.

I wish to seize them back from her.”

“Second, I hope you can help me check out the Four Great Divine Bodies to see if there is anything wrong concerning their physical bodies.

The reason for that is because the Magma Emperor declared that they would not live for long.

Yet, I was unable to discover anything wrong with their bodies,” Chu Feng said.

“The Moon Immortal has already entered the Outer World.

If you wish to search for her, you’ll have to do so in the Outer World,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Entered the Outer World” Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression.

“She should not have used the Stairway to Heaven.

Instead, it should have been some sort of treasure that let her enter the Outer World.”

“Stairways to Heaven are formations that can be used many times.

However, the method she used to enter the Outer World should be a sort of treasure that can only be used once,” Chu Xuanyuan explained.

“In that case, does that mean that the Moon Immortal is currently in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s Hundred Refinement Stage” Chu Feng asked.

“That might be the case, yet might not be the case.

It depends on who created her treasure, and where that treasure will take her.”

“That said, that so-called Moon Immortal is someone from the Outer World to begin with.

Furthermore, her nature should be good.

Else, she would not have assisted you.

She did not help you out of righteousness.

Rather, it was because she felt that she owed you.”

“I don’t think someone like her will harm Su Rou and Su Mei.

Thus, you do not have to worry about them too much,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“I understand,” Chu Feng was very surprised.

He did not expect the Moon Immortal to be from the Outer World.

However, since his father said it like that, there would definitely be no mistake about it.

Thus, he continued to ask, “Then, what about the Four Great Divine Beasts Do they really possess fatal dangers”

Chu Feng wanted to know about the situation with the Four Great Divine Beasts.

This was also why he decided to bring the Four Great Divine Beasts here with him.

Chu Feng had wanted to have his father check out the Four Great Divine Beasts from the very beginning.

After Chu Feng said those words, Chu Xuanyuan turned his gaze toward the direction where the Four Great Divine Beasts were.

After surveying them for some time, he said, “The Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise are the legendary Four Symbols Divine Beasts.

If they truly exist, they should possess overwhelming strength.

How could they only be mere Half Martial Ancestors”

“Thus, those four that you know are merely lifeforms created from the separation of a Divine Power.”

“They are not Divine Beasts, nor are they Sacred Beasts.

In fact, they cannot even be considered to be beasts.”

“They should have been a Divine Power that accompanied their master.

If they cannot accompany their master, they should have disappeared,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“In that case, they truly will not be able to continue to live for long” Chu Feng asked.

“If it is to continue like this, they will indeed not be able to live for long.

If you want them to continue living, you’ll have to have them abandon their physical bodies and freedom to return to becoming secret skills that would exist in your body,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

At that moment, Chu Feng grew silent.

He did not know how he was to mention such a thing to the Azure Dragon and the others.

After all, if Chu Feng were to tell them that, it would mean that the Magma Emperor hadn’t been lying, that Qing Xuantian had truly abandoned them.

“I possess the method to turn them back into secret skills so that they can return to your body.

If you wish for them to continue to exist, you must tell them the truth.”

“Furthermore, Feng’er, although they are not the legendary Four Symbols Divine Beasts, they do indeed possess Four Symbols Divine Power.

They are extremely powerful among the many Divine Powers.”

“I do not understand why their master would brave dangers to his life to separate them from his body, to personally strip himself of his exceptional gift,” Chu Xuanyuan said in a puzzled manner.

Evidently… he still did not know about the matter concerning Qing Xuantian and the Four Great Divine Beasts.

“Father, I heard this is what happened…”

Chu Feng told Chu Xuanyuan everything regarding Qing Xuantian, the Four Great Divine Beasts and what the Magma Emperor said.

He wished for his father to help him analyze the situation and figure out exactly why Qing Xuantian decided to abandon the Four Great Divine Beasts.

After all, with all the things that Qing Xuantian had done, he did not resemble an evil person no matter how Chu Feng saw it.

“The way I see it, that Magma Emperor’s words cannot be fully trusted.

However, they possess a certain degree of credibility.”

“After all, what martial cultivators seek is power.

To make decisions for stronger power is something that martial cultivators oftentimes face.”

“For example, Feng’er, if there is a bloodline even more powerful than your Heavenly Lightning Bloodline, a bloodline that could allow you to grow stronger faster, would you abandon your Heavenly Lightning Bloodline” Chu Xuanyuan asked Chu Feng.

“I…” Chu Feng didn’t know how to answer that question.

He had never thought of something like that.

As such, he was at a loss as to what he would end up doing.

“I think that you would decide to abandon your Heavenly Lightning Bloodline.

There is nothing disgraceful about that.

For example, there’s your friend, Jiang Wushang.

To speak of it pleasantly, his Inherited Bloodline gained a promotion from Royal Bloodline to Imperial Bloodline.”

“However, the truth is that he abandoned the power that his parents bestowed upon him.

The reason for that is because he wished to pursue an even stronger power.”

“If one were to judge it from a certain viewpoint, he might appear to be in the wrong.

However, no one blamed him for it.

Instead, all of his clansmen viewed him as their pride.

Why is that The reason for that is because he had obtained the power that everyone yearned for.”

“The way I see it, that is the same reason why Qing Xuantian abandoned the Four Symbols Divine Power; in order to pursue an even stronger Divine Power,” Chu Xuanyuan explained.

“Father, in that case, you mean to say that senior Qing Xuantian was not a bad person” Chu Feng asked.

“One’s moral character cannot be determined from one’s surface.”

“For example, if there are two men.”

“One man is very honest and kindhearted.

He has done many good deeds and secretly helped a lot of people.

Merely, due to the fact that he did not seek fame and riches, he did everything secretly, not letting anyone know about it.”

“Furthermore, he deeply loved his wife.

However, his wife betrayed him, and even wanted to kill him to swallow up his wealth and property with another man.”

“After that man discovered what his wife planned to do, he was filled with grief.

Thus, he got into an argument with his wife, and tried his hardest to keep her.

However, he accidentally ended up killing her.”

“After others found out about this, he naturally would have to explain himself.

However, due to the fact that he did not possess any proof, no one trusted him.”

“Instead, people all started to declare that he had a bad moral character, that he killed his good wife and was even making excuses for his actions to slander his wife.

They felt him to be a degenerate among men, someone lower than pigs and dogs.

Furthermore, many of the people that were cursing him were people that he had helped.”

“As for the other man, he appeared to be very good toward his wife, and very good toward others; he appeared to be very kind and charitable, doing all the good things.”

“Many people praised him as a great philanthropist, praised him as having a great moral character, and even told their children to learn from him.”

“However, he was actually someone who would frequently beat up his parents and his wife.

He was someone that would frequently entrap his friends in the shadows, someone who would frame another for their money, someone who killed innocents for their wealth.

Merely, no one knew about all these things that he did.”

“Say, which of the two men do you think is good” Chu Xuanyuan asked Chu Feng.


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