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Chapter 2132 – The Vast Outer World

Suddenly, Chu Xuanyuan apologized.

“Feng’er, for you to be orphaned these years, it was because your father was incompetent.

I have made you suffer,”

Chu Feng let go of the dimsum in his hand.

With an expression filled with self-blame, he said, “Father, you must not say something like that.

Senior Ape has already mentioned to me what happened back then.

Even though I do not know the details, what I know that it was I, your son, that implicated you and mother.”

“You are but a child, how could you be at fault The ones at fault are the Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Father, exactly what happened back then” Chu Feng asked.

“I know that you have a lot of questions in your heart.

Don’t be anxious, father will slowly explain everything to you,” Chu Xuanyuan smiled lightly.

Then, he said, “Firstly, you need to understand this vast and boundless world of martial cultivation.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart was immediately moved.

The vast and boundless world of martial cultivation was something that Chu Feng had wished to know about, but had never been able to know about.

Now, would he really be able to know about it

“Presently, the known world of martial cultivation is roughly separated into three realms; Upper, Ordinary and Lower.”

“After the Ancient Era, due to the difference in talent that people possessed, the different races and clans started to live in different worlds.”

“The martial cultivators of the Lower Realms possessed the worst talent.

Following that were the martial cultivators from the Ordinary Realms.

Compared to them, the martial cultivators of the Upper Realms possessed much better talent.”

“The so-called Outer World means being outside of a known world.

To the people living in the Lower Realms, the Upper Realms would be considered to be the Outer World, whereas the Ordinary Realms would also be considered to be the Outer World.”

“And now, the world that we are currently in is known as the ‘Ancestral Martial Lower Realm,’” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“The Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, the world that we live in, is the lowest tier world”

“No wonder.

No wonder that Dark Hall’s Hall Master acted so arrogantly, and refused to put the people of the Holy Land of Martialism in his eyes,” Chu Feng finally realized why that Dark Hall’s Hall Master had been so conceited.

He also understood the reason why the Dark Hall’s Hall Master addressed the people from the Holy Land of Martialism as ‘trash from the lower realm.’

It turned out that the people from the Holy Land of Martialism and the Four Sea Regions were truly living in a lower realm.

“In theory, that is the case.

However, there are always exceptions to everything.

It is not absolutely true that people capable of surpassing the experts from the Ordinary Realm or the Upper Realm cannot appear in the Lower Realm.

After all, our Chu Heavenly Clan originated from this Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.”

“In fact, there are excellent individuals entering the Ordinary Realms through Stairways to Heaven from the Lower Realms every year.”

“Furthermore, the people from those Lower Realms all know about the matters regarding the Ordinary Realms and the Upper Realms.

However, no one in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm knows about them.”

“The Ancestral Martial Lower Realm is one of the very few Lower Realms that have already separated from the Outer World.

Do you know why that is the case” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“It’s because of our Chu Heavenly Clan.

Our Chu Heavenly Clan sealed off the only Stairway to Heaven that could lead to the Ordinary Realms,” Chu Feng said.

After all, apart from the Stairway to Heaven in the Eastern Sea Region’s Misty Peak, the only other known Stairway to Heaven in the Holy Land of Martialism was the one in the Realm of Gods.

However, due to the existence of the blind old man and the others, practically no one from the Holy Land of Martialism would be able to use that Stairway to Heaven.

Thinking of that, Chu Feng felt that it was very unfair.

After all, this meant that it was the Chu Heavenly Clan that had eliminated the privilege the people of this world should possess to enter the Outer World.

“That is merely a part of it.

However, that is not the main reason why,” Chu Xuanyuan smiled lightly, “If true experts were to rise, they would not be stopped by others.”

“Father, you’re saying that… the cultivators from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm are inferior to those from the other Lower Realms” Chu Feng asked.

“That is the case,” Chu Xuanyuan sighed, “Other than our Chu Heavenly Clan, the talent of the people from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm is truly lacking.

Not to mention that these people are unable to enter the Outer World, even if they were able to enter the Outer World and arrive at the higher Ordinary Realms, they would only be enslaved or bullied by others.”

“Think about it.

The well-known figures of this place, if they were to enter the Ordinary Realms… they would become the weakest existences.

How lamentable would that be” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded.

“However, that is not the important matter.

Do you know why this world is known as the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“Why” Chu Feng asked.

“According to the legends, in the Ancient Era, this place… was the birthplace of martial cultivators.”

“The legendary Fate Primogenitor was born here,” Chu Xuanyuan said.


“In that case, the legend that the Blind Uncle told me about regarding the Ancient Era is true” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng had not forgotten the story that the blind old man told him the first time he had met him at the Eastern Sea Region’s Everlasting Sea of Blood.

“The Ancient Era is too distant.

Who knows what things from that time are real and what are not”

“However, regardless of whether the legends are real or not, it is still extremely lamentable for a Lower Realm to decline to such a state.”

“Thus, you cannot blame others for looking down on the people from this place.

Whether or not one is conceited and arrogant is the other’s business.

However, if one is weak, one would not be able to blame others for looking down on them.”

“If they did, they would only be deceiving themselves,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“What father says is correct,” Chu Feng truly felt what his father said to be reasonable.

It would be the fault of the strong if they looked down on the weak.

However, if one was weak, one would not be able to stop oneself from being looked down upon.

After all, being weak could not serve as a justification.

“Thus, Feng’er, you must also understand this.

Although you might possess outstanding talent in this place, is deemed to be an exceptional genius, and is also truly above all the others, you must absolutely not be conceited.”

“The reason for that is because you are living in the weakest Lower Realm among all the Lower Realms.

Yet… you should originally belong to the Upper Realm,” Chu Xuanyuan reminded Chu Feng in a very serious manner.

“Father, you’re saying that the Chu Heavenly Clan is… not located in the Ordinary Realm, but rather the Upper Realm” Chu Feng asked.

“Not only is the Chu Heavenly Clan located in the Upper Realm, it is also the ruler of an Upper Realm,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Never would I have expected my clan to be so powerful,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Even though Chu Feng detested the Chu Heavenly Clan, as he was still a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he still felt pride upon knowing that his Chu Heavenly Clan possessed such a high status.

While there was hatred, he only hated those that had deliberately made things difficult for him and his father.

He could not forget about the foundation conquered by his seniors, nor could he forget about the origin of the blood flowing through his body.

Chu Feng could imagine how difficult it had been for the Chu Heavenly Clan to walk out from a Lower Realm and become the rulers of an Upper Realm.

That journey upward had most definitely been filled with difficulties.

Likely, they had paid a considerable price to do so.

That status might be something that countless seniors had obtained with their blood.

As such, he should respect all of it.

“Feng’er, do not limit your vision to only that.

While the Upper Realm is very powerful, in the vast Outer Realm, there are countless Upper Realms.”

“Furthermore, above the Upper Realm are many Starfields,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Starfields” Chu Feng’s eyes shone.

“If the Lower Realms, Ordinary Realms and Upper Realms could all be considered to be stairs in the sky, then a Starfield would be a region of the starry sky.”

“Every Starfield would be ruled by a very strong power.

The ambition of the Chu Heavenly Clan is to become the ruler of a Starfield,” Chu Xuanyuan said.


Hearing those words, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Even though he had already guessed something of the sort, it was only at that moment that he truly realized how vast the world of martial cultivation was.

Even though Eggy had always mocked Chu Feng for being a frog at the bottom of a well, saying that he had seen but the tip of the iceberg, he had never expected there to be so many martial cultivators in the vast world.

Not to mention a single person, the entire Ancestral Martial Lower Realm would likely only be a chestnut in the vast sea when compared to the Outer World.

After all, the sky possessed countless stars.


Fate Primogenitor mentioned in ch 608. 


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