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Chapter 2095 – Magma Emperor

Seeing Chu Feng’s expression, the Four Great Divine Beasts also frowned.

They asked, “Chu Feng, what’s wrong”

“It’s alive,” Chu Feng said.

“What” The Four Great Divine Beasts were confused.



Right at that moment, a lightning strike suddenly flashed through the skies.

Soon, the entire sky was covered with black clouds as a violent wind began to blow.

In an instant, the area tens of thousands of miles in the sea around them was completely covered by the black clouds and violent winds.

“What is this” At that moment, the Four Great Divine Beasts all turned their gazes down below.

They were shocked to discover that an extremely frightening aura was being emitted from the sea below them.

“Alive, the Magma Emperor is alive!” Chu Feng shouted.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, four waves of water soared into the sky.

Those waves of water were no ordinary water.

Even peak Martial Emperors would not be able to withstand those waves of water.

The reason for that was because the water contained Ancestral-level martial power.

The four waves of water were aimed at the Four Great Divine Beasts.

In an instant, those waves arrived before them.


However, the Four Great Divine Beasts only snorted coldly at the sudden incoming attack.

Without even lifting an arm, their bodies trembled slightly as they unleashed their own Ancestral-level martial power that directly shook away the four waves of water.


Suddenly, the water below started to surge.

Then, a huge monster flew out from the water.

It was the Magma Emperor.

“It’s actually really alive.

How could this be”

Upon seeing the Magma Emperor alive and standing at the bottom of the sea down below, the Four Great Divine Beasts all revealed alarmed expressions.

Even though ten thousand years had passed, they would never forget how fierce the Magma Emperor was.

Although the Magma Emperor had been sealed by the Four Great Divine Beasts, it was mainly only sealed because Qing Xuantian had suppressed it.

And now, Qing Xuantian was not here.

Thus, the Four Great Divine Beasts were lacking confidence in being able to take care of the Magma Emperor by themselves.

“Grumble, grumble~~~”

After the Magma Emperor appeared, the heat which its body emitted caused even the surging seawater down below to boil.

Not only that, even the sky turned fiery in color, and space itself started to distort.

The frightening heat that was being emitted sealed off the entire area for several tens of thousands of miles around them, and no one could enter that sealed area.

The reason for that was because the heat was simply too fierce.

Those below Martial Emperor-level cultivation would simply evaporate upon coming into contact with the heat.


This region of several tens of thousands of miles had turned into an inferno.

“That’s the Magma Emperor”

At that moment, Chu feng’s gaze turned serious as it was fixed onto the Magma Emperor.

This existence before him was the Magma Emperor, the demon that had nearly destroyed the entire Holy Land of Martialism ten thousand years ago.

Most importantly, this place was the Eastern Sea Region.

The people closest to Chu Feng were in this place.

Chu Feng could not allow this fellow to cause destruction here.

“Your grandmother’s tits, you four little trash are actually still alive” Suddenly, the Magma Emperor spoke.

However, he spoke with profanity right away.

Most importantly, that extremely ferocious and fiendish looking Magma Emperor actually had a childish voice.

It was like a little child was swearing at others.

Chu Feng was truly taken aback by it.

“Is that really the Magma Emperor” Unable to help himself, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Four Great Divine Beasts.

“Indeed, that is the Magma Emperor.

It’s the Magma Emperor that all the powers in the Holy Land of Martialism were afraid of back then, the Magma Emperor that was planning to enslave all living things,” The White Tiger spoke solemnly.

“Chu Feng, you must not be deceived by its voice.

Perhaps it might not be very old, but it has harmed countless living beings.

This thing before you is fully deserving of the title of demon,” The Azure Dragon warned.

“So that’s the case,” After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze grew more serious as he looked to the Magma Emperor again.

A single Dark Hall’s Hall Master was already thorny enough.

Yet now, a Magma Emperor had appeared too.

The pressure Chu Feng felt had doubled.

After all, the Magma Emperor was an existence that even Qing Xuantian had failed to eliminate.

Yet, after carefully inspecting the Magma Emperor, Chu Feng’s cautious gaze started to change.

It turned into one of pleasant surprise.

“Heh…” After that, Chu Feng actually started to laugh.

“Brat, what the ** are you laughing at!”

Instantly, the Magma Emperor became enraged.

It had thought that Chu Feng would piss his pants in terror after surveying it.

For that, it had deliberately unleashed its Half Martial Ancestor-level aura to intimidate Chu Feng.

After all, it had been sealed for ten thousand years.

during that period of time, it had not managed to enjoy seeing humans in terror.

As such, it wanted very much to feel that sensation again.

However, what was with this After Chu Feng surveyed it, not only did he not reveal fear, he instead started to laugh.

This greatly enraged the Magma Emperor.

At the same time, the Four Great Divine Beasts also turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

They were also confused by how Chu Feng could laugh when faced with a great enemy like the Magma Emperor.

“Seniors, before this Magma Emperor was resurrected, I truly did not notice it.”

“However, now that it’s resurrected, I found out that its entire body is filled with treasures,” Chu Feng said.

“Brat, what the ** are you talking about”

“Do you **ing know who this Emperor is!”

The Magma Emperor stared at Chu Feng angrily.

It had truly never seen a brat that dared to speak with it so impudently.

Who was the Magma Emperor It was an existence that everyone in the Holy Land of Martialism feared back then.

“Chu Feng, you must not be careless.

That is the Magma Emperor,” The Azure Dragon warned.

“Seniors, I am not lying here.

That Magma Emperor is truly a treasure.

You all have just been resurrected.

Thus, you should properly rest yourselves.

There is no need for you all to trouble yourselves with taking care of it.”

“Just leave this Magma Emperor to me,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Chu Feng, what kind of nonsense are you talking about That is the Magma Emperor, the actual Magma Emperor!” The White Tiger was astonished.

To them, the Magma Emperor was extremely ferocious.

After all, they were present in the bloodbath from back then.

Yet, Chu Feng actually looked down on the Magma Emperor, that enormously dangerous being, this much It was truly unbelievable, and didn’t seem to be Chu Feng’s nature.

“Seniors, I am not joking around.

Leave it to me.

I have certainty in being able to take care of this Magma Emperor,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

When he spoke those words, he did not seem to be joking around.

The reason for that was because his eyes were filled with confidence.

“Chu Feng, since you are already determined, we will not interfere.”

“However, I must warn you.

Although your battle power is capable of fighting on par with Half Martial Ancestors, you remain only a Martial Emperor.

Most importantly, that Magma Emperor is no ordinary Half Martial Ancestor.”

“Back then, Qing Xuantian was someone unparalleled against those of the same level of cultivation as him.

Yet, we were needed to help him suppress that Magma Emperor,” The Azure Dragon warned solemnly.

It wanted Chu Feng to know how powerful the Magma Emperor was.

“Understood,” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

Then, he began to walk in the air towards the sea below.

How could Chu Feng not know about how ferocious the Magma Emperor was If he didn’t, he would not have panicked when the Magma Emperor was revived.

However now, Chu Feng dared to say those sort of words.

Naturally, there was a reason why he was so confident.


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