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Chapter 2066 – Significant

“Little friend Chu Feng, the only person that can handle the Dark Hall’s Hall Master in the Holy Land of Martialism right now is the Moon Immortal.

If the Moon Immortal is defeated, no one in the entire Holy Land of Martialism will be able to contain him.

Other than this Transmogrification Gate, there will not be any safe place in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Unless that Dark Hall’s Hall Master leaves by himself, we absolutely cannot leave the Transmogrification Gate.

You should understand that too.

Thus, why do you want to leave now What do you plan to do” The Heaven Reaching Immortal asked in a very puzzled manner.

“I have a senior that is still guarding the Heavenly Road’s exit from the Eastern Sea Region.

I cannot disregard him,” Chu Feng would naturally not forget about the Compass Immortal that had gone to the Heavenly Road’s exit from the Eastern Sea Region to wait for the appearance of spatial cracks.

“So that’s the case,” Hearing those words, the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s gaze flickered slightly.

He was still hesitant on whether or not to let Chu Feng out.


Right at that moment, a golden flash of light appeared in the distance.

Soon, that golden flash of light arrived before Chu Feng.

Upon seeing that golden light, Chu Feng’s eyes immediately shone.

The reason for that was because that golden light was a Golden Flash Bird.

Furthermore, that Golden Flash Bird was flying around Chu Feng.

That meant that the Golden Flash Bird had come to find Chu Feng.

Upon seeing that Golden Flash Bird, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately turned into one of joy.

The reason for that was because practically all of the people related to him that could let out something as precious as a Golden Flash Bird were all in this Transmogrification Gate.

However, there was another person with a Golden Flash Bird that Chu Feng had left his imprint on.

That person was the Compass Immortal.

Chu Feng received the Golden Flash Bird.

When Chu Feng placed his finger on its forehead, a piece of news immediately entered Chu Feng’s mind.

“Little friend Chu Feng, a spatial crack that could lead to the Eastern Sea Region has appeared.

Come quickly!”

When that news entered Chu Feng’s mind, Chu Feng immediately revealed a brilliant smile.

The Compass Immortal had managed to successfully wait for the arrival of the spatial crack.

Merely, Chu Feng had not expected the spatial crack to appear at such a crucial moment.

The appearance of the spatial crack meant that Chu Feng would have the opportunity to return to the Eastern Sea Region, return to the Nine Provinces Continent to undo the Emperor’s Tomb and the secret left behind by Qing Xuantian.

“The Heavens are truly helping me,” At this moment, Chu Feng who did not believe in the Heavens was unable to contain himself from exclaiming in admiration and thanking the Heavens.

Originally, Chu Feng had felt that they could only sit and wait for death when faced with the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

It would be great if the Moon Immortal were able to defeat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

However, if she was unable to defeat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, then, it would be as the Heaven Reaching Immortal had said, and all of them would have to stay in the Transmogrification Gate for an extended period of time until the Dark Hall’s Hall Master left the Holy Land of Martialism after killing all the living things there.

Only then could they return to the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, after the spatial crack appeared, Chu Feng had another choice, another opportunity.

Not mentioning whether or not Chu Feng would be able to obtain anything from Qing Xuantian’s Emperor’s Tomb, he would be able to awaken the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, the Four Great Divine Beasts, should he be able to open the Emperor’s Tomb.

If Chu Feng was able to find their physical bodies, then he would be able to restore them to being Divine Beasts.

Back then, the Four Great Divine Beasts had contributed greatly to Qing Xuantian being able to defeat the Magma Emperor.

Thus, although Chu Feng did not know what their cultivations were, he felt that it would not be impossible for them to be Half Martial Ancestors.

After all, Qing Xuantian was already extremely powerful.

The reason for that was because no one knew what level of cultivation Qing Xuantian had achieved.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what is the happy occasion that could cause you to smile so joyously” The Heaven Reaching Immortal asked curiously.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had on an extremely serious expression earlier, but revealed a joyous expression upon seeing the Golden Flash Bird.

And now, he was unable to contain his smiles.

This let the Heaven Reaching Immortal realize that the Golden Flash Bird must’ve transmitted great news for Chu Feng.

“Long story short, as long as I can return to the Eastern Sea Region, I will have a chance to uncover senior Qing Xuantian’s remnants.

I will also have the chance to awaken his four Guardian Beasts.”

“Thus, I had asked senior Compass Immortal to wait for the appearance of a spatial crack in the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road.

The reason for that is because I am only able to return to the Eastern Sea Region through such a spatial crack.”

“The Golden Flash Bird earlier was sent to me by senior, the Compass Immortal.

He had managed to successfully wait for the appearance of a spatial crack.

I am now able to return to the Eastern Sea Region,” Chu Feng spoke the truth.

“In that case, it is truly great news,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said.

“That’s right.

Thus, senior, I’m afraid that you must open the Transmogrification Gate for me and let me out,” Chu Feng said.

“Take this.

With it, you’ll be able to enter and exit my Transmogrification Gate.

After leaving this place, you will also be able to accurately determine the location of my Transmogrification Gate,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal handed a key to Chu Feng.

That key was very peculiar.

It greatly resembled the key that the Heaven Reaching Immortal had used to open the Transmogrification Gate.

The only difference was that the key used by the Heaven Reaching Immortal was extremely large, whereas the one he gave to Chu Feng was very small, being only the size of a little finger.

Evidently, there was more than a single key to the Transmogrification Gate.

And now, the Heaven Reaching Immortal had handed such a precious key to Chu Feng.

“Thank you, senior.

In that case, junior shall take his leave now.

As for the matter regarding my return to the Eastern Sea Region, senior, please inform His Majesty and the others for me,” Chu Feng did not wish to waste any time, and planned to leave right away.

“Very well, I’ll see you off,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said with a smile.

Then, the Heaven Reaching Immortal personally saw Chu Feng to the entrance of the Transmogrification Gate.

Using that small key, Chu Feng opened a small door at the lower left corner of the Transmogrification Gate.

That door was very small.

It was three meters tall.

When compared to the main gate of the Transmogrification Gate, it was extremely small.

However, it was large enough for one to pass through.

“Senior, I have a question that I am very puzzled by.”

“This Transmogrification Gate is hidden within the space and void.

No one could find out where it is.

Even if one were to discover its location, one would also not be able to enter.

Thus, how did the Golden Flash Bird manage to find me, and even enter it” Chu Feng asked in a very puzzled manner.

As a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he could sense how powerful the Transmogrification Gate was.

Although Half Martial Ancestors were very powerful, the Transmogrification Gate was still capable of withstanding them.

However, it was precisely such a place that was capable of stopping Half Martial Ancestors that had failed to stop a Golden Flash Bird.

It was the same thing with the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

Like the Transmogrification Gate, it had also been unable to stop the Golden Flash Bird.

Thus, Chu Feng was filled with curiosity toward that mysterious creature.

“The Transmogrification Gate is from the Ancient Era.

The Golden Flash Birds are also from the Ancient Era.

Both of them possess their own miraculous qualities.

However, if you are to ask me about it, I would have no answer for you either.”

“If you wish to know, then you should focus on your cultivation.

After entering the Outer World and gaining more knowledge, you might be able to explain these various mysteries.

However, for that to happen, you must first continue to survive,” The Heaven Reaching Immortal said with significance.


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