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Chapter 2062 – Temperament Worsened

The Underworld Palace’s Palace Master and the Elf King’s words came like many thunderclaps that exploded in the hearts of the crowd.

The crowd had already noticed that the stone army guarding the various warships were all Martial Emperors.

Merely, the stone army was made up of a lot of stone monsters.

Originally, they had thought that those stone monsters were some hidden power from the Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, never would they have thought that the stone army was actually commanded by Chu Feng.

“Truly That stone army is actually commanded by Chu Feng”

“Chu Feng’s battle contributions actually surpassed everyone else in the war between the Ancient Era’s Elves and the Dark Hall”

“Heavens! Chu Feng is actually that powerful now!”

“Overlord, Chu Feng is most definitely going to become this era’s overlord.

Sure enough, I was not mistaken.”

“That’s right.

Countless people have questioned Chu Feng’s ability before.

However, I firmly believed that Chu Feng would become this era’s overlord.

Look now, I was correct, wasn’t I”

Sure enough, after hearing about this, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

Praises toward Chu Feng began to be heard from all around.

At this time, no one talked ill of Chu Feng.

At this moment, they only hated that they did not have enough words to praise Chu Feng with.

Even though there were a lot of people here, the amount of grand characters present was actually very limited.

The great majority of them were nobodies, people without any reputation.

For nobodies like them, they all wished that they would be able to obtain unexpected success and encounter great fortune.

They wished that they would be able to obtain Chu Feng’s appreciation by praising him.

Like that, they would be able to enjoy a meteoric rise in status and power.

However, at this moment when the hundreds of millions of people present were all praising Chu Feng, there were also quite a few people feeling very complicated.

For example, there was Grandpa Luo’s oldest granddaughter, Luo Lian.

She could be said to have been one of the earliest people to know Chu Feng in the Holy Land of Martialism.

She should have had a very intimate relationship with Chu Feng.

Merely, when she had first met Chu Feng, she had felt disdain toward him, and even insulted him.

She had deeply looked down on Chu Feng.

However, she now remained a nobody, whereas Chu Feng had become the mightiest figure in the Holy Land of Martialism, the man that countless women yearned to make their husband.


She was filled with regret.

Chu Feng had disregarded her enmity and brought her, her grandfather and her little sister Lil Ru to the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Then, following the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they had entered the Cyanwood Mountain.

Furthermore, due to their relationship with Chu Feng, they were deeply respected by countless people in the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, she continued to feel that she would never be able to become Chu Feng’s actual friend.

It was not that Chu Feng looked down on her.

Rather, it was because she had looked down on Chu Feng from the bottom of her heart.

In fact, among the vast amount of people present, there were a lot of individuals like Luo Lian.

They were all filled with hatred for themselves for looking down on Chu Feng with their dogs’ eyes.

Even though they were clearly nobodies themselves, they had looked down on Chu Feng because of their relatively stronger status that they possessed back then.

However, in the end, Chu Feng had become one of the people with the greatest statuses in the Holy Land of Martialism, whereas they remained nobodies.

Even if they had managed to obtain some fame, it was all because of Chu Feng’s influence.

However, they didn’t know that it was only they themselves who were unable to undo the knot in their hearts.

As long as they were willing, they would still be able to become close friends with Chu Feng.

When everyone had descended from the spatial warships, the Elf King began to make a serious announcement.

“Everyone, I have a matter that I must tell you all about.”

“Firstly, it’s about the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

That man has trained in a demonic technique.

The demonic technique that he has trained in requires the refinement of living things in order to increase his cultivation.

All of us here are targets that he wishes to kill.”

“In other words, we are cultivation resources for him to increase his cultivation with.”

“He can actually increase his cultivation by refining our lives! That Dark Hall’s Hall Master is truly reprehensible.

Isn’t his method too malicious! How could he still be considered a human!” After knowing about this matter, the crowd were both astonished and frightened.

Then, they began to curse the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Most importantly, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed the cultivation of a Half Martial Ancestor.

All of us here are no match for him.

If he is to find this place, all of us will undoubtedly be killed,” The Elf King added.

“What! Half Martial Ancestor!”

Hearing those words, none of the crowd were able to remain calm.

Earlier, they had only rained curses at the Dark Hall’s Hall Master because they felt a sense of security with the Elf King, the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master and the other experts here.

However, upon hearing that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master actually possessed the cultivation of a Half Martial Ancestor, none of the crowd were able to remain calm.

At this moment, a disturbance began to run amok through the vast crowd.

“Everyone, please calm down!” Seeing the crowd starting to panic, the Elf King shouted.

His voice caused space itself to tremble.

After his loud voice was heard, the panicking crowd managed to calm down.

After all, the Elf King was an extremely imposing character.

“Even though the Dark Hall’s Hall Master is very powerful, we are not sitting ducks.

We have brought everyone here because there is a person here that is capable of saving everyone.

That person is the Heaven Reaching Immortal,” Then, the Elf King began to explain the Heaven Reaching Immortal and his Transmogrification Gate.

He also mentioned to the crowd how his request for the Heaven Reaching Immortal to shelter them had been refused.

Right now, the Elf King wanted everyone to join hands to plead at the Heaven Reaching Immortal together.

He hoped that they would be able to move the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

“Heaven Reaching Immortal, we beg of you, please let us in.”

“Heaven Reaching Immortal, please have mercy on us, please shelter us.”

“Heaven Reaching Immortal, I don’t want to die!!!!”

“Immortal, I can die, but please shelter my children.

They are not even ten years old.”



At this moment, hundreds of millions of people began to plead to the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

Their requests were all different from one another.

At this moment, this place had turned extremely noisy, and a cacophony sounded in all directions.

This… was precisely what the Elf King wanted.

Only by doing this would they be able to get the attention of the Heaven Reaching Immortal.

Only by doing this would the Heaven Reaching Immortal possibly open the Transmogrification Gate for them.

However, no one expected that their pleas would last for three entire days and nights.

Over the course of three days and three nights, all one hundred and fifty spatial warships arrived.

Many people had pleaded so loudly over the course of those three days and three nights that their voices grew hoarse.

Merely, the Transmogrification Gate was still closed.

No, to be exact, no one even knew where the Transmogrification Gate was right now.


After those three days and nights, the crowd’s hopes had all disappeared.

At this moment, all that remained was despair.

Even though they were still pleading, they were no longer as vigorous as they were three days ago.

Suddenly, a thunderclap-like curse sounded.

It covered the pleading voices of the hundreds of millions of people.

“Heaven Reaching Immortal, you are truly a disappointment!”

“There’s this many people here; there are elderly and children here.

All of them are living and alive.

It could be said that they are the future hope of the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Right now, they have all disregarded their dignities in the hopes of you offering them shelter.

Yet, you refused to even let out a fart.”

“You are simply unworthy of being an Immortal.

In fact, you’re not even worthy of being a human.”

It was Chu Feng.

After waiting for so long with no response from the Heaven Reaching Immortal, Chu Feng was finally unable to contain himself.

Chu Feng’s words came as an enormous surprise to the crowd.

Even the Elf King was startled.

At this moment, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was their only hope.

For Chu Feng to curse at the Heaven Reaching Immortal like this, wouldn’t he be bringing about their destruction

At this moment, the crowd all started to panic.

Before, even though they were in despair, they still had a trace of hope in the bottoms of their hearts.

However, at this moment when Chu Feng cursed at the Heaven Reaching Immortal, they felt that that trace of hope had been extinguished.

At this moment, many of the people present revealed ashen and dejected expressions.

At the same time, there were also a lot of people that felt hatred for Chu Feng in their hearts.

Even though their pleading had been useless, they still felt that it was Chu Feng who had ruined their only way to survive.


“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, it’s been many years since we last met, but not only has your cultivation increased, your temperament has also worsened.”

Right at the moment when the crowd were all panicking, aged laughter suddenly sounded from above.


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