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MGA: Chapter 1857 – Passing On The Power To Jiang Wushang

However… Duan Jidao was incapable of accepting this truth even more.

Not only had he wrongly killed his entire clan, he had also caused his most beloved to kill herself because of him becoming depressed and disappearing afterwards.

If he had not disappeared, then perhaps Duan Qirou would have been able to one day let go of the matter that gnawed at her heart to find him.

At that time, he would have been able to reunite with her.

Unfortunately, that never happened.

All because of his impulses, all because of his depression, he had caused the death of his entire clan and his lover.

Thinking about all of those things, Duan Jidao felt enormous pain and was torn with grief.

While he was deeply grieved, Duan Jidao was able to quickly adjust his state of mind.

Before Chu Feng and the others, he personally set up a grave for Duan Qirou and buried her deep within it.

“Senior Duan, this was also part of senior Duan Qirou’s remnants.”

At this moment, Chu Feng took out the gravestone that Duan Qirou had personally engraved and handed it to Duan Jidao.

“That is also something that Qirou requested from me back then.

She said… that even if we were to die, we must be buried together.

At that time, we would use that coffin and this gravestone,” Seeing that gravestone, Duan Jidao recalled the beautiful past he had experienced with Duan Qirou.

“Qirou, let the past be past now.

I will not make you be lonely by yourself anymore.

I will soon join you,” Duan Jidao said while looking at that gravestone.

At the moment he said those words, there was no longer guilt and shame on his face.

Instead, he had an expression of blessed happiness.

Deep yearning was present in his gaze.

While ordinary people all feared death, to Duan Jidao, death… was a way to free himself.

“Milord, please, you must accept the situation and move on,” At this moment, Yin Gongfu started to panic.

He thought that Duan Jidao was planning to kill himself to accompany Duan Qirou.

“Gongfu, ever since the day that I thought Qirou had died, I have never wanted to live.

You understand what I mean” Duan Jidao took a glance at Yin Gongfu.

Then, he looked to that Inheritance Formation and said, “The only reason why I continued to live like a walking corpse is because I did not want to let down the hopes that Lord Emperor Huang had placed onto me.

Thus, I must have his strength continue to be passed on.”

After saying those words, Duan Jidao looked to Jiang Wushang and said, “Wushang, enter the formation.”

Hearing those words, Jiang Wushang’s body stiffened.

He was so excited that he became stunned.

Happiness had truly come too fast for him.

“Wushang, why are you standing there Lord Duan is telling you to enter the formation to accept his Inherited Bloodline,” Yin Gongfu said with a smile on his face.

“Right away, thank you Milord, thank you Milord,” Jiang Wushang was extremely excited, so much so that even his speech became incoherent.

However, he still hurriedly entered the Inheritance Formation and lay down within it.

The moment he did so, he repeatedly turned his head toward Chu Feng with a gaze filled with gratefulness.

He knew… that he had only been able to obtain this opportunity because of Chu Feng.

Back then, he had only been someone who possessed a Royal Bloodline.

It was only because of Chu Feng that he had managed to obtain his Imperial Bloodline.

And now… he was actually able to inherit Emperor Huang’s Imperial Bloodline.

This too was all thanks to Chu Feng.

After Duan Jidao entered the formation, Duan Jidao sat cross-legged in the center of the formation and began to pass his strength on to Jiang Wushang.

This inheritance process was completely different from how Duan Jidao had helped the other possessors of Royal Bloodline obtain their Imperial Bloodlines.

He was shifting his own Imperial Bloodline’s power to Jiang Wushang.

Thus, it meant that when the inheritance process began, his own strength would begin to weaken.

At this moment, Chu Feng was able to sense Duan Jidao’s cultivation.

Rank seven Martial Emperor.

Duan Jidao’s unprecedented power that he felt was actually the aura of a rank seven Martial Emperor.

Duan Jidao’s cultivation was actually that of a rank seven Martial Emperor.

“So powerful.

No wonder they say that Duan Jidao was an existence that even the Three Palaces feared, that the Four Clans were incapable of doing anything to,” After sensing Duan Jidao’s cultivation, Chu Feng gasped in admiration.

Thinking about it, the Clan Chiefs of the Four Great Imperial Clans were only rank three Martial Emperors, and even their Utmost Exalted Elders that were on the verge of dying were only rank four Martial Emperors.

Yet, Duan Jidao was actually a rank seven Martial Emperor.

From this, it could be seen that Duan Jidao’s powerful strength was not an undeserved reputation.

Thus, Chu Feng determined that Duan Jidao, with his strength, was definitely one of the most powerful existences in the Holy Land of Martialism, if not the most powerful.

Back then, if Duan Jidao had not been affected by that unforeseen event and entered into a state depression, if he had continued to train, then it would not be impossible for him to have become the strongest person in the Holy Land of Martialism right now.

Thinking about that, Chu Feng felt regret for Duan Jidao.

He had truly been toyed with by fate.

Duan Jidao had caused everyone to become envious of him in being able to obtain Emperor Huang’s inheritance.

Yet, he possessed an extremely tragic fate.


Right at this moment, Jiang Wushang who was lying in the Inheritance Formation let out a light groan.

Then, he revealed an expression of pain, and his body began to twitch slightly.

“Not good, Wushang’s cultivation is too weak.

He’s still unable to endure Lord Emperor Huang’s bloodline’s power,” Duan Jidao started to frown deeply.

“Lord Duan, what are we to do then” Yin Gongfu asked worriedly.

“If I am to forcibly instill Lord Emperor Huang’s bloodline’s power into him, it will likely cost him his life.

Not only that, I will have exhausted Lord Emperor Huang’s bloodline’s power in vain,”

“We can only attempt it again.

If Wushang is truly unable to bear the power, we can only drop this matter and then search for another suitable candidate,” At the moment when Duan Jidao said those words, he spoke with great helplessness.

He had actually very much wanted to pass his power on to Jiang Wushang.

Not only did he think highly of Jiang Wushang to begin with, he was also anxious to pass the power of Emperor Huang on to someone else as soon as possible.

In that case, he would have completed his mission to Emperor Huang.

At that time, he would no longer have any burden, and would be able to accompany his lover.

Yet, Jiang Wushang was unable to endure his power.

As such, he had no choice but to find a new candidate.

It would meant that… he would have to continue living the life of a walking corpse for a longer period of time.

Duan Jidao naturally did not wish for that.

“Senior, it is true that Wushang’s cultivation is relatively weak.

However, I feel that his reaction is… also related to this formation.”

“This Inheritance Formation is not able to lower the berserk nature of the bloodline to its lowest point.”

“This untalented Chu Feng knows of a formation that might be able to resolve the berserk nature of your bloodline.

May I give it a try” Chu Feng asked.


“Little friend Chu Feng, you do not have to be so reserved.

If you have a method, go ahead and give it a try,” Duan Jidao said.

“Yes,” After Chu Feng spoke, he sat down in a cross-legged manner and began to set up another spirit formation on top of Duan Jidao’s Inheritance Formation.

Chu Feng set that spirit formation up extremely naturally and in an unforced manner.

Soon, the spirit formation was successfully set up.

After the formation was completed, the expression of pain on Jiang Wushang’s face lessened, and his complexion actually became rosy.

The bloodlines power that Duan Jidao was instilling into him was easily fused into him.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this formation of yours is truly miraculous.

It would seem that you’re also someone that has encountered an enormous chance opportunity,” Duan Jidao was in incomparable joy, and began to praise Chu Feng nonstop.

The reason for that was because even he did not know about the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up.

However, he did not bother to ask Chu Feng about where he had learned that spirit formation.

The reason for that was because he was certain that Chu Feng had obtained some sort of chance opportunity.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to know such a miraculous spirit formation.

In fact… that was indeed the case.


Untalented is a humble way of referring to oneself. 


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