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MGA: Chapter 1826 – Reappearance Of The Dragon King

“Chu Feng, what did you say” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“Tingyu, let me ask you this.

After you entered into the Inheritance Pond, you were able to sense the Beast Emperor’s power, isn’t that right Merely, that power cannot be sensed all the time.

By comparison, the times when you don’t sense it are even more frequent,” Chu Feng said.

“How did you know” Yaojiao Tingyu revealed an expression of astonishment.

This was something that only she knew about, because she was the only one to have ever been able to set foot into the Inheritance Pond.

As such, she was the only one who knew about the sensation one would feel in the Inheritance Pond.

“The Beast Emperor’s inheritance power does not fill the entire Inheritance Pond.

Rather, it takes the form of the image of a King Monstrous Dragon Beast as it moves about the Inheritance Pond.

It is only when that image is in contact with you that you will be able to sense its power,” Chu Feng said.

“Really Why is it that I cannot see it” Both Yaojiao Tingyu and the Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor cast their gazes into the pond.

However, they were unable to see anything.

“I am only able to see it through using a special method.

However, this might be good news,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean by that” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“The way I see it, one’s talent will only determine whether or not one is qualified to enter the Inheritance Pond.

However, if one wishes to obtain the inheritance, one must make that image follow you.”

“If you are to only quietly stay in the Inheritance Pond and wait for that image to flow to your side, it would be extremely difficult.”

“However, I am able to observe it, and have you follow that image.

This will allow you to be within that image the entire time.

Like that, you should be able to receive the inheritance,” Chu Feng said.

“That might be feasible.

Let’s try it out now,” Yaojiao Tingyu was extremely impatient.

Both of her hands turned around, and then she directly jumped into the pond.

Right after she entered the pond, her complexion changed slightly.

Even though she was able to enter the Inheritance Pond, she still had to endure its pressure.

It was also because of the existence of that pressure that she was unable to immerse herself in the Inheritance Pond for an extended period of time.

This was also the reason why her body was unable to endure it, and she lost consciousness after forcing herself to be in the pond for an extended period of time earlier.

That time, had she not been promptly discovered and saved, she would have died in the pond.


A splash.

Chu Feng also entered the Inheritance Pond.

He said, “Let’s begin.”

“Chu Feng, you!!!” Seeing Chu Feng, Yaojiao Tingyu was startled once again.

“What’s wrong” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s nothing,” Yaojiao Tingyu shook her head.

Actually, she had wanted to say that Chu Feng’s talent was truly too outstanding.

His expression actually remained completely unchanged even after entering the pond.

Evidently, he was unable to feel the pressure of the pond.

It was at this moment that Yaojiao Tingyu realized that it was not that this Inheritance Pond was too difficult, but rather that her talent was greatly insufficient.

If she had Chu Feng’s talent, regardless of how strong the Inheritance Pond might be, regardless of how much that image moved about, she would still be able to obtain the inheritance.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have Chu Feng’s talent.

“Tingyu, follow me,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to swim further into the pond.

Yaojiao Tingyu did not dare to hesitate, and followed Chu Feng closely.

Not long after she started swimming, a boundless energy entered Yaojiao Tingyu’s entire body.

At the same time, the energy started to merge with her body.

“It’s really feasible!”

Yaojiao Tingyu became even more pleasantly surprised.

As she swam following Chu Feng, she was truly able to sense Lord Dragon King’s power the entire time.

If this were to continue, she might really be able to succeed this time around.

“That child is our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s lucky star.”

Although that Martial Emperor was standing on the shore, and was unable to enter the Inheritance Pond, he had been watching everything the entire time.

He had begun to increasingly admire this member of the younger generation by the name of Chu Feng.

At the time when Yaojiao Tingyu was receiving the inheritance, Chu Feng was also able to sense how enormous the power contained within that image was.

However, apart from that, he did not sense much of anything else.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Feng had used his Heaven’s Eyes to see through the mystery of the Inheritance Pond, if he had instead run around the Inheritance Pond like a fool, then, regardless of how talented he might be, he might still not have been able to help Yaojiao Tingyu.

“Chu Feng, try sensing the spirit formation in this place.

It might allow your spirit formation techniques to reach a breakthrough,” Eggy called to Chu Feng’s attention to the spirit formations in this Emperor’s Tomb.

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that It is still Milady Queen that is clever,” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

Earlier, he had only been thinking about finding things that could assist him with his martial cultivation, and had completely forgotten that the Black Dragon King had possessed exceptional world spirit techniques, and that the entire Emperor’s Tomb was filled with the products of grand world spirit formations.

Especially this Inheritance Pond; it was the essence of the entire Emperor’s Tomb.

The world spirit techniques used to create this place were even more exceptional.

If Chu Feng were to earnestly feel the world spirit formations here, he might really be able to use this opportunity to reach a new level of comprehension for world spirit techniques, connect with Dragon Mark World Spirit Power, and become a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

Thus, as Chu Feng chased after the image, he began to feel the exquisite world spirit techniques that had been used to create that image.


Suddenly, Chu Feng became motionless.

That image of a King Monstrous Dragon Beast that was moving about also stopped moving.

Immediately afterward, Yaojiao Tingyu also stopped moving.

It was as if they were all frozen.


At this time, the surface of the Inheritance Pond started to boil.

“This, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

Could it be that Chu Feng is really able to help Princess obtain the inheritance” As the Martial Emperor standing outside saw the boiling water surface, astonishment filled his face.

Even his body started to tremble with excitement.

The reason why he reacted in such a manner was because that boiling water surface was extremely extraordinary.

The portion that was boiling over formed an enormous dragon.

It was precisely the image of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast in the water.

While that Martial Emperor was unable to see the image of the King Monstrous Dragon beast, he was able to see the boiling water’s surface.

However, with merely that, he was already filled with endless astonishment.

The way he saw it, that was not an image at all.

Rather, it was the actual silhouette of their Lord Dragon King.

“Where is this”

At this moment, what Chu Feng saw was no longer the deep water of the Inheritance Pond.

It was no longer the image of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast.

He had already arrived at another space.

Underneath his feet were boundless white clouds.

Above his head was a vast and borderless blue sky.

Surrounding him were eight enormous sculptures.

Each of the sculptures was a thousand meters tall.

They were King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, the images of King Monstrous Dragon Beasts.


Suddenly, a roar sounded.

Hearing that roar, Chu Feng’s hair stood on end.

That roar was truly too frightening.

The direction from which the roar sounded was filled with white mist.

At this moment, two dazzling red rays appeared in the white mist.

They were crimson red in color, and truly terrifying to look at.

It was a pair of eyes, the eyes of a King Monstrous Dragon Beast.

Finally, that King Monstrous Dragon Beast revealed itself.

It was capable of supporting both heaven and earth, as it actually possessed the same size as those sculptures.

However, while those sculptures were fake, it was real.

An incomparable might was being emitted from its body.

This might made Chu Feng feel extremely uneasy.

“Mn It’s actually a human!!!”

That King Monstrous Dragon Beast suddenly approached Chu Feng.

It was only half a foot away from Chu Feng.

Its two crimson eyes were many tens of times larger than Chu Feng.

At this moment, those two enormous eyes were staring at Chu Feng.

It was as if he were planning to use his gaze to skin Chu Feng alive.

“A human, what makes you think that you are qualified to obtain my inheritance” That King Monstrous Dragon Beast uttered a gloomy, cold and unwilling voice.

“Senior Beast Emperor, this junior never thought about obtaining your inheritance.

I have only come here to help your descendant obtain your inheritance,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn” Soon, that King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s body swayed.

Its gaze became different.

It was revealing an expression of disbelief.

“No, you are qualified,” Even that King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s tone had changed.

It was no longer one of annoyance, and had instead become gentle.

“Senior, please don’t misunderstand.

This junior does not wish…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng hurriedly tried to explain.

He did not wish to snatch away Yaojiao Tingyu’s inheritance.


However, before Chu Feng could even finish his words, the King Monstrous Dragon Beast opened its mouth and swallowed Chu Feng whole.


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